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Mokoomba rocks Book Café


AWARD-WINNING Mokoomba, a Victoria Falls-based Afro-fusion band, sent revellers wild onto the dance floor at the weekend as they boogied to their sounds at Book Café in Harare.

Ropafadzo Mapimhidze
Features Editor

Described by international music reviewers as an A+ensemble nobody saw it coming, Mokoomba are riding their own rising tide as the best music news Zimbabwe has ever produced.

The group is no doubt one of the most impressive bands in Zimbabwe has produced in recent memory which has apparently also taken the world by storm.

The rhythm of their sounds is something any African person can relate with and the unique thing about Mokoomba is that it has fused many African traditional beats in its productions.

While most Zimbabwean musicians tend to sing in English, Shona and Ndebele, Mokoomba uses distinct minority languages like Bemba (Zambia), Tonga and Chewa (Malawi).

The majority of their songs are sung in Tonga language, whose people live along the Zambezi River, bordering with Zambia.

Lead singer Mathias Muzaza is an energetic young man who impressed revellers by his master for the different African languages that he so uniquely demonstrates through his songs.

“This proves that people can communicate through music regardless the language that is used to create such beautiful melodies,” said a Zambian woman who danced the night away.

The stimulating and exceptional thing about this band is that it has taken its tradition and culture to the world, without fear of losing its identity.

Mokoomba, which comprises a youthful outfit, has also clearly exhibited that local musicians can still get to the tops without necessarily diluting their lyrics with foreign European languages.

Mokoomba is riding on success as they have staged 75 shows in 15 countries this year Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Swaziland, just to mention a few.

The band has no doubt carved its name in Zimbabwe’s music history and it is a band worthwhile watching.

Yes, indeed you just have to watch Mokoomba on stage to appreciate their music and their dance routine that will make you jump off the chair and dance either in modern contemporary or traditional raves.

Ammara Brown, who has done a lot of collaborations with popular locals musicians like Jah Prayzah and Rockford Josphat, took to the stage and joined the band as she demonstrated her dancing skills.

It was a beautiful and polished show which was filled to capacity, which will be remembered for a very long time.

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