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Woman turned into sex slave in Angola


A 23–YEAR–OLD Bindura woman, who was allegedly taken to Angola in September last year after she had been promised a maid’s job, yesterday gave a harrowing account of how she was eventually turned into a sex slave by her “benefactor”.


The woman, who cannot be named due to the sensitive nature of the case, was testifying in the trial of Jessica Mahuni (62), who is facing allegations of human trafficking.

She told Harare magistrate Tendai Mahwe that the alleged abuse began when they were in Zambia en route to Angola where she, together with another Zimbabwean girl, had to go for several days on empty stomachs as Mahuni failed to provide food for them.

She said they were made to travel without any money to buy food or access ablution facilities, so they ended up relieving themselves in empty bottles while sleeping at bus terminuses.

She told the court they were made to travel alone after Mahuni had remained behind with one Bester Mutambiranwa as they had too much luggage.
She said when Mahuni finally arrived, she bought food only for herself and told them that they had to fend for themselves as they were now in “Dos Santos’ country and not Mugabe’s country”.

Afterwards, she said, Mahuni started bringing several men to the house where they were living and instructed her and the other complainant to have sexual intercourse with them.

“We took them (the men) into our room had sex with them without protection,” she said.

“I have since lost count of the number of men with whom I had sexual intercourse.”

She said she eventually met a Zimbabwean woman who assisted them to escape while the suspect was bathing.

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