NewsDay comment: Congress should map new course

A lot is expected of the Zanu PF congress that is set to open today. Zanu PF is a club and membership is voluntary.

NewsDay comment

Ordinarily goings-on in such clubs are of little concern to non-members. This is the reason why the general public had a fleeting interest in the purges that preceded the congress.

But it also just happens that Zanu PF is the country’s governing party. Any citizen of Zimbabwe, therefore, becomes interested in how the party runs government.

Due to the fact this party has almost singularly run the affairs of this country uninterrupted for the past 34 years, means the distinction between party and government has become pretty blurred.

But Zanu PF’s unchanging policies have hurt the country immensely as a result of the stasis that always accompanies a monolithic party.

The purges that climaxed yesterday with President Robert Mugabe finally coming into the open about his relationship with Vice-President Joice Mujuru and stating in no uncertain terms that his liaison with her had ended, could indicate some kind of resolve to change the way things have been run.

It is hoped Mugabe will create a future-oriented team that will run the affairs of the State in a progressive way.

Everyone including Zimbabwe’s worst enemies is agreed on the limitless potential this country has got.

The potential had not been energised in the past three decades to transition into measurable progress. On the contrary, there have been times the government seemed to have worked to destroy that potential.

The past 30 years have been wasted mainly due to poor governance as the old guard set out to entrench itself in the system and loot the country’s resources.

Indeed, Mugabe’s rule has been riddled with corruption scandals that left the country all the worse for wear. Funds that would otherwise have been used to develop the country were misappropriated and ended up in the hands of individuals.

These individuals worked against political change because any change would have pulled the rug from under their feet.

The new team that comes after the congress should demonstrate they want to change the course of Zimbabwe’s history for the better otherwise all the infighting of the past few years would not worthwhile. Mugabe needs to inspire confidence into the minds of the common people.

At the moment the generality of our people are hugely sceptical of the ruling party and the people it has seconded to run the affairs of the State.

Mujuru’s Achilles heel is that she has been accused of corruption and it seems there is indubitable evidence to nail her. Many who formed part of her cohort have also allegedly been embroiled in corruption.

If Mugabe’s recent purges are really to fight corruption by getting rid of its drivers, then he should be applauded for his effort. But it may turn out the purges are the usual political monkey tricks employed to dupe the public into believing that the ruling party has changed take and is fighting the scourges that have undermined progress. Whatever the case, Zimbabwe needs a new beginning, and the congress is expected to map out a new course for the country.

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  1. To expect anything good to come out of zpf in this day & age is simply to expect too much. To remove a corrupt official & replace them with another corrupt & more unpopular official is pure madness at best

  2. Just Thinking Aloud

    This is what drives me to despair about this country. We are so bereft of ideas and good citizens with leadership skills that we still hope that some good can be drawn from Zanupf. When men in positions like yours Mr. Editor, positions that can influence public opinion — when they say Mugabe can be able to come out with a team that has a new thinking for our nation, my heart just sinks to unfantomable depths. Water from a rock? Alchemy? Not in zanupf. Never! Zanu must go! But then again I look around, who can take over? Oh Rock of Ages cleft for me……..

    1. You are right
      developing Zimbabwe? Mugabe and his team are not in that league even if they improve, they will never qualify.

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  4. ZanuPf must go,otherwise we won’t see the Zimbabwe we envisage.Let’s regroup & take this monster headon in 2015.Zimbabwe first.

  5. expecting zanu pf to bring a sensible change in Zimbabwe is like expecting to find a virgin in a maternity ward.We are just being used.

  6. mosquito curing malaria , never !!!!!!!!

  7. Expecting Anything New frm Zanu pf(Useless party) thts an Utter joke; they ar jst corrupt idiots who ar jst there to loot; Resources; & hve Swiss Account nt thinking of Ordinary Citizens; who hve been impoverished by this so called Revolutionary party. Sme hve resorted to being Slaves; In foreign land; lyk South Africa; where there is violence pple being murdered everydy. Bt they hve to stay in SA. Coz Zim its Hell on Earth. E Economy collapsed due to ur corrupt illicit deals& hungry for power. So We dnt expect anything from U. Zanu pf.

  8. we want (New Zimbabwe) together with new leadership

  9. The comment is fits perfectly to the riddle of the gogo from chivi who cooked stones for relish and well her grand children did eat the sadza with stone gravy. Yes the comment is in the gravy part of the story. After all these years, you can’t expect anything different from yester-years in the form of taking our country to the right trajectory, that they have demostrated successifully

  10. Et tu Brute? I am surprised you think so too Mr/s Editor. And how many congresses have we had to date… and still counting? Oh GOD!

  11. Mimba haibviswe negosoro. Thx editor kubvuma zvamunomboramba kuti Zanu yaBob ndoiripanyanga uye ndokunobva maAnswers….

    Makayedza kunyora, kutsoropodza asi yangobudirira congress. Mudhara haazi wekuitira too much speed. Hamudzidze, bvunzai Morgan naBlair

  12. Expecting anything positive from Zanu Pf is like expecting milk from a rock

  13. Tendai Chaminuka

    Ndo change yatai chemera muZanu (p.f) yauya.All the dead wood gone.Welcome to a revived zanu (p.f).

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  15. This is really a sad thing coming Frommj Newsday expecting , Chiyangwa,Kasukuwere, Moyo , Grace , Mahofa , Opah Zhuwawo , Mutsvangwa , Gomwe what a team to turn around Zimbabwe . Mr . Editor get real and hope you have not been threatened or given money because mandityisa

  16. Mr Editor, with all due respect, it sounds like you are using this otherwise people’s paper to publish ZPF propaganda for whatever reason best known to you. Here is a question for you:— Can chicken LAYERS decide to start giving birth to life chicks because eggs can get broken thereby reducing their rate of multiplication ? President Mugabe has made it very clear that he wants to die in POWER. In order to achieve this he is purging so called moderates in ZPF leaving rebel rousers like Mutsvangwa, Gomwe, Kasukuwere, Chiyangwa, Grace, Jona Moyo etc etc. The Dictator is in a panic mode and surely and finally ZPF is on its death bed.

  17. Well said POVO, 2018 is too far away. We the people must make the changes now even 2015 is too far away.

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