Smear campaigns intensify ahead of MDC-T congress

JOSTLING for top posts in the MDC-T has reportedly led to the creation of two distinct camps, which are both engaged in smear campaigns, ahead of the party’s elective congress this month end.


MDC-T insiders said the camps were being led by organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora, who are both vying for the secretary-general’s post.

Sources said Chamisa, who has already been endorsed by five out of the party’s 12 provinces, is being supported by acting secretary-general Tapiwa Mashakada, while Mwonzora has the backing of Theresa Makone, who is eyeing the treasurer-general’s post.

Chamisa has emerged as the front-runner after he was unanimously nominated in Mashonaland Central, Masvingo, Mashonaland East, Harare and Chitungwiza provinces.

Mwonzora is yet to get a nomination from any of the provinces for the post.

“Makone doesn’t want Chamisa and for that reason, she is fighting in Mwonzora’s corner for him to win the secretary-general’s post and that team wants to lure (Harare provincial spokesperson Obert) Gutu on its camp so that he goes for the post of spokesperson,” said a source.

So far party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, his deputy Thokozani Khupe, chairman Lovemore Moyo and his deputy Morgen Komichi have been nominated in all the five provinces.

Sources in the MDC-T said several provinces in Midlands and Matabeleland were pushing for Moyo to be the party’s vice-president and Khupe to be the deputy chairperson of the party as they accused her of fanning disunity in Matabeleland structures.

The fight so far, according to the nominations, is between Abednico Bhebhe, Amos Chibaya and Murisi Zwizwai, who all have been nominated for the post of organising secretary.

As it stands now after the five nominations, another fierce contest will be for the post of deputy
treasurer-general where Mashakada is likely to square off with Tabitha Khumalo, James Makore and Obert Gutu as they have been nominated.

The other post for which heavy contesting is expected will be the organising secretary post where Bhebhe will tussle with Chibaya.
Thamsanqa Mahlangu, Job Sikhala and Bhebhe have also been nominated by the provinces for the post.

Khumalo has also been nominated for the post of deputy spokesperson.


  1. In a typical Zimbabwean style,the parties are divided into factions which will remain after the elective congresses.if one happens to support the losing faction, (s)he is finito. In zpf, one can be forgiven if (s)he was with mdc than from rival faction. We must learn to accept our differences, be it in one party or rival parties. In Botswana, it is possible for rival parties to hold their rallies at the same time in the same location, eg mdcteaboy in Gwanzura and zpf in Zimbabwe grounds with no reports of violence. In Zimbabwe, we have Mliswa being slapped by Beauty from the same party but rival factions. In mdcteaboy, the Herald reports that Mwonzora claims Chamisa is rigging the nominations and the same claim was made that zpf’s youth and women congresses were rigged. It sounds like one musical genre, in reggea it is the distinctive bass regardless of the artiste, Bob Marley or Peter Tosh. Zimbabwean elections whether intra or inter party are characterised by vote rigging accusations. Cry my beloved country.

  2. Very unprofessional and childish this name calling and mud slinging.Why can’t people produce facts and results, put their money where their mouth is show us what you have done to better our lives.Appointments should be on merit no because l know so and so,OR BECAUSE WE FOUGHT TOGETHER SIDE BY SIDE IN THE BUSH, show the voters prove to them that you are the right man for the job.DELIVER.If you continue with the name calling you just the same as ZANU PF.

    1. Khupe and Bhebhe forming paralel structures to fix shona people in structures

    2. Bulawayo youths

      Mwonzora must is not being nominated because he is in faction of tribalist Khupe and Abednico Bhebhe is he stands alone he can be nominated

      1. Mwonzora is not being nominated because he is in faction of tribalist Khupe and Abednico Bhebhe if he stands alone he can be nominated

    3. Why Khupe and Bhebhe are not following the part templates Banda does not qualify but he is being imposed by Khupe.

  3. Mwonzora is power hungry so is chamisa. What it means is mwonzora and chamisa fought in the same corner dividing the fragile each having hope that if Biti left he was going to be the secretery general. Few months before the congress which is going to be stage managed they are on each other’s throat. The sober truth is tsvangirai’s tool is chamisa so mwonzora is fighting for a lost cause. As long as he tries to challenge chamisa within tsvangirai’s party he will never win it. Either he takes what he is.being given or he packs his bags to look for another political home

  4. The tussle for the secretery general post between mwonzora and chamisa is to some extend a manifestation of democracy at play in their party. But the big question is how democratic are the mdc t processes ahead of their national congress. The processes are similar not worse than zanu pf ones. vote buying, smear campaigns and side lining of others in the provincial congress is all we hear. Sounds like listening to a story of what was happening at a zanu pf function. Finally I would like to say the anointed succesor of the firebrand T.B or Biti is Chamisa. He is tsvangirai’s side kick so mwonzora has to take what is being offered him or pack his bags and start his own political party or look for another political shelter

  5. I strongly believe that the news quality in this paper has gone down. the stories that u publish are poor. at this juncture the dark side of opposition political parties is not newsworthy to publish to any right thinking zimbabwean. the factionalism in the ruling party is of great concern to any right thinking person. it exposes everything about what people have been saying about the country including the socalled sanctions imposed by purported enemies of zimbabwe. news should center around zanupf fights and also on how the so called sanctions are hating zimbabwe and what the country will be like if they are removed. the herald is doing a splendid job by exposing factionalism in zanupf and for us who understand politics it is crystal clear which faction the paper promotes at the expense of the other.

  6. The media are fighting tooth&nail to draw similarities between MDC T & ZANU PF. Yes the MDC T has the potential to form the next gvt.Some newspapers have their favourite parties,hence their divisive campaigns.But this will not lead us anywhere.The campaign for positions ahead of an elective congress is very normal & healthy in any democracy.MDC T should never be an exception.There is absolutely nothing wrong in contests for any position in the MDC T.The losers will naturally embrace the winners & so life goes on.

  7. Your byline is misleading

  8. I do not see Mudzuri`s name being nominated why? In all fairness and for the goodness of the party the Chamisa must relinquish the post of Organising Secretary. Morgan must also extend his recruitment drive deep inot provinces there are more organised and eloquent people than the few we are made to believe. I hope anyone vying for the post of SG and Spokesperson must bring back the good old memories of vibrancy

  9. zanu pf has reached the zenith of their power. they have nothing left to offer the electorate. We want them gone as soon as possible into the dustbin of history and never to be salvaged again for the good of the Zimbabwean masses who have suffered so much at the hands of this party.

  10. Taichin Satahuya

    I really don’t understand people talking of this animal they call vote buying! I thought it is the duty of one vying for any office, either by appointment or through an election to convince those vested with making the choice to do so in his favour. In fact all elections are bought. Some are bought before the election, by promises of post election material benefits yet some are bought before the election by distribution of material benefits. What am I saying? An election is always premised on how the electorate view the ability of the contestants to meet its needs. If one has immediate needs, it is correct for them to vote for one who meet those needs than to vote for one who promise future benefits. Therefore if one’s need is beer, they will vote for one who gives them beer. If one’s need is a stable and prosperous economy, they will vote for one whom they think is best suited to deliver in that regard.

    What is needed is thorough voter education so that voters will know what currency to accept in exchange for their vote. In the past, some have accepted beer, some, party positions, yet some have accepted promises of a better economic future, all as currency used to buy their votes.
    The experience we have, especially here in Africa is that electoral politics are far removed from reason yet deeply rooted in populace and the game of numbers. More people on your side and you are ok. Less people on your side and you are doomed, no matter how noble are your propositions.

  11. This is pure fabrication of news by this Journo. Can’t even name source. Advancing the interests of certain individual. Shame

  12. Personally i dont see what the problem with mud slinging and expressing opinions is. Zimbabwean politics needs to learn from other countries! here in America during primaries there is mudslinging all the time within the parties but at the end of the day the people still get along after all has been said and done. fREEDOM OF SPEECH IS WHAT AFRICAN POLITICS NEEDS TO WAKE UP TO AND THE RIGHT TO AN OPINION. at the end of the day it is up to the voters to sift out the rubbish and the good.

    surely we could take a leaf from american politics both within the parties themselves and also between the parties. so i say let them gunner up support anyway they want but the voters have the final say and its there responsibilty to weed out the good from the bad

    its high time zimbabwe becomes politically mature for gooness sake!
    at a time when opposition parties should be uniting against the common enemy they are all trying to serve their own personal interests. its seems zimbabweans are blind to the common denominator that should should unite all opposition parties which is TO GET RID OF ZANU AND RESTORE A DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT!!!

  13. It is very normal&acceptable that people even of the same family hold different political views
    without being enemies at all.People of one political party may equally the same,have different views on various issues without necessarily being enemies.But these people remain united against a common enemy & that is healthy politically.
    It is only in ZANU PF where divergent political views are not tolerated;hence physical fights & accusations of indiscipline.

  14. Mudzuri the president inwaiting its youur time mudzuri to stand up and be counted you are presidential material.

  15. hapana kana nyaya apa,

  16. ndizvo zvazvinota guys dont give up . If u there to lead us plz show alight is what politics do

  17. There is zero correlation between the heading and the content. This journo needs to be serious nebasa. Hazvipindirane kana ka1.

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