Mugabe’s rabble-rousing unpresidential

THE open chaos and obscene incitement seen before the Zanu PF politburo meeting on Thursday is emblematic of how the country is being governed or, more correctly, misgoverned. What we saw was ugly and revolting. There were gratuitous, mindless insults.

NewsDay Editorial

The immoderate language on the placards waved by those baying for Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s blood was out of this world.
It detracted from their cause — that is, if they had any besides yelling and insulting.

These were sorry excuses of human beings. We say so because their behaviour was below that of normal human beings.

Would he, President Robert Mugabe, have allowed placards with such language to be used against him or his wife Grace, who, it should be mentioned, set the ugly tone earlier by publicly insulting Mujuru using similarly inflammatory terms at her so-called “Meet the People Tour” rallies?

Did he carry on from where his wife left?

Mature politics is about issues, not personalities. So, what was on display was not politics, but hooliganism in front of a whole Head of State. Ads

We saw Mugabe playing to the gallery, literally throwing Mujuru to the wolves.

This was sad, but familiar. Mugabe seemed to be in his element. He seemed to be relishing it.

This had echoes of 14 years ago when he brazenly said: “Instil fear in the white man”, signalling even more savage attacks on the already besieged, defenceless white farmers.

What was most shocking on Thursday is that Mugabe seemed to egg on the raucous rabble.

From his body language, he appeared to be at one purpose with them.

Mature, intelligent leaders would have changed the venue to some quiet retreat far from the madding crowd. But this was not done.
Somebody was out to humiliate the Mujuru camp. Mugabe knew what was in store for Mujuru, but he still proceeded with the meeting at the Zanu PF HQ.

For that, he was complicit in what happened. He cannot distance himself from the insults.

We hold no brief for Mujuru, but rabble-rousing is unbecoming of a Head of State. It is not Presidential.


  1. As Zimbabweans, we are ruled by a very cruel individual who doesn’t have a single ounce of humanity in him. He is vain, pompous and likes the trappings of power so much he will sacrifice almost anything to remain where he is. The interesting thing about those placards is the similarity of the font and size, a clear indication that they were mass produced for the occasion. But unfortunately, calling the VP a witch is not only in contravention of the Witchcraft a suppression Act, it also doesn’t dilute the support she enjoys on the ground. The Mnangagwa faction will soon run out of steam – cheap insults and crude propaganda do not convince people to change their political preferences.

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