I will spend prize on the poor, not holiday —Chinotimba

ZANU PF’s comical Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba, who was recently crowned ZimRights Human Rights Defender of the Year, has turned down a paid-up Christmas retreat at the Victoria Falls, saying he would rather spend the festive season with members of his impoverished constituency.


Chinotimba pipped other known human rights defenders that include Jestina Mukoko, Rebecca Chisamba, Harare West MP Jessie Majome and Beatrice Mtetwa for the top award at a ceremony held in Bulawayo last week. However, his victory was widely condemned by civic society groups who described the award as a mockery to the campaign for human rights.

The human rights body said the award was “linked to the raising of pertinent developmental issues in the nation using platforms that one has access to”.

A statement from the body said: “The nominees were selected by the people in all ZimRights’ eleven provinces and when votes were tallied, Hon Chinotimba emerged as the winner.”

As if responding to the public outrage, the outspoken legislator stunned the more than 200 invited guests that included donor agencies, MPs, civil society leaders, community human rights defenders and commissioners of a variety commissions when he turned down the holiday offer and requested that the money be channelled towards improving infrastructure in his constituency.

He was supposed to go on a paid-up holiday at Victoria Falls with his wife.

Chinotimba told guests that most schoolchildren in his constituency were holding lessons in the open after about 12 schools were destroyed by a hailstorm.

“The sponsor of this award (Holiday Inn) promised to buy building material for the classrooms destroyed by the rains. They even promised to do more for my constituency. So far World Vision is the only organisation helping in the area,” Chinotimba said.

Chinotimba came into the political limelight in 2000 when he together with the late war veterans’ leader Chenjerai Hunzvi led violent farm invasions and later stormed then High Court judge Justice James Devitte’s chambers in protest against his court rulings on land issues.

Since his election into Parliament last year, Chinotimba has generated a lot of controversy through his fearless debates.


  1. A true hero of the people. Yes Holiday in must buy building materials for the school as requested by Chinos who understands that it is the kids right to have a roof over their heads as they learn. Kudos Cde Chinos.

  2. This clearly justify his award winning credibility. Zimbabwe needs more people like him…..selfless….anogona kungoita President makatarisa….We are tied of educated and arrogant politicians…

  3. Chinotimba might be comical as he is but what he has done shows that he has better sense than Mugabe and his henchmen who have no sympathy at all for the toiling people of Zimbabwe. By forgoing such a luxurious sponsored holiday, Chinotimba has in effect, though not by design, challenges the unsympathetic and non-people- centred Mugabe who draws millions of dollars from the strained national coffers to go on holiday in the Far East with his unashamed poison-spitting wife. If you do not see how unsympathetic it is then you should do a research to find out how much it takes in terms o transport cost for Mugabe and family, and then his multitude of bodyguards, just to go to Malaysia. Then add accommodation, food, drink,etc before you take into account Gucci Grace’s shopping allowance. Chinotimba has proved to be more sensible than Mugabe who has since 1980 been creating a lot of unnecessary gvt ministries in order to award his insensitive henchmen with unproductive ministries at the expense of the suffering common citizens. The poor undeveloping nation of Zimbabwe’s coffers are being milked away by so many unnecessary gvt ministries that consume only and never produce e.g. Min of Agriculture…, Ministry of Lands…, Ministry of Natural Reaources….,of Tourism…., of Mines…etc. Do we need so many unnessary ministries. And recently he has created a whole new ministry of War Veterans in order to create a ministerial post for this clumsy, senseless and insensitive terror-instilling demagogue called Christopher Mutsvangwa. Chinotimba has proved to be more sensible than them all!

    1. Pamwe ari kutya kunowira mumvura, also kunodya ne fork and knife, who knows kkkkkkkk

      1. A colonised African mind which believes that a black person fears water and thinks using a fork and knife is very superior.Dofo

      2. Get a life. let me try to predict how you spend your time,,, writing nonsense in commentary whist vanaChinotimba at least vachitendeuka mudzimhosva dzavakapara

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  4. If only zim had more politicians and businesspeople in this mould we would be faring better than most countries in sadc

  5. Pliz spare us this nonsense, Chinotimba did far more damage to this country than he can ever hope to undo in his lifetime. Where was his sympathy when they were corruptly invading farms & murdering fellow black zimbabweans simply becoz they belong to a different political party?

  6. He is a true hero, humble and down to earth. May God help him to become the next leader. People like him are rare. May God bless him.

  7. I genuinely, like truly respect this guy , he’s in the wrong basket, but is the ONLY guy to bring development to his constituent . I happened to pass through it and tried to talk jokes about him and I was left with an egg on my head for people there really respect him. Roads have been improved, and by that time there were people who were bitten ne mapere due to the fact yekumuka usiku kuenda kubhazi and he really convinced busies to start their journey after hour in the morning. Point being I support him on this even though I hate ZANU PF

  8. taking over farms was the best thing ever to happen in Africa. This award should have been given to Chinoz for that reason. Chinotimba ndizvo .

    1. Yes this is why the country is a joke internationally. You don’t even get it. Sorry for you.

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  10. People are never grateful. Chinos should hve gone on holiday . No one should ever judge Chinos. Only God can.

  11. I’m astonished people are having the wool pulled over their eyes by this publicity stunt. The strategy is pretty clear to me, ZANU PF is hell bent on trying to clean up its image. Chinotimba particpated in the murder and rape of alleged MDC syampathisers. Where was his ‘humanity’ then whilst he led his hordes on defenceless citizens? Food for thought.

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