Crisis in Zim Coalition chairman quits in protest

CRISIS in Zimbabwe Coalition board chairman Dewa Mavhinga yesterday stepped down citing irreconcilable differences with fellow board members and the secretariat over issues of transparency and accountability.


Mavhinga wanted the contracts of organisation’s director MacDonald Lewanika and other senior staff members terminated over allegations of maladministration and corruption.

“Repeated attempts over the year to uphold organisational core values of good governance, transparency and accountability have met with resistance from the secretariat. Also, the deep mistrust and lack of unity of purpose in the board makes it untenable for effective leadership of the coalition,” Mavhinga said in a statement.

He added: “In the best interests of the coalition and of our convictions, I see it fit to step aside and hope that coalition members, with assistance from credible coalition elders uninvolved in the current challenges, and the heads of CSO (civil society organisation) coalitions, will take the necessary immediate steps to return the coalition to its founding values, harmonise genuine membership and convene a legitimate meeting to address governance challenges confronting the coalition.

“As civil society, we are a national force whose positive values and systems of governance must always be above reproach. Our relevance and role in building strong democratic institutions is defined by our capacity to strictly adhere to our core values of accountability, good governance, gender equality and human rights respect.”

Other charges levelled against Lewanika’s administration include failure to remit taxes to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and buying goods such as motor vehicles without going to tender as stipulated by the organisation’s rules.

Mavhinga recommended that the entire board and senior secretariat management should step down and allow a process led by impartial, neutral people to transform the organisation.

Lewanika yesterday denied the allegations leveled against him.

“The allegations which were leveled which related to the audit report were unfounded. Yes there were issues identified, but they were low risk issues which will be dealt with. Another issue is that of Zimra, we are not different from any Zimbabweans, we are struggling just like everyone else, but we have since resolved with the relevant authorities. Another issue that the audit took long, the reason is simply because I was away on study leave.”

Mavhinga was replaced by Samkeliso Khumalo

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  1. Please keep us informed of what is really going on behind the scenes here..this issue appears a tad clouded..The Chairman who wanted to fire an employee finds himself on the floor instead..what is really going on?

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  2. @ Dewa Mavhinga. Batanai Hadzisi uchamuziva here during your days at UZ? What happened to him. Ndanyarara hangu. I believe your conscience should speak to you. “Good governance; human rights” newe! Howowo! Ndezvemeso muromo zvinyarare.

    1. …and how then do you address the same issues in government!

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  4. mbavha dzemasuit kupusa

    How and why should one’s study leave affect the operation of an organisation and delay the audit. The one has nothing to do with the other. What is the relevance of an executive’s presence unless there are questions to be answered, in which case, that’s why a suitably qualified and empowered replacement is appointed, be it long term or interim. The failure of the seperation of the individual from the organisation is a huge problem here and raises the question of transparency and good corporate governance. So far the answers of the executive are excuses not acceptable reasons. Logically, execs should step aside as all points raised by resigingi chairman and responses of Exec allude to failure to perform in the best interests of the organisation, symptomatic of a lack of understanding or knowledge of acceptable corporate governance standards

  5. The story of Zimbabwe. A generation has grown knowing no other value than corruption. Will we be able to break free or we are doomed like Africa’s Big brother.

  6. Whatever is going on we dont know. But clearly all these guys are stealing Donors moneys and that why when asked to step down someone holds on. Kana wadzingwa basa siya wozotora the correct channels to appeal. Zvino Lewanika akatoti handiende. Masiyanei ne Zanu. All these plastic organisations formed to make money from Donor funds should just be dissolved and we just know there is UNDP and the bigger and well managed NGOs.

  7. Dewa Mavhinga you are real democrat. Well-done.. These board members and secretariat have no community at heart as they purport to the donor community. Such hypocrites include people like Evernice Munando of the so-called Female Students Network and many other. An audit should be done.

  8. this is a disgrace at its best , copy cats of zanu in Crisis, well done Dewa.Let them say what ever they want as long as your hands a clean u a true hero to the struggle for democrats.

    Zvino lewanika u have painted the organisation with a wrong brush called zaaaaaaaaaaaaanuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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