Newsflash:”Mujuru must resign” Grace Mugabe

In what sets the tone for an open confrontation over succession in Zanu PF, First lady Dr Grace Mugabe Thursday directly attacked Vice-President Joice Mujuru, declaring the veteran politician is not fit to rule this country.

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Grace, who was addressing war veterans in Mazowe as part of her nationwide campaign to garner support for her Women’s league post takeover in December, has been attacking those linked to the Mujuru faction in Zanu PF.

She caused a storm in Zanu PF over the past two weeks when, during her “Meet the People Tours” across the country, made veiled attacks on the Mujuru camp accusing it of fanning factionalism. She also described the Vice-President as corrupt, jealous, divisive and no longer suitable to remain in the Presidium.

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However, it was in Mazowe that she directly named the Vice President calling her by name and telling the crowd that, “there are plenty of people who can run this country, not Mujuru…we cannot go back to where we were before independence.”

She added: “Mai Mujuru must resign!”

Grace also rewrote history concurring with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chris Mutsvangwa’s assertion that the popular story of Mujuru shooting down a helicopter during the liberation struggle was a lie.

“All war veterans know what they did, not those who claim that they have downed a chopper. Let people say it than praise yourself only to be disapproved by others.” Grace said.

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  1. silver bonzo kepekepe

    Kuzotomutiwo “Dr” kani. Madofo evanhu.

      1. Mujuru is western Mdc sponsored sent to destroy Zanu from inside.
      Fact. It is actually Mnangagwa faction which Mugabe called weevils after realising Jono was behind baba jukwa.
      2.Kaukonde led to zpf defeat in Graces own Mash east constituency.
      FACT. Same zpf recorded best victory in Uzmba from the same province.
      3.Mujuru never congratulated me on my new post.
      Fact. Grace was seen denying handshakes twice from Mujuru.
      4.Mujuru is bad coz shes eyeing Mugabes post.
      Fact. There is no factionalism which is not 2sided. Just like saying there is racism when everyone is black.
      5. Mujuru should resigns coz of her dirty works.

      To be continued…….

      1. Who killed General Mujuru, Veritus? You seem to be knowledgeable.

      2. ibvapo iwe

    2. GOOD ADVICDE: do omething for your self, for your family Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

  2. Isai Rese Gamatox

    kaNewsDay kakatengwa nezvipfukuto zvirikupfukuta Zimbabwe nehupfumi hwayo hose.

    1. I dont think Grace supports Mnangagwa but is trying to use him to stop the inevitable Mugabe succession.
      She claims she stopped Mnangagwa from taking over in 2004 by handpicking Mujuru.
      Now she is trying to use Mnangagwa (weevils faction) to trying to stop Mujuru.
      Truth is it is Grace is silly enough to think Mugabe lives forever and God hears only her prayers.
      Forgeting the prayers of millions of suffering Zimbabweans.


  4. Lets say Mujuru accedes to what Grace is asking and resign? Will Grace’s hubby accede to what Itai Dzamara is calling for?

    1. DOOMED….its all one sided munhu wese … ave kuda kuti va resign ko tadiiko taita vote WHO MUST RESIGN

  5. it now seems there is now much more behind the first lady ‘s hatred of the vp.considering the President’s silence in all this.i think she has just discovered that the vp and president have been lovers at one time.because if my memory serves me right the first lady was at the forefront of campaigning for the vp and was one of the first to congratulate her in 2004.

    1. Tik Talk, there is definately more to this. Gushungo is not man enough to tell those people what he truly feels about them. Instead he uses others to do his dirty job.

      Fisrt it was Chris Mutswanga taking a dig at both Mujuru and Mutasa. No repercations for the junior party and government member taking a dig at very senior party and government members. It shows he had support from higher office.

      Now it is Grace going for the kill!!! In support of which faction…….the TSHOLOTSHO/DINYANE brigade of 2005!!!!

      Gushungo knows he was humiliated by General Mujuru to climb down from a project he had given blessings to in 2005. Now its pay back time for a lonely widow after the poor General was brutally eliminated. Now the Tsholotsho brigade is totally in control. Gushungo is the innocent guy in this whole scheme. The wife revealed all the rot of the Mujuru camp, they are humiliated in public and asked to appologize or repent by a novice. Where did she get all the intelligence information from!!!!

      Just listern to the outcome of the politiburo meeting tomorrow. There will be more humiliations of those same peole, but this time by Gushungo himself!!!!

      In 2005 Ngwena did not go to Tsholotsho to join the boys because Gushungo advised him not to as the party would take action against those who were there, and he woulnt like Ngwena to be a victim too.

      Fastforward, all are now back in the fold. General has been eliminated. The poor widow and her backers are laid bare for the kill!!!!

      The Tholotsho/Dinyane project is implemented without any opposition. Gushungo wins. Ngwena wins. Jono wins!!!!

      What else do you want??????

      1. Shibobo let me assist you on one point.Ngwena was part of the Tsholotsho Brigade however the whstle blower to stop the exercise was non other than the President’s baby Sithembiso Nyoni who alerted the guy Kuti Hokoyo !!!!!!!dhiri radhirikira come back and they had to come back.You remember it was after the meeting in Gwanda where they plotted about the trip to Tsholotsho.Lets hope there will be some change to our systems after this poltiburo however a lot is to happen since this drum is making noise.

    2. kkkkkkkk

  6. The VP should not resign because if she does that, it will be seen as a sign of weakness by her supporters.

  7. So it appears Grace has mental illness. This is an extract from Wikipedia

    Mania is the defining feature of bipolar disorder,[7] and can occur with different levels of severity. With milder levels of mania, known as hypomania, individuals appear energetic, excitable, and may be highly productive.[8] As mania worsens, individuals begin to exhibit erratic and impulsive behavior, often making poor decisions due to unrealistic ideas about the future, and sleep very little.[8] At the most severe level, manic individuals can experience very distorted beliefs about the world known as psychosis.[8] A depressive episode commonly follows an episode of mania.[8] The biological mechanisms responsible for switching from a manic or hypomanic episode to a depressive episode or vice versa remain poorly understood.[9]

    Manic episodes
    Mania is a distinct period of at least one week of elevated or irritable mood, which can take the form of euphoria, and exhibit three or more of the following behaviors (four if irritable): speak in a rapid, uninterruptible manner, are easily distracted, have racing thoughts, display an increase in goal-oriented activities or feel agitated, or exhibit behaviors characterized as impulsive or high-risk such as hypersexuality or excessive money spending.[7] To meet the definition for a manic episode, these behaviors must impair the individual’s ability to socialize or work.[7][8] If untreated, a manic episode usually lasts three to six months.[10]

    People with mania may also experience a decreased need for sleep, speak excessively in addition to speaking rapidly, and may have impaired judgment.[8][11] Manic individuals often have issues with substance abuse due to a combination of thrill-seeking and poor judgment.[12] At more extreme levels, a person in a manic state can experience psychosis, or a break with reality, a state in which thinking is affected along with mood.[8] They may feel out of control or unstoppable, or as if they have been “chosen” and are on a special mission, or have other grandiose or delusional ideas.[13] Approximately 50% of those with bipolar disorder experience delusions or hallucinations.[14] This may lead to violent behaviors and hospitalization in an inpatient psychiatric hospital.[8][11] The severity of manic symptoms can be measured by rating scales such as the Young Mania Rating Scale.[11][15]

    The onset of a manic (or depressive) episode is often foreshadowed by sleep disturbances.[16] Mood changes, psychomotor and appetite changes, and an increase in anxiety can also occur up to three weeks before a manic episode develops.[17]

    Hypomanic episodes
    Hypomania is a milder form of mania defined as at least four days of the same criteria as mania,[8] but does not cause a significant decrease in the individual’s ability to socialize or work, lacks psychotic features (i.e., delusions or hallucinations), and does not require psychiatric hospitalization.[7] Overall functioning may actually increase during episodes of hypomania and is thought to serve as a defense mechanism against depression.[18] Hypomanic episodes rarely progress to true manic episodes.[18] Some hypomanic people show increased creativity[8] while others are irritable or demonstrate poor judgment. Hypomanic people generally have increased energy and increased activity levels.

    Hypomania may feel good to the person who experiences it.[8] Thus, even when family and friends recognize mood swings, the individual often will deny that anything is wrong.[19] What might be called a “hypomanic event”, if not accompanied by depressive episodes, is often not deemed as problematic, unless the mood changes are uncontrollable, volatile or mercurial.[18] Most commonly, symptoms continue for a few weeks to a few months.[20]

    1. Yes everyone in that party are psychotic maniacs. They are not normal.

    2. Apa wataura shasha. Bi-polar yazaramumusoro mezigadzi iri. A friend of mine who had AIDS was acting the same way before the Lord called him.

  8. I think all the zanu people must resign coz they have really failed us as a nation starting with mai mujuru

  9. Are you guys serious, calling this woman ‘Dr’? Have you also been hoodwinked and sunk low to believe that she is entitled to that title. Sorry maningi stereki

    1. Newsdead yatyisidzirwa na Musorobhangu. Sad, ver sad. This woman is not a doctor, but a mental patient.

  10. Of Orphanages and Politics

    Is ‘Dr’ Grace’s Mazowe Orphanage a real orphanage or her political headquarters? Are there any orphans there, and how unlucky they are to have to be subjected to such open political abuse. Orphans need someone who can somewhat replace their lost parents, but I don’t think Grace is anywhere near that capacity. She is just abusing them. Why does she not have her political meetings away from the orphans so that the orphans can at least have time to play in peace.

    Please ‘Dr’ Grace, do the children a favour and leave them out of your political games. I should think by now the orphans are really missing their dead parents. No parent uses their children in the manner these ‘orphans’ are being used as display and exhibition objects for political gain. If Grace wants a museum, she surely have enough money to buy a building and run her political campaigns from that museum, not an exhibition of real living children, orphans who need love and peace.

    1. She has no position in party or govt, so the only place she can hold these idiotic rallies is at the ‘orphanage’. Nherera dzacho dziri pa tight. This is child abuse, and it’s not acceptable. All those gay gangsters attending these theatrical gatherings are known pedophiles. Especially that one with the flashy cars and house with 156 bedrooms. Yes, that one.

      1. Bob Marley You are damn right. Vanhu vese vanokwira mahure havaende kumbakwavo. Vanoinda kuma lodge kana pakamukoto kekuma Avenues. Vobva vablasta zvavo.

      2. Hongu wataura. Ese ma pedophiles.

    2. Ndiye munhu akabvawo kuchechi here uyu???; kutotambisa mafuta endege plus mari yaVaChinamasa …All CIO guys do us a favour and see to it that the 1st Family gets these comments. Do not doctor them please.

    3. I agree, feel very sorry for these hapless children who are being displayed as chimpanzes in a zoo by the ‘philanthropic’ Grace. Its abuse of orphans of the highest order

  11. Grace has AIDS. Maybe from a Zanoid youth. It’s now very clear. Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad…

  12. She must be put on ARV’s quickly. Matibili must help. Take her to Singapore.

  13. Hurricane Grace has hit Zimbabwe’s political landscape and it is stirring up the worst emotions in those amongst our people known to be ruled by passion than by reason for her own selfish gain. Zanu PF has ruled the country through chaos, fear and bloodshed and the regime is fearful that power is slipping out of its grip and is thus resorting to its most tried and trusted ways of consolidating power – chaos, fear and bloodshed.

    Whilst Grace may in the end subdue Mai Mujuru and her Zanu PF supporters with all her “baby dump-ing” threats and sending off the militant war vets on a war foot; she will NOT do the same with the rest of the populous. 16% or 2 million Zimbabweans are living in abject poverty already; proof that this oppressive system of rule by chaos, fear and bloodshed, has failed; this cannot go on much longer. There must be regime change and now!

  14. Zveshuwa ngavaende ku Singapore. Inga wani Mai don’t take photo mahospitari ese eko vaakuaziva. She should get a good supply of ARV’s.

  15. I never liked zanu pf but lately i have started admiring vp Mujuru. Ko kana vachiti ari corrupt, heeee anodemanda mashares mumacompany vakadii kumusungisa kare. Ko mdc ne mavambo zvaitangwa mumba make vanhu vachizviziva vachinyarara havo zvingaite ere. Ivo ma war vet anogonyarara kudaro vachitukirwa mumwe wavi chokwadi.

  16. Mai mujuru igandanga havapupurudzwi nemhepo

  17. Mugabe has now completely lost control of his wife & everything around him, how can he allow such madness to continue? I’m so disappointed with the president l won’t even be able to eat for days

    1. mai gire varasika

      mune point ipapo!!

  18. Is this still an orphanage or has. It now become some mini zanupf headquarters

  19. This is not health for a nation to see individuals and gangs fighting to run the country, why do you Shonas strategies your own demise, well, the security guys know who is the great leader.

  20. Before the fall of Ahab, Jezebel become so prominent in the matters of the State. Let he who have an ear hear.

  21. The president is displaying signs of weakness. Mujuru may be guilty of all these crimes but why not say it himself? Why did he hold it in for so long when he knew all along? Talk about hipocriy. The mind boggles indeed. Am confounded.

  22. koinda nhete hobvu dzichisara

  23. It is now apparent that Mujuru has fallen out of favour with Matibili being the snake-in-the-grass that he is he has sent his uncouth and uncultured wife to do the dirty work 4 him. It is political suicide so he wants to go down with everyone look and learn all those out of favour will be named one after the other until the zany party burns to the ground.

  24. the vp should challenge mugabe for the presidency of zanu pf PERIOD

  25. Time for Grace to shut her mouth and give her backside a chance!

    1. i think first in first out stock management should apply here stock ordered in 1980 is now obsolete and its not fast moving 2004 stock is still fresh.

    2. eishh

  26. in the words of big sean robert please control your (insert deragatory term here) you let her talk you crazy

  27. i suspect the President is the one who advised her vari mundege kuti ” Gire vanhu vose vave kuti unopenga. Dai wa addresser an important constituency ine vanhu vane dzino toucher wo sewe. Ndinowanzokuvashandisa vanhu ivava when i want something done. Ma War Vets. “

  28. Petticoat Governement for asekuru Mugabe.Why does Mugabe not deal with Mujuru himself.Is he now so weak that his wife has to speak for him.When he appointed Mujuru Vice President just a year ago,did Mugabe not know that Mujuru is corrupt.Who among all Politburo members are not corrupt?

    Grace should have played the peacemaker,not the faction leader.The Mnangagwa faction is wanting to impose a coup on ZanuPF.This is a people’s party.The people are the ones who must speak.

    Mai Mujuru must not let go.Mai Mujuru must not form another party.Let the people decide at Congress.

    The time and hour for succession has now come.Musatyityidzirwe ma comrades.

  29. Ndosaka vakauraya Solomon Mujuru nhai?

  30. Ibva pano mhani iwe

      1. GOOD ADVICDE: do omething for your self, for your family Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

    1. Newe ibva pano

  31. mazeru mandirahwe

    Dai ndiriini Mai Mujuru kungoramba ndakanyarara kupera . kana ndandingurwa pa hu VP ndongo mutsa party ne faction dzangu ndo kwikwidza 2018 .tingaonerere zvedu dai Mwari vatichengeta kumapedzisiro e Drama iyi

  32. Grace has declared war on Joice and on a day it was pencilled to concide with the Politburo meeting. Soon it will be physical. Am told she has castrated all our fearsome o vets The next stage is a group of Mnangagwa youths singing at Mujuru Farm. do you remember Tracy Mutinhiri?

    1. Stupid Stokononzi.

  33. Dirty African Politics

    I did read about Lady MacBerth

  34. Mwari huyai, huyai kuzotibatsira. Nyika yazara nhamo, mhepo nemhupu

  35. Dirty African Politics

    Not that I care,but I know that Grace will be voted into power if she stands for Presidency.Its not perfomance that counts in Zim,is how well you can insult your opponents.Its history repeating itself.All those peolpe at those rallies,only 2% might not vote for her.Even this editorial is biased,probably Zanus’ litmus paper,they don’t publish meaningful comments,97% useless ones like this one you are reading now.

  36. vazukuru hakata dzangu dzandiudza kut munozviti makadzidza bt marasiswa neZanu…..nzveeeeee.

  37. God have mercy.

  38. God have mercy

  39. regai tione kwazvino svika, asi kana ndichiona zvakanaka pane kangoma kakuda kubvaruka apa

  40. Mugabe must resign

    Robert Gabriel Mugabe must resign. He has shown that he has no control over his wife. Each Zimbabwean must call for his resignation.

  41. we are watching from the sidelines…

  42. Pamberi naCde Teurai Ropa. I would really love to commend you comrade for showing maturity by ignoring the fool to avoid noise. Where was she when we were running around to liberate the nation. Now she wants to equate herself to our national heroine Sally Mugabe. How can she lead our women when we know her legacy is centered on husband snatching which she boasts about publicly. We will not stand aloof and watch our party being torn into pieces naana Mafikezolo. Pamberi neGamatox

  43. Haaaa idzi mbavha idzi ngadzibve dzese iko kaGrace kakuda kuzvichenesa iko kakaipawo …….pasi nemi mese veZanu

  44. Grace is just a joke, who is most corrupt iye nemai mujuru. Grace wakatora mazowe yese ukaita yako, recently you evicted new farmers to pave a way for Bona and Simba, you are a disgrace to the nation. well, whoever is advising yu is misleading yu. uchaona musi mudara wako wanosiya office yu will regret it this i tell you. who want to be led buy such a shameful women, kana kutaura haugoni. asi wati kungotuka nekupomera. udza vanhu zvinhu zviri objective zvinovaka nyika. sika sika namai mujuru, ndizvo zvamaka urayira murume wavo izvizvo. iko akazomboti kana uri first lady watova nesimba rekungoudzira vanhu zvaunoda ndianiko, uchati yes musi mai mujuru wavachaita hit back. zvanyanya izvi and zvakutisvota.

  45. Grace Mugabe, Oppah Muchinguri, Joice Mujuru, Theresa Makonese kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk who gave these womans those facken additional rights.

  46. I’m jus hoping 4 a Zanu all round fist fight or more. Tikashanya ku heroes bonus Soo Grace anga asinganyari here achiparidza zveku resigner achisiya harahwa yake iyo pa #1 pa list

  47. Las Vegas the gambling capital of the US is giving big odds favouring Grace to be the next President.

  48. leadership is not sexually transmitted. the fact that you had a say in the elevation of mujuru as a wife to president doesnt give u the power to openly say she must leave. let mugabe deal with mujuru vega vega not kupinza secretary grace mukati.

    asi dai rex ari mupenyu maidai mukadzi wake here imi vana oppah vekuuraya tongo. nhasi moti mai mujuru ari corrupt makanyararirei pakaba ana saviour mari dze neeibgate. woti mai mujuru vanoda goridhe iwe grace hauna kutora mugodhi wegoridhe uri pedyo ne satilitte dish kumazowe uku. gwena hanti anoti gold remidlands nderake rose. saka muri kutii.

    i no longer have respect for ma war vets. how could u allow one of yo own kuti aitwe zvakadaro pamberi penyu honestly. chakaipa chakaipa next time ndimi muchanyadziswa and unoshandiswa kuita zvisina nebasa. ndomatambudziko amanga manoudza amai iwayo here?

    grace anoda grooming. diplomacy hapana zvachose. hunhu wechi secretary hwemakuhwa nekuwedzera nyaya hwakamumomotera ndeye ane demon uyu. how could u openly say u want to baby dump yet u claim to own an orphanage. mwari pindirai.


    1. Ndi Oppah naMugabhi

  49. Hey, ma1. VP Ujuru being called yo resign and Mugabe being petitioned to resign. Nyika iya yonakidza zvino.

  50. Mugabe must resign

    Everyone should call for Mugabe’s resignation!!!

  51. Vese vakakururwa mabhurugwa na bob kkkkkk ahh ma1

  52. HE RG, Mugabe must also resign…!!!

  53. HE: President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Commander in Chief and first secretary of zpf, chancelor of all state universities RG Mugabe must also resign…its just a moment of truth right??

  54. Ndiani asina huori mu zanu nanga nanga nevatori nane

  55. Mai Mujuru is corrupt yes, ko asiri ndiani. Orphanage’s brickwall (face brick) + mansion iri ku Mvuma + + + madairy farms ayo ano financer ndiani. Minister Chombo vanhu hava dzimba asi imi mune ngani + mumadhorobha api ne api. Dr. Mpofu Mansion yamakavakisa e khaya imali yavela phi kwakhona. Kanti yona le Golden Handshake wainikwayo yainjani, for transparency’ sake. Imi ma War Vet dai pasina sazita Chenjerai, ma 50kg maiananzva here, musarasikewo imi mumba ye round,ikozvino motambiswa front, shamai meso.

    1. Taura zvese, kuona tsanga muziso remumwe ko mako chitanda icho

  56. I dont think Grace supports Mnangagwa but is trying to use him to stop the inevitable Mugabe succession.
    She claims she stopped Mnangagwa from taking over in 2004 by handpicking Mujuru.
    Now she is trying to use Mnangagwa (weevils faction) to trying to stop Mujuru.
    Truth is it is Grace is silly enough to think Mugabe lives forever and God hears only her prayers.
    Forgeting the prayers of millions of suffering Zimbabweans..

  57. we have two people in zimbabwe who have decided grab the bull and vicious cow by thier horns.

    Itai Dzamara and Grace Mugabe. the former asking the President and the later asking the vice president to step down. These people should be given equal treatment kana ari marally, kusungwa, kudemonstrator, access to speak to the war vets and every other fundamental fredom / persecution enjoyed /suffered by Grace should be enjoyed / suffered by Dzamara.

    1. True

  58. I think time flies,and the Congress is just but around the corner. Why not zip up and deal with this political matrix at the Congress. Are there people who are so afraid and not so sure of the outcome of votes at this elective congress. THIS LEADERSHIP,DAI MARATIDZA PFUNGWA NJERE UYE DZIDZISO YAKANAKA KUMA LEADERS EMANGWANA.

    I salute woooohhhhhhhhhh.

  59. l thot VP Mujuru is a Ooo Vet asaka ma Ooo Vet vakatengesa mumwe vavo havanaba kutobatana

  60. its funny anyone who seems to poised to take over from bob is now working with the west.remember Simba Makoni.

  61. Sometime listening to a talk show with Patu Manala, Welshman said to the effect ; Don’t let a fool drag you to his turf he will beat you to the experience’ Mujuru should not be dragged by this fool because she will beat her by shear experience.

  62. but keep a safer distance guys

  63. fail to control your wife let alone zimbabwe shame on you


  65. mai mujuru is better than our fake doctor mai mugabe

  66. it is mugabe who must resign pronto!

  67. Mugabe is using Hitler’s strategies . Hitler accused his army generals of homosexual and that the other general’s wife had a history of prostitution . All he wanted was to remove ant Nazi element but with what results ? This is the same strategy being used by Hitler of today

  68. We are getting things DONE, Not everyone is against Dr Mujuru isu tovada and takawanda.

  69. butchwa bonda mtuvi belingwe


  70. butchwa bonda mtuvi belingwe


  71. butchwa bonda mtuvi belingwe


  72. grace is only good for one thing and that is openning her legs. chiyangwa has been thru, pamire , makamba, patrick, gono.
    someone mentioned a comment saying cio track these people….. welll here is my reaction to that…. PWE-E go ahead and track me DAMFs

  73. Empty vessels make a lot of noise…respect a fool to avoid noise… This episode of Grace’ craziness will soon come to pass… Shinga Cde Joice

  74. Every1 in Zanu should jus the honourable thing and resign or kill themselves

  75. This looks like a fight between “vakadzi vepabarika” and the funny thing is one is trying to drag the whole nation into the fight and some of my fellow Zimbos have unfortunately taken up the fight as their own. The fortunate thing so far is that the other wife hasn’t responded which may be good. To Mrs Mujuru, I plead with you to open a new chapter in Zim Politics. To all the allegations, I suggest you ask any aggrieved person to approach the courts for the rule of law to take its course. Please can you also be a motherly figure and knowing you to be a practising Christian, wave the white flag, not in surrender, but as a plea to all Zimbabweans, including Mrs Grace Mugabe, to stop the hate speech and start working on bettering the lives of the fellow citizens you have been entrusted with.
    Fellow Zimbos, just imagine if all this effort had been directed at solving the water problems of Harare, finding solutions to the power shortages, the deteriorating health infrastructure, or even taming the road carnages that have punished everyone from the poor commuter from Chitungwiza, the cross border trader, the opposition legislator to the Zanu PF legislator. Mrs Mujuru, you were accused of never having said “Pasi neMDC”. Why not defend this position and just point out that we were all created in God’s image so you can’t really stand up and spit such words of hate. May be as a nation we need to take a step back, and reflect on what we really mean when we say “Pasi na XXXX. Mrs Mujuru, I don’t support you or the lady who is fighting you or even your party. But still, I believe I have no right to say “Pasi na Mujuru or Pasi naMugabe”. I however, have a right to say pasi ne chaotic land reform, pasi ne chaotic economic management. We need our political fights to mature to become fights of ideas, not physical blows as has been the case in the past 33 years. It’s said “iron sharpens iron” but this does not apply when the fight is physical but would apply when the fight is on ideas which ends benefiting the POVO as policies are refined to get the best possible outcomes.
    So Mrs Mujuru, can you take the challenge and become the woman, who opens a new chapter in Zimbabwean politics. To my fellow Zimbos, I ask you to open your eyes and look into the future. Do you think the current attitudes in our politics will take us some where as a nation ? Only fools believe they will get a different outcome by repeating the same thing over and over again.
    Not an interesting read but I have to pen off by saying pasi ne “hate speech”.

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