Newsflash: Mnangagwa escapes cyanide poisoning?

President Robert Mugabe on Wednesday made sensational allegations that there was an attempt to assassinate the newly appointed Zanu PF Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

While speaking the ceremony to announce the recycled Zanu PF politburo, Mugabe claimed that unknown assailants sprinkled cyanide in Mnangagwa’s office at the new government complex in Harare.

The state broadcaster ZBC reported that the poison instead affected Mnangagwa’s secretary on entering the office on the morning of Mnangagwa’s promotion to vice president.

The secretary was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Cyanide poisoning is a condition that develops when you inhale, touch, or swallow cyanide. Cyanide is a poisonous chemical gas that prevents your body from absorbing oxygen. The lack of oxygen can damage your organs and be life-threatening.

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  1. Something will surely happen soon

  2. Pasi neZanu PF 4 sho.

  3. Thats a lie. They just want to fulfill their plot against Mujuru. We are not new to zanu’s styles

    1. Boorangoma Paurosi

      Very true, This is Mnangagwa’s plot. First it was the vehicle accident.

      The new VP’s strongest point is not planning but plotting.

  4. What a script for zollywood. They burnt his office and now cyanide poisoning , kusanyara kwacho kunotyisa .

    Hope maiMujuru can also differentiate the true Zanu PF and not Zanu looters and not remain blindly loyal , the party is about principles and one need to remain loyal to those and not just the name

  5. MaVice presidents mangani ataita? Ngwena nemumwe wake ndevechi6/7. What benefit to the ordinary citizen did the change in vice presidents bring? The position is just ceremonial. The real power lies with Mugabe. Now, Grace wields more power than the vice presidents. The fall of Joice shows that being a vice president doesn’t translate to being heir apparent. The real change will come with Mugabe vacating the office of the president. After all, aspiring to be a president in Zanu Pf is an unforgivable sin by Mugabe.

  6. Makorokoto Shumba. Dai mweinge mwuri Wasu tabviropembera! Asi zvecyanide izvi I dont believe. I dont know why

  7. what cyanide poisoning? a pink lie by perennial liars and shameless crooks. Even if that was the case, vangani ivo varitwo vavakauraya?

  8. enough of these heartless liars

    ifai. gwendo gwuno zvirikwamuri. manga majaira kuponda vamwe. sooner it will be over.

  9. the tide really has finally turned. kutonzwawo kuti mnangagwa anga aurawa, uye mugabe achitoshushikana nazvo? Zvoreva kuti zvino chaakwavari. vangavajaira kungopfuudza vamwe.

  10. In Zim where they can’t test salmonella poisoning in one day now they know they know its cyanide in a few hours. Straight from Zollywood crap

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  12. zvekupenga zve poison izvo….office yamnangagwa haina ma guards here. dzimwe nhema dzinosetsa mbavha yakahwanda.

  13. In the herald it says ” the secretary was admitted to icu of a private hosp and no visitors were allowed. However she had recovered by end of day”. There was no poisoning except tu chalk dust twakaiswa ne the secretary. The secretary was never sick or admitted. Zanu pf inofunga kuti tinofunga nemikosho. They know that Mnangagwa is the most hated and wicked man in zim and wants to play for sympathy from the populace. Nxaaaaaaaa.

    1. Cyanide is not joke. Ask anybody in gases and chemicals. Full exposure kills. No chance at all. It is like chopping the head off. Even those around can have life threatening “injuries”

      Thank you Google, we do have the facts of these gases and chemicals

  14. This guy is always escaping one tragedy after another, from a death sentence during rhodesia to fires in office to road accidents to cyanide poison. Is there anything that can kill him at all?

  15. Hoooo zvazobuda manje nhai…..Saka ndimi makauraya nzou handiti? Taurai kuti Cyanide yakabva kupi. In a bid to expose yourselves you are now exposing bigger crimes you committed…. Muchadurana…

  16. ko akati pasi ni zanu pf ndianiko chinangwa chirichei

  17. After reading this article I did a bit of Googling.

    Cyanide is a very dangerous gas and recovery is never instant. This happened in the morning and got appointed in the afternoon!!! If he was treated he would be in hospital. This gas is not CO2. It will maim or kill you. The secretary has a high chance of dying from this attack as it he/she was exposed.

    Conclusion, bull sheet story!!!!

  18. @vashe. Haa wakapenga. Your brains supersede all others and outclasses the rest of the comments here. You think with social conscience. Cyanide yakabvepi. Really this is a piece of a jigsaw, regarding the demise of those innocent animals

  19. Super thinking @vashe

  20. Only cuthbert Dube can help at his clinics and labs with diagnosis and treatment!

  21. school of thought

    guys maybe the secretary knew something ,u can’t trust these guys with their secretaries as the elder has shown


    The recent attack on the life on newly appointed VP leaves a lot to be desired given that MUgabe has appointed his homeboy Ignatius Chombo forth in the zanu Pf hierachy.This effectively makes Mnangagwa the stumbling block for the presidency to return to Zvimba upon Mugabe’s demise. Believe me this guy has put himself in harm \’s wayand should surely go into this with both eyes open.police should proceed under the quiet assumption that Mugabe is the prime suspect. With one factional head in the bag(mujuru) and a ceremonially powerless and weak second VP, brace yourself for the President Chombo Era.
    Mind you, from as far back as we cant remember, tyranny, bloodshed and conspiracy have served the hands of the power seeker. Forewarned is forearmend

  23. they are just selling a fake story to poor zimbabweans, where was the guard?

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