Pictures: I turned down $10m bribe: Grace


FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday claimed that she was approached by some white farmers, at the height of the land reform programme, and offered a $10 million bribe and personal mansions to persuade her husband President Robert Mugabe to stop the annexations.


Addressing about 15 000 Zanu PF supporters at a Thank You rally in Harare, Grace said: “People came to us (First Family) offering to build houses. We looked at the plan and we said, take that money to Zanu PF. They wanted to buy us. They came to me thinking that as a young woman, I could be bought. You can’t buy me.

“White people came to me with $10 million to stop the land reform programme. I said to them don’t ever come back to me. I chucked them out of my office and almost spat at their faces. They thought I was a soft target on the programme.

Zanu PF Women's League gesture in shock at the words of the First Lady Grace Mugabe.
Zanu PF Women’s League gesture in shock at the words of the First Lady Grace Mugabe.

“Money from enemies for your own benefit is not good. Clean money should be brought to all of us because if given to you only, you lose focus and wisdom. If it comes only to you, what about the rest of the people?” she said.

Grace also challenged Zanu PF legislators to fulfil their 2013 election promises, saying they risked losing their seats in the 2018 elections if they failed to deliver.

In an about-turn, the First Lady, who, in her previous rallies, sounded combative and launched scathing attacks against “inept” party leaders and her rivals, yesterday appeared conciliatory and urged Zanu PF members to forge unity of purpose.

First lady Grace Mugabe holds the hands of Zanu PF youth league chairperson Godwin Gomwe (left) and Harare provincial party chairman Amos Midzi in gesture to defuse tension between the two at her Thank You rally held in the capital on October 8.
First lady Grace Mugabe holds the hands of Zanu PF youth league chairperson Godwin Gomwe (left) and Harare provincial party chairman Amos Midzi in gesture to defuse tension between the two at her Thank You rally held in the capital on October 8.

To demonstrate her commitment to ending factionalism, she invited the warring Harare provincial party chairman Amos Midzi and youth chairperson Godwin Gomwe to the podium where they publicly embraced and made peace with each other.

Gomwe and Midzi had been engaged in fierce fights believed to be stemming from the two distinct factions led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

Part of the more than 15 000 Zanu PF supporters who attended Grace Mugabe's Thank You rally at the City Sports Centre yesterday.
Part of the more than 15 000 Zanu PF supporters who attended Grace Mugabe’s Thank You rally at the City Sports Centre yesterday.

Midzi is reportedly linked to the Mujuru camp while Gomwe is said to be a Mnangagwa ally .

Grace yesterday said the gesture signalled the change of Zanu PF politics and the beginning of a new era.

“For things to move forward, we need love, peace and harmony. I hear a lot of people saying bad things about me, but as a mother, if a child says something, maybe you are not giving that child attention,” she said before calling to the podium Harare provincial commissar Shadreck Mashayamombe and declared that she had also made peace with him following reports that the Harare South MP had fiercely resisted her political rise.


Mashayamombe reportedly told President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao to find a political home for Grace in Mashonaland West province as she was not welcome in Harare.

The Harare South MP, however, denied ever engaging in such a discussion with Zhuwao.

“I am your mother and President Mugabe is your father. You are human, whether you said it or not, I want to tell you, you are my son, I forgive you. Harare will never be the same again. I love you, let’s work together,” she said.

She said there were placards with “bad things” written on them that were blocked from the venue, but added that she wanted them in so that as a mother, she would stop factionalism as evidenced by such.

part of the crowd that  attended Grace Mugabe's meet the people tour at the City sports centre yesterday

“I prayed for wisdom from God, I am praying for wisdom and pray to end this fighting. Midzi, come here. I am here because of Zanu PF. In Harare, Midzi is our chairman, we don’t want to trouble him to lose focus and fail to do the work. He must not be troubled. I want Gomwe here,” she said.

“Midzi is the father and Gomwe is the son and I asked the two why this fighting. I sat down with them, I prayed and we have started a new lease of life here in Harare. We want to work together for Zanu PF,” Grace said.

She implored party leaders and supporters to shun factionalism, admitting that Zanu PF leaders at the top were fanning factionalism down to the structures.

She said the infighting in Zanu PF was leading to failure by the party to provide on service delivery.

She said local authorities pushing for the demolition of houses should stop that and focus on development.

“People are angry, let’s not fool ourselves. We have the water crisis, the sewer issue. If we stop fighting, if we are sincere about it, we can deliver.

“We can’t be a party that is good at promises, no, let’s deliver, and let’s give people what we promised them as failure to do that, it will be tough for us next election.”


  1. As inconsistent as the hubby – Dr. Grace has shown so much inconsistency in just three public appearances. ZANU (PF) is in big trouble. Amai is a misguided missile!

    • Mhofu a good analysis of Dr. G. who is giving her the mandate to speak on behalf of ZANU PF, what is Cde Gumbo/S. K. Moyo expected to do in the party? PLiz Cdes in zanu PF restrict Amai’s address to women issues ONLY, otherwise you are allowing her to dig a deeper grave for your party come 2018? Where are the jobs cde Mazivisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. she turned down $10million???really??? Name these faceless individuals? The have names don’t they? They have previous addresses? I wonder what land she owned in Mazoe she is claiming back? Did her father? Gandfather? Or ancestors from the Marufu family lineage own that land in Mazoe she has been grabbing so efficiently? We have to call out these lies. This North Korean, “Animal Farm” style type of rhetoric is annoying

  3. You refused the money from white farmers Gle, but you accepted a bribe from the chinese who built your home. Hapana zvauri apa, kusanyarako. Wakatora murume wemunhu apa nhasi wakuda kuzviita munhu kwaye. If you dont confess haupinde denga kana dai ukazvinyengedza kuti urikunamata. Ko PHD, kana iri yebach door repent otherwise you will be in hell.

  4. Ndokuti mai uku . Mai unites and embraces even everyone . Thank you mother , we thought otherwise but it seems we were wrong . Keep it up . I wish you could have done the same in Mash-West . We wish the same also in Mash – Central . We need God fearing leaders and people who seek wisdom from the Almighty .

  5. I agree with Grace for once on this. If the top leadership focus on development rather than positions Zimbabwe would have been a different country. Since elections we have seen npthing fro the country but all for the party and we the common people are suffering. Thanks to NIKUV you will still win elections but not our vote.

  6. This woman has become a serial thief. First, she stole Sally’s husband, then she stole people’s lands, then she stole a UZ Phd. Now she wants to steal the presidency…. Nxaaaaa. Sukhawena, m’godhoyi!

  7. I have to applaud the move by my colleagues in the Mnangagwa Faction PF. Letting this loose-tongued and shallow woman go around the countries making a fool of herself at ‘rallies’ attended by hordes of drooling imbeciles was a master stroke. Now Mnangagwa will know he has one less rival for the presidency. Clever one, Ngwena…….

  8. This woman does not have it in her to become leader of even the most backward banana republic. She just needs to wait until her ‘bouncer’ is gone. State machinery is only answerable to the individual who is in power. Be careful, Mrs Makamba….

  9. Shadreck Mashayamombe , you have been clearly invited ” Harare will never be the same again . I love you” thiose were the words quoted verbatim. What are waiting for Shaddy Mai varikuda ava. The only thing is list yevarume yarebesa. Goreraza, Makamba,Muroyiwa, Chambara,Pamire etc and soon Mashayamombe after Mugabe’s demise

  10. This woman needs serious coaching or else she will reveal how the first family became rich,bribing is a crimnal offence an she should have reported the farmer to the police,now we are left speculating whether the 10million was used to stat alpha dairy .

  11. When leaders talk peace we must appreciate and thank God. Iyi yekungoshora and finding fault in everything hazvishande. Mai Mugabe is uniting her party and everyone else. Its a very good starting point.

  12. For Mugabeists, 10 million USD is just peanuts. The white farmers should have offered the Lancaster-billions in full.

    But this is not the issue at the moment. Zimbabweans are troubled by the fact that Mugabe’s inner circle is driving us intoa corner, be it in politics, economics or our social lives. They don’t realise that in their equation, the ONLY beneficiaries are their families. This is selfishness. All these Gracial-Antics are meant to smoke-screen individual interests from our already blinkered povo.

  13. Turned down $10 Million because you grabbed property worth $100’s of Millions, not to forget machinery, irrigation schemes, cattle, crops etc. So it makes sense to turn down $10 Million when you grab with reckless abandon.

  14. Let’s call a spade a spade, who suffered the most after the farm invasions, the 4500 Whites or the Black population, Fact is those 4500 REAL farmers created employment for 20% of the population directly and indirectly, Directly through employment on the farms, and indirectly through jobs in the financial sector through loans, accountancy, transportation industry, insurance etc. So ask yourself who bore the brunt of the collapse?

    In hindsight you should have taken that $10 Mill..

  15. handiyo 10million iya yakatengeswa matrucks ekunetsa mazuva aya???this paper put it in red that it was 15000..kubvira pakaisa mhlanga mari and bought shares into alpha media this paper has become an extension of herald..

  16. madams vakuona kuti mudhara apera saka vakufunga kuti vanagasara panyanga.both amos and grace lied that it was mdc councils who demolished people s houses forgeting that its their minister chombo who ordered the demolitions.again to put the record straight,there is no mdc council in epworth but zanu pf council.maona kuti mavakudyiwa nenyaya kukoti makunyepera vanhu.hukurutombo dzevanhu kikikikikikiki

  17. Please be warned, lets not forget the Baba Jukwa issue, some of your comments guys zvichazokupinzai panguva ya Chimbetu (Nguva yakaoma) i warn you kana washaya chekutaura nyarara,.. Wangu mwiii muromo

  18. Where was she when she was offered that bribe, the same way she was private with those people may be the same way she got layed on, I also need to know why only Grace is campaigning for herself and her hubby, and when others try to campaign, yatove nyaya. What is the purpose of these campaigns? Why not others?

  19. @Ben Mabhanzi: Our lovely First Lady is not on a campaign-trail but is “meeting the peopl”. This is the official name given to the rallies.

  20. the zimbabweans problem is not seeing thru hatred and disgruntlement .Here is a woman using her opportunity in life to better the lives of many by being practical in her examples , but all we see is the past which she arguably has nothing to do with either . Lets give her a chance , allow her time to express her motherly will and judge her later .Time for judgement shall come when people seek results.Personally i applaud her reconcilliatory tone and her drive for self empowerment .Granted she has the resources to go border to border , who wouldnt utilise such an opportunity if they were wise , lets not get used to ridiculing everything the ruling party does , its time to grow up and realise that in as much as people may cry foul , there is no real opposition here and to support the incumbent and implore them to do somethings differently may be the only way forward .When your father goes through a bad patch in life ,,nomatter how long you tell him to go and replace him with another or do you pray hard for him while working hard yourself to see the family through. Zimbabweans we are one family and lets desist from this stupid habbit of uniting at funerals only be they in our rural ,or urban homes and even the national shrine …lets build this nation together ,fighting will take us backwards …life is too short ,it doesnt wait for change of governments …Everything is in Gods hands ..lets live it there and focus on the many things we can do as mortals …nyikaaa yeeedu

  21. stop the fighting and give her a chance , she may be the one we were waiting for ..opposition has failed , many in the incumbent gvmnt have failed give her the chance .God has given her an opportunity , who are we to go against that . Pamberi nemi Dr G Mugabe . dont look back ..they will criticise you ,thats what they do best ..forward ever

    I KINGS 1 Vs 1 – 52
    1. Vs 1 : David was old but still ruling
    2. Vs 5 : Adonijah one of the King’s son puts himself forward for Kingship but SOLOMON awaits for the time.
    3. Vs 7 : Adonijah conferred with Joab (Army General of David) & Abiathar (the priest)
    4. Vs 9 : Adonijar invited all his brothers, the King’s sons & some royal officials to the installation ceremony but did not invite Nathan (the prophet), or Benaiah (Another influential Army General), or Abiathar (another influential priest), or his brother SOLOMON (the chosen one)
    5. V11 – 52 : Plots and sub plots until SOLOMON ascends to the throne.

    Issues to check on Zimbabwean context:
    * Age of the ruler
    * Declaration of the two “sons” of Zanu PF for the kingship
    * Check the alleged side of the Army General & some highly recognized priests
    * Current situation is; all “sons” of Zanu PF and some priests are being invited and are attending (some willingly and some unwillingly), “ceremonies” to propel one of the sons to the throne. But SOLOMON (the heir to the throne), or the prophet, or Benaiah (another influential General) are not part to this.
    *This is where the episode is at the moment. WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER THIS CURRENT EPISODE IS FROM Vs 11 – 52 until SOLOMON ascends to the throne. By the way do we have anything related to the name SOLOMON in Zimbabwean Politics? Revisit this prophesy after two years.

  23. Zvanzi ndakanamata Mwari vakanditi………. Izvi zvakora izvi. Zvakutoda Mbuya Gire. Ndiye achanzi mai here iyeyu.

  24. kwaaniko ndokutaura kwemapoliticians. ambuya ava vambishi mupolitics zvichasvika pazvichavava inguva chete. Ngavachidavidza Mai Mujuru naNgwena kuti varegere zvokuda huPresident kwavarikuita sezvo ndivo varidzi vemafactions. kunyadzisa Midzi naGomwe pakazara vanhu kudaro. ndiyo councelling yekwaani ayoyo? zvatobuda pachena kuti Phd ndeye fake kwaiva kuda kupinda muPolitics munhu aine ruremerera. Varume vakuru nevakadzi vakuru kuswero unganira mahumbwe aGrace.

  25. Surely these monkeys must think Zimbabweans are uneducated. Noone buys your fairytale stories. God save Zimbabwe.

  26. I can’t blame her. Kana neniwo ndaiiramba if I knew ther was a chance of looting more e.g more than 10x kumberi uko

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