‘We reject bedroom coup’ Jabulani Sibanda

WAR veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda has vowed to continue boycotting First Lady Grace Mugabe’s rallies unless and until she stops her public attacks on Vice-President Joice Mujuru.


Sibanda told NewsDay in a telephone interview yesterday that he was ready to defend his position and warned that real war veterans would resist attempts to stage “a bedroom or boardroom coup”.

“If you want to find me guilty of not attending the First Lady’s rallies, I plead guilty on that one and I won’t attend unless the programme changes. I can’t attend a function where they say ‘Pamberi ne Mazoe Crush, pasi ne Gamatox’. That slogan is unknown in Zanu PF.

“That slogan is divisive and counter-revolutionary. I don’t belong to a venomous group and until their objectives change, I won’t be part of that. With its nature now, it’s counter-revolutionary and Zimbabweans should stand up against that.

“All able-bodied people should stand up against that. You can’t belong to a group that insults a Vice-President of the country. You can’t insult a person like that even if you are from different political parties, but you can encounter on policies,” he said.

Sibanda said it was wrong for Grace and other Zanu PF officials to publicly attack the Vice-President for “crimes” which could have been committed by her late husband, Retired General Solomon Mujuru.

“If President [Robert] Mugabe does wrong, l won’t insult Grace Mugabe. So you can’t insult Joice Mujuru because she is not Solomon Mujuru who they accuse of all those things. You can’t attack MaNdlovu my wife because of my wrongs.”

He scoffed at reports that some war veterans were plotting to kick him out of the association’s leadership for snubbing the First Lady, adding that he was currently on the ground campaigning to “block attempts to stage a coup both in the boardroom and in the bedroom”.

“We will back what we will say at that Press conference with what we are doing on the ground. I won’t tell you where I am, but I am on the ground. I am not going to allow any coup both in the boardroom and in the bedroom,” he said.

Sibanda has been under fire from a section of fellow war veterans for refusing to take part in Grace Mugabe’s rallies and turning down an invitation to attend the First Lady’s meeting with war veterans at her Mazowe Orphanage in Mashonlanad Central last Thursday.

His detractors, who identified themselves as elders of war veterans, have labelled his group a “counter-revolutionary squad opposed to Grace”, but Sibanda dismissed the “elders” as fictitious.

“Do you think that is worth discussing? It’s some war veterans and no one knows who they are. They call themselves elders of war veterans; we don’t have that in the association. We have a war veteran branch, district, province and national with President Robert Mugabe as our patron.

“If they are elders above the President, then we don’t have that unless maybe they are dead-living (sic) people. I want to deal with them one by one at a Press conference. We don’t have problems in our association. It’s intact. When our revolution was threatened, real war veterans sacrificed without support from the party and Zanu PF got a two-thirds majority.

“It excludes those people you are talking about. They were never in any campaign because like they said, they were too old. They only go where there is free food and just embarking on transport where they don’t know where they are going and what the objective is,” Sibanda said.


  1. why would they sack a war veterans “leader” over issues that are not even related to the association, and over a person who is not even a war veteran herself? unless she has acquired war-vetship through sex! but is that possible? kkkk

    1. Khwaaaa sex veteran

  2. Jabu.You are your own man!

    1. I hear a man speak.Not kungo bootlicker pese pese.

      1. This is one hell of a fighter, not zvima weevil zvinenge ma gay gangster ana Chinotimba. Mboko dzevanhu…

      2. Yaa – a real man – with balls not bubble gum.

      3. true this guy is sure of what he is saying n only the bootlikkers went to the orphanage home of rich orphans. i wonder if ther are any kids picked from afar field as Binga ,Chiredzi to mention a few. STAND YOUR GROUND JABU. TRUE WAR VETS HAVARASANE N HAVATUKANE LIKE THAT.

    2. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these dirty politicians. See how this Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

    3. So is Jabulani Sibanda a good guy now in the eyes of the long-losing opposition forces?

  3. We want you Jabu to be our second VP not those other stooges in the party Pamberi na Jabu

  4. Now that is a principled man talking. Vamwe vanhu like Chinotimba vanongoteera free food and free transport without knowing where that transport is going to or what is the objective of the gathering. In any case the era of sloganeering is long gone. The last time someone did a slogan in England must have been in the 17th century when Oliver Cromwell was over throwing the mornach of King Charles the First. In France slogans where last chanted during the French revolution, same as with the US when they fought their war of independence.The Chineese last chanted during Mao’s reign, and the last people in Europe to sloganeer must have been the Russians before the collapse of the USSR.In my country people are still so backward and are chanting bizarre slogans like “Pasi ne Gamatox, pamberi ne Mazoe Crush.” Meanwhile other African countries like Botswana have long overtaken us economically whilst we are slogan chanting.

    1. usanyepe. Yes We Can, Fired-up were Obama’s slogans.

      1. Saka Yes We Can yakafanana here nekuti Pasi ne gamatox? One is positive and uplifting whilst the other is negative and moronic. Benzi remunhu.

  5. kush madhapanda

    You are surely principled. Because the likes of Jonathan MOYO are no war veterans by they are ambitious therefore the strategy is to denigrate Mai Mujuru and this will effectively war veterans and the liberation struggle. In actual fact the era of war vets would have ceased

  6. Dirty African Politics

    This war vet has seen the light,he won’t say it all though.He is from the wrong side of the country,they will eliminate him for his bravery.

  7. Viva JB viva comrade.Tell her the truth ,she does not know sometimes that mai Mujuru is the VP of this country.

  8. Jabulani Sibanda has said what many are afraid of saying. Zimbabwe is not a private property and honestly speaking we cannot stand with our hands folded to let them create a dynasty. Real war veterans should stop that not boot licking like the stupid Chinotimba and company.

  9. jabu, i think ubonise wonke umuntu ukuthi ulamaphambili mfanakithi. beware that they dont crush them like mazoe orange crush. thats the kind of people abafunekayo not men who are other men’s wives like jonathan.

  10. i salute you JB,you are more than a man,and all you guys who have commented here.

  11. I am starting to like you Jabu!!!!

    1. Thought JB was just a jambanja war vet but i ve now been proven wrong.Lawa yiwo amadoda sibili.If someone has genuine issues to raise or put across it shu be done respectfully using the right fora.Surely noone supports the looting of country resources,corruption at the expense of the hoi polloi but hold yo breath and wait for a decent opportune timing that merits the support of the pple.Stop dividing the war vets,stop dividing the party and stop diving us as a pple.Will always love and cherish a united zimbabwe

  12. This is the truth Jabulani there is nothing to subtract. i like Jabulani,s thinking unlike the uneducated Chinotimba. Grace has a crime to answer infact a treason crime. Joice Mujuru is our Vice President and will remain our leader. Chombo,Jonathan naKasukuwere must be ashamed now. Grace is going to be exposed and reduced to nothing. We are behind you Mr Sibanda and this time no more tribalism which was always fronted by Robert Mugabe. Simon Khaya Moyo is a bootlicker but this time around he shall regret.

  13. VIVA J.B. Ndiho hu war vet chaiho uyu. Varume vanomirora vanhu nemusangano. Nyika haitongwi nemakuhwa. Neniwo Ndaramba.

  14. Vanosenzera nyika, havaite izvozvo cde Jabulani Sibanda

  15. I used to hate Jabulani Sibanda big time, now I’m beginning to like him, he has seen the light.

  16. I know you are brave but watch your back, yo party has evil comrades in its ranks remember Nleya, Nkala and the others they were killed.

    Anyone who criticise the VP to the level attained by Grace must defend a charge of treason one day. it opens the country to foreign interferences and exposes us as not having sufficient state security.

  17. give Jabu a beer he surely isnt one of the bootlickers he knows wat he wants!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I know you are brave but watch your back, yo party has evil comrades in its ranks remember Nleya, Nkala and the others they were killed.

    Anyone who criticise the VP to the level attained by Grace must defend a charge of treason one day. it opens the country to foreign interferences and exposes us as not having sufficient state security. Keep the record for future use.

  19. Good comrade. We are with you.

  20. i am not zanu pf but Jabulani is very right here,he talks sense now,a Vice President cannot be fired by a woman just because she is a first lady,where is the protocol ,i think there is system ton follow not the way grace is doing

  21. let me apologise 4 e hatred I hd 2wrds u Jabu..nw u hv shown us why u r e chairperson of such great men n women…..well spoken ….refuse 2 bootlick tht wmn like sm visionless pple…well done

  22. if only Zpf had only 20 Jabus who have the guts of real war veterans, saying the truth in the face of those fake PhD holders. Jabu ndaku bigger, you’re fearless, you can’t be bought or cowered. some are joining this craziness and hate sloganeering against their wish cause they are cowards and used to bootlicking @ the expense of our lives

    1. if people were like me and Jabu Zimbabwe would be better than America

  23. You are a true revolutionary Cde Jabu with men with steel balls like you our country can be a better place. Events of the recent past has just been a circus not to be repeated we want more nation builders like Cde Jabu. One thing for sure that Zim should at this moment in time be proud of is the political genius of Cde Mugabe otherwise ingadai yave batai batai.

  24. Ya,ya,ya,ya,ya,ya,ya,ya,ya Apa paita zvegamba manje. Taisambokunzwisisa Jabu but tazokupa sando dzako manje, haaa hauite-hauite, big up my man!!!!

  25. Gay gangsters eat your heart out.. Kubangoti pasi ne gamatox fanike zvinokupa sadza mumbamako. Kufurirwa nezigadzi rekupfanyazi iro risina hunhu. Chinotimba dayi wachinjazita kunzi Chinomama.

  26. Well said Jabu. This is wat leadership is about

  27. “……You can’t belong to a group that insults a Vice-President of the country”. Mr Jabulani Sibanda, dont forget that it is all because zanu pf has no morals. If it had then why where they insulting Tsvangirai when he was Prime Minister of the country, sworn in on the position under the laws of Zimbabwe. What is the difference with insulting a vice president. Grapes are sour now when you were at the forefront of insulting the prime minister. Ivai nehunhu vanu vezanu pf

    1. Even Mai Mujuru insulted the lat Dr Joshoua Nkomo during the Econet saga, and she did that in her effort to embrace corruption, so poo Jabulani Sibanda can not even remember that, he is a bogus war veteran that one, arikuda mari ye corruption.

  28. A kingdom divided is a kingdom doomed, go on and shame yourselves to the benefit of Zimbabweans

  29. Jabu has provided a breath of fresh air after all the stupid sloganeering of the weevil idiots led by their mad fake doctor…

    1. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these dirty politicians. See how this Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

  30. Jabu ukulumile mfanami. No mincing your words. i know they are perplexed. your kind of reasoning is not common therefore it will throw them. BUT I think what has distinguished you from everyone else is that you are not afraid to state your principled opinion. I know you belong with the elites but you have shown that in matters of principles you stand like a rock. Well done and good luck.

  31. Chimushonga Village

    Jabulani Sibanda you are amadoda sibili.Thank you for standing up and being principled in this political mudslinging.

  32. Welldone JB you are a true HERO. MaLiberation Heros haatye. Keep up JB

  33. CDE vapedza, pachindau mabhuya gwinyiso yemene. Pamberi naCDE.

  34. I salute u Jabulani . You one in a million not zvana Chinoz kuteera free transport ne food kkkkkkkkkk apa wazondinakidza zvangu

  35. Thats real man Talk

  36. Ah come on people this is the same thug who was instrumental in the demise of our agricultural sector which in turn affected the economy & created the misery we are all suffering under. People like him are not principled they are simply opportunists. Notwithstanding I agree with his sentiments on this matter.

    1. @just saying you are probably right, but this time the guy has seen the light. What’s wrong with that?

  37. @Dhodh Rekanye apawabhwereketa shuwa…

  38. Jabu is useless. He is a big fool. Zimbabwe deserves better.

    1. @Papaya you are just jealous. Imbecile.

  39. Check This:

    Sibanda said it was wrong for Grace and other Zanu PF officials to publicly attack the Vice-President for “crimes” which could have been committed by her late husband, Retired General Solomon Mujuru.

    SO….Grace was right them to point a finger at Mai Mujuru. I have not seen anywhere where she is said to have mentioned Solomon’s name ….how then is Jabu able to imply that the “crimes” may have been committed by the late? Is Jabu aware of the said “crimes”? If so, why has he remained quiet? Hamba lapha.

  40. ka doctor keduako

    whats funny is, the likes of jabu sibanda are now using the private media to get their story out there.

  41. yes! yes! if Jabulani is a war vet, ndovatinoda vakaita so ava yes you are one of MEN in zimbabwe.HATIDI NACOMRADE(vice President) TEURAI ROPA MUJURU .I wish if u can get into coalition with other MEN like Tsvangirayi and Mujuru.like u guys

  42. Indodha sibili.Here comes the split of ZanuPF,loud and clear.

  43. Chinotimba was responsible for land invasions,not Jabu.


    Jabulani Sibanda and Themba Mliswa are brave and they dont fear to speak the truth.

  45. manangagwa and oppah there loosers, vatengesi and weaked

    1. this is getting interesting -“God’s Case No Appeal”-

  46. I used to despise this guy called Jabulani Sibanda with a passion.Evertyhing that he stood for I despised, but this time on this matter I think he is 150% accurate.This is what real man do especialy when a crisis like the one that is happening in our country unfolds.Those who are without principle, are blown by the wind and tossed to and fro, not knowing what they are doing.

  47. Jabulani Sibanda vs. Grace Mugabe – there will only be one winner here – Grace.

  48. Spot on J Sibanda. I think Dr. Mujuru should, as she articulated in Dotito, concentrate on.
    +the issues bedevilling the country such as how to reduce unemployment, eg. resuscitating industries in Byo,Mvo, Mutare, Gweru, KK, etc. She should not feel guilty to state that she needs investments from Western countries. Zimbos are used to their company operations, language, etc.
    +Refuse to be dragged into name calling – be on a mission to reunite all Zimbabweans, not just ZPF, Zimbabwe is bigger than ZPF.
    +Continue to condemn using violence as strategy to win votes. We are all Zimbabweans, that you want a violence free nation.
    +~Reiterate that you have owned and asked for forgiveness for the transgressions that you may have committed. Zimbabweans have a big heart. You have already done so in Dotito.
    +Continue to meet all people in different provinces.
    I am sure Zimbabweans will give you a resounding welcome wherever you go to send a clear message.

  49. Yes Jabu

  50. James Maridadi in his opinion in the Daily News entitled “Grace get off that high horse” said, “Now the misfortune is knocking hard and fast at Jabulani Sibabnda’s door. If yiu are a true hero Jabulani please have the guts to say madame, enough.” Jabulani you have just said that. Well done.

  51. So is this Jabulani saying the President is orchestrating a “bedroom coup”? In saying so to defend the VP against disrespect is he himself not disrespecting the President?? Which is which Jabulani?

  52. ah ah Jabulani azotaurawo zvine msoro ,mukati kwakanaka.anywe thank you for dat bro but im sory uri msunu nd u cnt run away frm hu u r hahahahahahah

  53. I believe Jonso is slobbering and envy coz his tsholotsho declaration failed dismally and was left licking his wounds.I also believe he is not a stout ,patriotic and 100 % cadre but is sitting on the wire expecting to fall on either side.

    Jabu U are right team weevils should not be left alone.It should actually be gamatoxed .Look what happened during Gukurahundi.If we allow her to reign another Gukurahundi follows and believe you me,We will be wiped.All games have a second leg. and this will be second return.Pambili legamatox

  54. Gamatox diaspora vets

    Mai Mujuru will be president after Mugabe. That Mnagagwa guy us responsible for gukurahundi. Please for peace let us be wiser, grace was a secretary sleeping with the president while Amai Sally Mugabe was still alive. That’s the women you trust. A thief. An adulterer. A Jezebel. Pamberi ne progress. Ma sanctions will g when Mujuru takes control. She will be one of the worlds greatest woman. Never did Amai Sally and Mujuru have problems. Our First Lady died. This one is a thief. Just a chancer.

  55. True guys….Grace now sees our country and its people as part of her personal assets thus she has totally lost respect & thinks she can do or say whatsoeva she wants. What kind of a leader can she possibly be. No leaership qualities at all. Comrade Jabu mataura semurume chaiye uye semutungamiri. Mai Mujuru vane hunhu uye hungwaru not kungotaura off topic & direction less saGrace.

  56. Janu is saying Grace is making a go at power through proximity (read conjugal access) to Mugabe, yet she has no support, let alone any required years to get to that position as the zanu laws say she must have been an active postioned member for 15 years. So thats a bedroom coup.

  57. JB
    u are the man cde, chakaipa ngachitaurwe chokwadi hachiputse ukama,

    sando dzako idzo cde

  58. Cde Gabarinocheka

    “they only go where there is free food, and just embarking on the transport when they don’t know where they are going…” kkkkk good one

  59. paitukwa prime minister maivepi saka munitongera fevha,madzakutsaku evanhu mose

  60. real man with real steel balls. well said jabu

  61. What he is saying is nothing short sour grapes. Where were his principles in 2008 when he was part and parcel of idiots that went on a blood bath to stop the triumph of people’s vote. Now that the faction he supports is at the receiving end of real zpf tactics he wants to buy people’s sympathy by saying things that are alien to him.

    If he would want to know people who are fed up by zpf would want to see grace lead zpz coz wants she loses elections there will be no jabulani sibandas to kill people in order to stop change.

  62. Jabu Yupik Geriigaswaya trezany oikuyre vrtess antareibi kongonyama watukoiji ZANU!

  63. Very true. Jabulani kondoçiki gussyarapundu! Viva nyasrewa, viva fiyukifasa!

  64. Nhahoife nsimanah, kaipindi wanjiokiti!

  65. before I looked at the draft saying $8464 , I have faith …that…my friends brother was realey earning money parttime on their apple labtop. . there uncle started doing this 4 only about and recently took care of the dept on there appartment and got a gorgeous Lexus LS400 . more tips here,.,,,,, paygazette.cᵒm

  66. Marielacwilliams, enda unokwirwa nema weevil mhani.

  67. I underestimated this man, now I respect him even if I dont support Zanu. Its a rare breed in Zanupf

  68. Jabu makaipa mhen….. vamwe vanongoenda kunodya zvemahara vakwidzwa marori nekuona magaro emawaga

  69. kkkkkkkkkk uyu murume ane mabhora esimbi….asi chenjera simbi haimire pa cutting tourch. Wazotaurawo zvine musoro jb ramba wakadaro.

  70. I think this is the only war vet whom we all can count on.you and TRN definitely liberated us frm these bloody imperialists

    I am starting to like this Jabu war vet!!!!!!

  71. For evertng there’s a season n a tym. No one has the right to say “pasi …” For Grace, she must seek forgiveness from VP Mujuru for all the insults she hurled. I have no soft spot for JB, bt when a principled position is taken, I acknowledge. I pray that this is “the” season of reasoning for all the hoodwinked. Chinoz, wake up n smell the coffee. Kusvetuka seka mwana kapiwa rand uchifarira matakanana!!!!! Unonyadzisa

  72. Give that man a bells!

  73. Jabu deserves a ministerial post. Such a principled man – rare breed in Zimbabwe. Even better JB for President!!!!

  74. Real GREAT man Jabu is.stand up for what is is right JB and you will see how successfull and popular you become.The sky is the limit for you man

  75. Dhiniwe Disgrace

    At last JB wataura as a man forgiven for the wrongs you did before.Real man can’t afford to follow blindly this stupid confussed zvipfukuto zvadhakwa negarmtoxi.Big up man

  76. jabulani uri murumechaiye hayokona kuvhundusirwa ne mukadzi.vamwe vayinzwenga point nokutya grace.munhu asina hunhu .grace wanyadzisa shuwa pasi rose rakusvora.chero mudhara wako,angagoti chii zvake iye ava hari yofanzirofa,yu think kuti joke yaakaita na opa ndeyo kutamba nhai ,ndichochinonzi chibhende manje

  77. Plz maDzimbabwe, ndinokumbiravo kana pane akarwa pamwe chete naChinoz muhondo kana kusangana naye paBase atiudzevo kuti vaiva papi. Not talking about war collaborators

  78. goodchildgonebad

    Why dedicate acres of news space over zanu pf theatrics,there is no love lost between joice,Grace gamatox etc ,this is merely a diversion manufactured by zpf cause it has failed dismally on the economic front hence cheap theatrical verbal war.People should remember baba jukwa all people paid attension to that and nobody debated serious issue of won’t and people lost and now Gire and jowisi oh give us a break.It not only in zim where politiciana manipulate the populace during the global financial crisis western leaders introduced the issue of gays and the economic debate was killed.zimbabweans wake up and smell stinking politician murikuda kutambwa sebhora kangani

  79. You right cde Jabu, havakwanisi kukubvisa. hausi hembe.
    Varume chaiwo vane mache.. vakutaura.
    makaregererwa mukadzoka but now makubvongodza muto and openly repeating tsholotsho.

  80. cde Jabu i salute you for your restlesss research and leading capabilities, truely you desrve the lead of such an organisation which brings sanity and stability in the politics of the country, crying out loud Cde. J.T. Mujuru is a dedicated cadre and the vice president of our country, she is executive ko Grace , her earlier attacks on the v.p shows that she doesnt have respect for political leaders of the party that she purports to be in support of and she doesnt deserve any executive post because she thinks politics is being self centered.

  81. how can you say pasi ne gamatox it means yu are the weevil , wats orange crush in politics of zimbabwe? nonthing . politics do not need a saladic approach in slogans, ZANU-PF is a revolutionary party not just aparty for free riders

  82. Cde Jabu thanx man for being a leader who stands tall from the rest.i respect you, true veteransdont stand aside when one of them is under attack, viva unity .

  83. I am now convinced 100% madununu ndiwo akazara mu Zim. Just from reading these comments unotoona wega kuti iyi ndiyo nyika yemazidununu. Jus bcoz azongowawatawo zvine sense 4 once mototi munhu ngaitwe minister, president etc. Wher was he Mujuru achitupa VP Nkomo or everytime paitukwa a sworn in Prime minister Tsvangson. This madda facker is jus like any other Zanu gay gangster, an opportunist kungofadza mapenzi vane pfungwa shoma vanokanganwa chazuro ne hope. Propaganda as usual.

  84. Ateya mariva murutsva haatye kkusviba burukwa. Sunga dzisimbe Jabu or this might be the end of your political career.
    Hatidi munhu anotaura chokwadi. Mayes man ndoatinoda kwedu…

  85. Bla Jabu makapenga .Challenge them amai vane dzungu vaye ,hapana kwavano svika ndopika na mbuya vangu vanoroya

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