Zapu, MDC to join forces

ZAPU president, Dumiso Dabengwa last week revealed that his party had agreed to join forces and form a grand coalition with two MDC formations, but cautioned that they will remain wary in signing any agreement as a way of protecting the party.

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Addressing hundreds of people on Wednesday at Sontala business centre in Kezi, Dabengwa said they had deliberated on a number of issues and agreed to join forces, but he made it clear that they will keep their name.

“As a party we are happy that you our supporters have given us the go ahead to join forces with these other political parties,” he said.

“We have agreed on various issues, but we told them point blank that our name should remain visible so as to avoid what happened in 1987, when the so called Unity Accord was signed.”

Dabengwa said MDC and MDC Renewal promised to meet Zapu at end of November and map the way forward, as they were still deliberating on the name.

“They have promised to come back to us end of this month with their name,” he explained.

“We shall combine our forces together and make sure that everyone benefits in this process as a whole.”

The former Zipra intelligence supremo denied allegations that Zapu was a Zanu PF project, saying such messages were being spread by propagandists that wanted to destroy his party.

“The most important thing that I want all of you Zapu members to know is that all those who are spreading propaganda that we are a Zanu PF project are lying and they should go back to their political parties and deal with their problems,” he said, in reference to problems bedevilling Zanu PF and MDC-T.

Dabengwa encouraged members to come up with structures in their braches, wards and provinces ahead of their elective congress slated for next year, so that when they work with other parties, information will be clear and be well communicated.

He said he was not likely to contest the next elections, but wanted to give younger politicians a chance to vie for the Presidency.

“It is my wish that the up-and-coming youngsters such as (MDC leader) Welshman (Ncube), (MDC Renewal secretary general, Tendai) Biti and (Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn leader, Simba) Makoni can lead the coalition as presidential candidates, while I remain the president of the party or coalition,” he said.

A grand coalition is due to be launched at the end of the month, with MDC, MDC Renewal, Zapu and MKD set to join forces.

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  1. All the three paties combined have no controlling stake in the Zimbabwean opposition politics , as long as you exclude Mdc Tsvangirai that coalition will be a toothless dog .

    1. Question to you Zulu; are you actually suggesting that Tsvangirai is not a toothless bulldog? By asking that question I am by no means suggesting that the coalition Dabengwa is talking about will be a success. Correct me if I am wrong but, hasnt Tsvangirai been in opposition for 15 years now?

      How long do you reckon it will take him to dislodge Zanu P.F. given the fact that we have seen a continuous decline in the number of parliamentary seats held by his party since 2000? Indeed Zanu p.f. rigs elections. How is he going to stop them from doing that? In 15 years he has not told us.

      1. Excellent analysis. It’s time to realize his opportunity for running the country has gone and working with others in a coalition is a better route to travel.

    2. 1 GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while you are poor. Other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling old and broken houses in whatEver city/town. Very interesting. Go to HOUSESBYCITY dott COM to see all 5 companies that she was dealing with to do this business. HOUSESBYCITY dott COM , Wake up African people. Life is too short

    3. they are better off without that guy.

  2. Why don’t Biti and company choose another name? “MDC Renewal” shows a lack of imagination and direction. Anyway, nothing + nothing + nothing +…..?

  3. dabengwa wakadhakwa. thats no way to beat zanu. those three parties add up to zilch in zim politicks. join the winners mdct ndizvo.wake up old man.u delaying the death of a dying zanu pf.

    1. Um, interesting perspective povo yaramba. The only problem is how exactly MDC-T can be considered a winning party after losing 3 elections, irrespective of how that happened. What are the “winners” going to do differently?

  4. Chabuda hapana, kkkkkkkkkk! seka zvako mwana waMjubheki

  5. a grand coa… no a grand abolition if mdc-t is not in the mix, ndabhuya ehoo mwazvizwa

  6. Zanupf + mdc = dictatorship.

  7. Xixixixixi vana Biti…..yu will take us back another election again. If you continue like this a disfunctional zanupf will walop you again….by hook or by crook

  8. dabengwa chembera zvirinani zanu pf yatosakara dai wataura zvokutora mai mujuru kana tsvandirai kwete biti and company isvukukuviri nyoka yemisoro miviri

  9. From 1980 people of limited thinking bestowed thier trust on Matibili and thier tribalist party Zanu.No one tried to force them into submission until thier doomed project came to a halt after the destruction of the economy by thier loved gurus.Mdc was formed with the sole purpose of rescuing zimbabweafrom economic meltdown,persecution and marginisation of other regions by the zanu thugs.However afer 14 years of its existence as a party I dont see any hope of achieving those goals. Opportunities has arisen and what happened? If people consider some individuals irrelevant, why then are you crying foul when they make thier own decisions. Zanupf +mdc = one, they share the same ideology, they believe in violence .

  10. MDC T is the only party that can remove mugabe, you Dabengwa and the stupid one Tendai Biti and company you are weasting you time. vanhu vanoda Tsvangirai hamadzangu musati maiita twuma rally imi vana Biti vanhu vachiungana muchifunga kuti vaiunganira imi kwete vaiungana nekuti vaida More Tsvagis anga achikutungamirirai. morgan is more

    1. Tocky,only the primitive who are intolerant of different opinions use such words a stupid. Having said that, this MDC T that you are telling us is the only party that can remove Mugabe, how will they do it in 2018, 19 years into it’s exisitence?

    2. Fourth Chimurenga

      You are lost Dabengwa, the guys you are joining with are not popular as Tsvangirai. Try your luck;but the best set up would be to join with Mai Mujuru and Tsvangirai, then Zanu Pf inobva yaparara; you will get all the people

  11. Selihlanya kanti?UBiti,uWelshman lawe Dabengwa lingela membership lingamkhipha uMugabe.Bambananini leMDC-T lina zithutha..

  12. Kkkkkkk Zimbabwe is by nature violent, kupolitics kune dry hands mumaparty ese, kumuzik kurikurwiwa rough, kubhora kwacho ma1. Danga rembudzi chairo mee mee mee kese kane ndebvu! Violence chete ndiyo inoisa nekubvisa vanhu pachigaro muZimba kwete zvenyu izvo vaDabengwa hazvidi reasoning

  13. Dabengwa is a ZANU PF puppet used by Matibili 2 divide MDC-T votes in Matebele land. The same applies 2 Welshman Ncube bt Welshman is being used 2 divide votes in the whole country.

  14. Ana Dabengwa nekuchembera kwamaita uku muchiri kuda kubvuma kungoshandiswa nembiti dzakafanana nana Biti

  15. I am against people like Tocky, why are you calling the ZAPU president and Hon Biti stupid? If president Tsvangirai had the propensity to remove President Mugabe from office, why has he failed several times to do so? That is a clear sign that he has failed and he will not remove him. No wonder why people asked for two term of office in the amendment 20 the new constitution.

  16. Mbiti and welsh ihuku dzemusvuu dzinotenderera pasina kana profit.dabengwa ari nani ari kushandira party yake zanu pf he and makoni made sure morgan wld not get the 50pcnt plus one.zvino awa malawyer isu hedu tisina kuinda kuchikoro hatizivi kuti vari kuitei.siyanai nesu nedofo redu least zvaanotaura zvinonzwikwa.

  17. @Abbie tel mi how these non existing parties are they also going to stop the Zanu pf rigging? hahaha you talk of seats decline but you forget to mention how many seats these one-man band parties have over Tsvangirai?You are one of the Renewals bottie!!!

    1. Sixpower, go back to my comment. I specifically said I wasn’t implying the new coalition would succeed where Tsvangirai failed. However, those of you who tout Tsvangirai as capable have not told us what he is going to do differently in 2018 that he failed to do in the past 15 years.

      It is testimony to the shallowness of some people that anyone who does not share their view necessarily belongs to either Zanu p.f. or is a Biti supporter. We need to grow up and take time to understand different points of view. It is this kind of intolerance that got our country into this mess in the first place.

  18. Tichazovepi Zvipfukuto

    STILLBIRTH. It is already finished before even starting.

  19. If this is a real move not motivated by the political mammoth (ZANU), its gonna wek. However, u must bear in mind that beating ZANU doesnt need a huge fan base bt u nid to be aware of their riggin machines

  20. My dear fellow countrymen l beseech you to put aside your differances, unite, and put an end to a tyranny. Without taking sides Tsvangirai is a popular force of opposition in our country. He has lost academic elections. If Mugabe was to be asked whom he prefers as a contender in elections, he will surely choose any except Tsvangirai. He knows violent free, rigging free, free and fair elections in Zim, Tsvangson will beat him and any contender hands down. 2008 presidential elections took long to anounce coz Zec was busy consulting on what to do nekuti mukuru (Mugabe) akundwa. Why zpf continues to rule is not a failure on Morgan’s part. Morgan is not Elshabab or Boko-haram or Al queida or a terrorist who is after dislodging Mugabe thru violence. He is a man of peace and soberness trying to lead us so that we liberate ourselves. The problem lays squarely on us. Why can’t all eligible voters register and vote zpf out. Look at the % of registered voters who actually voted in Botswana. It shows pple who put the destiny of their country into their own hands. You are busy commenting sitted on the fence instead of helping the man who showed us kuti Zizi harina nyanga. Zvino nanga nanga naMorgan kunge ndiye akonzeresa Zimbabwe kuparara. Are we not playing in the hands of zpf. WN took votes away, SM took votes away, DD took votes away, now TB want to take votes away. Its just shooting ourselves in the foot. A house divided against itself will not stand. What we need now is a united force that agree in our disagreement to do all we can to bring change in our country. By change its not that Morgan atonge, kana kuti Ncube atonge kana Simba kana Biti kana ani zvake atonge, kwete. By change we mean removal of a tyranny from power through peaceful and democratic means. Our fight now is to unite and force the current regime to align all laws and regulations with the existing constitution so that come 2018, the playing field is 90% level. Its easy to deal with the 10%. Let us not be pound foolish and penny wise nokuti ndizvo zvinoda zpf. Mbava dzikaziva kuti mabull dogs anotitadzisa kuba pamba pemunhu akawanda, vanotsvaga female dog yakadhaura voenda nayo. Mabull dogs achatanga kurwira hadzi mbava dzoba dzakakasununguka. Wake up opposition political leaders. You are the greatest dissappointment and failures of our fourth chimurenga. Fighting over the crumbs, chingwa chevana chichienda nembavha. You are a shame. Do the noble. U.N.I.T.E(Union of National Intelligence Thematic Experts).

    1. 1 GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while you are poor. Other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling old and broken houses in whatEver city/town. Very interesting. Go to HOUSESBYCITY dott COM to see all 5 companies that she was dealing with to do this business. HOUSESBYCITY dott COM , Wake up African people. Life is too short

    2. You shared vital issues that most people don’t possess. We need to be analytic beyond name-calling in opposition circles as if the real enemy lies in the opposition ranks.We have to direct our energy and time in coming up with strategies that can thwart Mugabe’s tyranny tendencies.

      1. Correct !!!!!

  21. tello of da vigilance

    hokoyo u ar a gret advisor indeed….keep on telling vamwe vedu kti tsvangi z nt tha prblm or failure bt we ar the failure.tikutadza kzcidzikinura waiting fr tsvangi who did hz best in all elections

  22. Abbie;its not a walk a stroll in the park to dislodge revolutionary parties from power irregardless of how bad they would have run down the country.This is a reality these new formations will face come 2019 coz their energies are misdirected on making each other irrelevant rather than fighting the common enemy.In the meantime zanupf will be laughing enjoying ‘victory’.Having said that tsvangirai and his party are better placed to challenge the election coz while the rest are still testing the waters tsvangson is already in there with with the crocodiles.A revolution is not over in a moment;its a process that takes time as can be proved by the way we got our independence after a long struggle.perseverance is the key and results will come…

    1. Fidza, I am very much aware of the fact that a revolution is no walk in the park coz I actually participated in it. Here is an example; when Zapu and Zanu realised that it was pointless to talk to Smith they took up arms. The rest is history. My question is very simple. What is Tsvangirai’s strategy? How is he going to rally people to support his cause? Remember all he has done so far is to legitimise faulty electoral processes then mourn about rigging later.

      Getting people to attend rallies is meaningless because all it does is show the numbers that are willing to come listen to you. How is he going to translate that support to victory over Mugabe? We know the common enemy is Mugabe but we need to be told by those who came forward to lead us how the enemy will be dislodged.

  23. chapungu chehondo

    without tsvangirai this coalition will never work.

  24. Morgan unevanhu so beter run wth him becoz in this struggle numbers are essential its folly to blame him for delay in change becoz it was never going to be too easy to remove the regime which uses state apparratus for its survival.

  25. I’ve never seen a toothless dog…just saying

  26. Nonsense, which za-p-u is this? Is it the one that signed unity agreement? Yu want another? yu have confusion, diziness, loss of memory.

  27. this is good. add all those guys who are getting vote of no confidence as well..

  28. You should see how Mugabe is rigging his own upcoming Zpf congress to see Morgan was winning elections in the past.

  29. Iv added Ncube and Dabengwas last election results and saw this party wont win a seat even in Matebeleland.
    Forget he Biti dummies.

  30. A zpf project meant to try stop MT from inevitable win.
    We now know why Zpf spared Biti in the Nikuv election.
    Why Dabengwa didnt join Zpf
    and why Ncube left Mdc before the 08 election.

    1. Mai Roza, knowing all these things is academic. The question is, how is Tsvangirai going to overcome all these hurdles?

  31. Who on Earth realy need that Moemish Tshangarai. Lowa muntu yisono ngaye, ngazi uphumaphi , uyaphi

  32. mixing hungry for power people together wouldn’t yield anything. I foresee trouble and breakup again. watch this space

  33. Fourth Chimurenga

    The winning team comprise of Tsvangirai and Mai Mujuru, period; the rest have no brand to talk about. Hate them or not, but that’s the plain truth.

  34. Morgan ibhuru. kusvika tati baba nenhamo we will all know who to vote for,

  35. l agree with Fourth Chimurenga, better she join Morgan since she was already accussed of funding the opposition

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