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Uncle Richie disowns Facebook accounts


COMEDIAN Uncle Richie of the Zvirikumbofamba Sei fame has distanced himself from several Facebook pages run under his name, saying he only had two official Facebook pages Unotoshayakuti Zvirikufambasei and Uncle Richie Matimba.


Following his rise to fame courtesy of his hilarious comics, several impostors have created Facebook pages claiming to be Uncle Richie and these include Zvirikumbofambase Unotoshaya, Uncle Richie Wotoshaya kuti zviri kufamba seyi, Zvirikumbofambacei and Unotoshaya Kuti ahhh Zvirikufambaseyi.

Uncle Richie, born Richard Matimba, distanced himself from the bogus pages that have also drawn a significant following.

“I truly do not understand the reason why some people would create fake Facebook accounts and ghost pages using my name and trademarks then start writing things pretending to be me,” Uncle Richie said.

“I only have two Facebook accounts Unotoshayakuti Zvirikufambasei with about 42 000 followers and Uncle Richie. In life I know they are some people who want to ride on other people’s creativity, but I will not back up because of haters who seek attention using my name.”

The comedian expressed concern that some companies were yet to pay him for using his skits in their advertorial materials without his permission.

“There are some corporates who used my trademarks without my permission and are reluctant to finish up the payments and I consider taking legal action for them,” he said.

Uncle Richie is enjoying the creativity of his hilarious jokes that has seen him performing and emceeing at high-profile functions.

“Of late many people did not take comedy serious, but as for now they are starting to appreciate it. Recently I had a great honour in my career as I performed at First Lady Grace Mugabe’s graduation ceremony that was held at their home in Borrowdale.”

Uncle Richie rose to fame when he did the Zvirikumbofamba sei and Mudeacon Bhebhe jokes which went viral on different social media platforms such as WhatsApp.

“My clips are now all over the world and have reached as far as Netherlands, South Korea, United Kingdom and United States of America,” Uncle Ritchie said.

Some of his comic skits include Munamato Wesadza, ZimAsset, Chegumi, Traffic Report, Usafurirwe naSatan, Circumcision, Ayiwa among others.

Uncle Richie said he was in the process of compiling his skits to be available on CD.

“I am preparing a CD that will have both new and old jokes combined by songs on my debut album to be released in December,” he said.

Besides being a comedian, Uncle Richie is also a recording artiste with a seven-track gospel album called Tinosvika Chete up his sleeve.

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