‘Mujuru’s US ties behind fallout with Mugabe’

VICE-PRESIDENT Joice Mujuru’s close ties with the West were some of the reasons behind her fallout with President Robert Mugabe, it has emerged.


Highly-placed sources in Mugabe’s office yesterday said that fears in Zanu PF by hardliners were that given her close links with the West, particularly the United States, she could reverse the “gains” of the liberation struggle, in particular the land reform programme.

First Lady Grace Mugabe and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa loyalists are pushing for the ouster of Mujuru, a decade after she assumed the Vice-Presidency. Grace confirmed the “fears” yesterday, alleging that Mujuru would bring back the pre-1980 era if she took over as President while addressing war veterans who were at her orphanage.

“There are plenty of people who can run this country, not Mujuru . . . We cannot go back to where we were before independence,” Grace told the gathering.

Her close links with the US were revealed in the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks cables when she clandestinely met with former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Charles Ray “under cover of darkness” on December 6 2009, after dodging her security and the Central Intelligence Organisation.

Other Zanu PF senior officials such as Environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Information minister Jonathan Moyo, who are reportedly in the Mnangagwa faction, also had secret meetings with US embassy officials, according to the WikiLeaks.

“There are two VP vacant posts as we speak. We will know the way forward after this week’s politburo meeting,” the source said.

“Where do you think all the people in Zanu PF who are attacking Mujuru are getting all that power from? It is clear that with her, the country is at risk, we don’t want to go back to the pre-1980 era and there is a feeling that she can take us there as it seems like she has a soft spot for the West.”

The source added: “Zimbabwe cannot go back to that era before 1980. We want someone who will protect the revolution of the country, but with her, we can’t trust.”

Another source said Mujuru’s fate would be sealed at the watershed Zanu PF December elective congress.

Mujuru has been receiving a barrage of acerbic attacks from Grace during her rallies, including at yesterday’s meeting with war veterans where she called for the latter’s resignation.

WikiLeaks, quoted by various publications in 2011, disclosed that Mujuru held meetings with Ray at a secret location on the outskirts of Harare.

“No CIOs were present and Joice Mujuru also doubled as a hospitality matron: The Vice-President had managed to shed all of her [presumably CIO-infiltrated] security. She herself poured tea. The meeting was friendly and respectful; at the end Mujuru said she would like to meet again and continue the conversation . . .” the leaked cable showed.

“Mujuru . . . wanted to ensure that the meeting with the US ambassador was private and undisclosed. Zanu PF government officials normally will not meet with us unless a request has been made to the MFA [Ministry of Foreign Affairs]. The MFA then schedules the meeting and sends a note taker. Through a Mujuru advisor, David Butau, we requested an informal meeting to better establish a relationship and facilitate an exchange of views.”

Another Zanu PF source revealed that Mugabe was firmly behind the anti-Mujuru campaign led by his wife Grace as some in the party felt they could not trust the VP with the leadership of the party.

Her woes have also been compounded by her late husband General Solomon Mujuru’s alleged involvement in the formation of Simba Makoni’s Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) project which Grace recently claimed was set up in their [Mujurus] house.

The WikiLeaks cables showed how close Mujuru’s husband was to the West, particularly the US, hence the moves to block her ascension to the apex of the country. The source said the Mujuru camp had put itself under severe pressure when known individuals in civic society said Zimbabwe was already in the “post-Mugabe era”, a statement suggested to mean that Mujuru was leading in that era.


  1. checkmate.

    1. Morgan Tsvangson

      And how many Rhodesian Helicopters did she down?

  2. Why dont they use her kutsvaga mari kuma Americans then if she is that close to them.One way or the other we will need them.

    1. GOOD ADVICDE: do omething for your self, for your family Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich celebrities while other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these celebrities. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

    2. Gasvu, because they are stupid and self centred. On the one hand they scream themselves hoarse about how western sanctions have deprived them of finance for infrastructural development. On the other hand they do not want anyone to open dialogue with the west. Confused idiots.

      1. Sure. They are a confused lot. I would rather have the country engage the West than the East as we currently are doing. The East is also engaging the West, yet we shun them.
        With Mujuru, things will at least normalize.
        The issue is that the leadership just want to protect their loot

    3. Uri lazy shasha ! Mindset yekungoda kupemha chete learn to work. We do not need to borrow

      1. I think you always need good relationships with the best countries if you want to jump-start the economy… Just like someone needs a loan to start a business….. And as far as I can see we are using the US dollar not the Chinese yuan or the Zim dollar for that matter… You are saying learn to work.. When this ivhu they are always talking about bears fruit… They sell it where!?? Point is we just need the money whether we like it or not and no use being hard headed about it

      2. Unogara nyika ipiko iwe! How many people work really hard and still can’t feed their families? Stop being so blind

  3. This is the most objective article I have ever read concerning the ZANU PF success matrix. I am tipping comrade Emmerson Munangagwa as the next first vice president of Zimbabwe after the December congress. Mark my prophecy!

    1. Haisi prophesy zvatova pachena

      1. You can forget it….The trophy is going to someone grinning in the shadows, he has been waiting for some time now. Neither Mujuru nor Munangagwa will get it..the president said just as much. Pretty soon the first lady is going to turn her twin barrels on the other faction..this is well planned.

  4. Now the zimbabwean populace needs to understand that generation yema 18 – 35 years varipo nw have neva worked muindustry, becoz hakuna industry yacho. Now if JTr is trying to reengage the west so that they come and make investments in the country and open up closed industries wonzi washata. Honestly as a nation tosvikepi nepa tuckshop arikuvhurwa nema chinese, do we call that investment?? Pamberi nemi mai mujuru, musaneta kushandira vana vezimbabwe

  5. I do not think Grace realizes that she is only making Mujuru a stronger contender.

    1. true cz the fear they are showing is becoming suspects of the loosing team. if the congress votes Mujuru out then thats fine.bt this shameless Grace is now already more powerfull that the entire Zanu-pf. not to mention the whole country. does she realy have the leadership qualities with her fake Phd. Mujuru must keep quiet n wait for the politiburo meeting outcome. then she must inform the big boss that she will not be contesting. But but i know for sure the President is more comfortable with his real war veterans around him than zvipfukuto izvi.

    2. i second you

    3. She may be aware of this…but she is probably going to turn her guns on the other faction very soon…just watch. My reading is she really does not care what happens next..her brief is to destroy factionalism (as far as she is concerned…)and the devil get the hindmost. She is out to protect her interests NOT those of anybody else and if there is anybody who thinks they own her then they must go kwa Makandiwa kuno namatirwa.. I see the president stepping in to save the tiff between the two (Joyce and Grace) and then NEW twin barrels will be trained on the other faction which according to some, chief among them Jabulani Sibanda have been ‘misleading’ the First lady. That day is not too far away. The other group appears to be on a rather slippery slope at the moment..they went for broke now it will soon stare them in the face..This is the only way available for the president. Mujuru carries a lot of weight in the land as widow of a well loved General and there are past debts which need settling chief among these is the promise the president made her 10 years ago..Failing this a compromise candidate will emerge….Sekeramay, perhaps? Or maybe somebody we have not yet heard of.

  6. The current succession showdown has revealed that Mai Mujuru is a threat to all would be VPs and that explains why they are attacking her person and office, left, right and centre. Her detractors cannot stomach having her as the President of this country after Mugabe since constitutionally, she is poised to take over as the First VP.

    My advise to Mujuru and all his supporters within ZANU PF is that they need to go for the top post at congress. President Mugabe and his faction have shown no respect for the highly rated VP and she cannot sit and watch this going on. MUJURU SHOULD DIRECTLY CHALLENGE MUGABE AT CONGRESS AND SHE WILL WIN GIVEN THE PROVINCIAL SUPPORT SHE HAS.

    Thereafter, Mugabe just need to be recalled after congress.


    1. Ah sorry hako, she has support of individuals in provinces not executives so your advise to her will be political suicide…..better tell her to resign, she inherited ngozi yekuba from the late general coz ndiye aitora zvechisimba manje….or she can join Makoni kuMavambo….

    2. Taura hako pakarepa vamwe vari kunonyoporiwa nakomureti Mujuru. Zvazvadai zvabuda pachena kuti kuti mhandu ndedzipi pakati pehungwandangwanda hwakarehu. Hapanaba chigaro chinenzvi hachinaba anokwikwidza mbazvigare zvarehwa nhasi wakareuno kwakareko kuPolitiburo kwacho aaah taneta nekungonzvi hunanimously unopposed

  7. Rukadzi urwu rwunenge runonwa Zed chete, kutaura kwacho hakutarisirwe form someone ari kuda kuzoita a leader tomorrow. Manje Mai Mujuru vakarwa hondo, she doesnt deserve such treatment. The forum yavari kuzvitaurira yacho haiite, hazvidi paRally mhani.

  8. the land reform can never be reversed whether by americans nor the whites this is a known fact , all that the white minority might get is compensation . now for the real issue – what zpf is realy afraid of, is a person who has close ties to the west ,convictions for crimes against humanity which we all know america is very good at propagating will befall them all. so the heirachy in zpf all just want to save their own skins hence the endorsement of their kin ngwena .

    1. America is the world’s Chief Terrorist, so anyone who forges a relationship with is bound to be treated in the same manner !

      1. ipapo you are speaking their language and using their usd.speak chinese iwe.and use the chinese alphabets tiwone kuti ndiyani anokutevera

        1. Chirungu hachisi cheku America ndecheku Britain. Its not theirs as well. Vakazoingoisa ma tweaks nekubvisa mamwe ma letters mune maamwe ma words woo

  9. Mai mujuru musavhunduke, Zimbabwe inemi. Kana Hondo toda.

    1. GOOD ADVICDE: do omething for your self, for your family Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich celebrities while other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these celebrities. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

    2. Anybody anoti anoda hondo is a baby asina kumboona hondo ! Go and jumb into the lake and sink if you cannot swim

    3. Zvekupenga izvo.unoda Hondo naani.irwa naBaba vako first.musanyeperana vakomana.hondo hatidi

    4. Iwe nani. Hatidi kunofira Zanu isu. What r they doing for us. Nothing!!! Ngavavayabe vega zvese newe vapere. Isu hondo yenyu pedzanai mega

  10. #vivamaimujuru now we are behind you all the way

  11. God bless my bleeding homeland in it’s darkest hour of need.Is it a sign of His second coming lord but then why her at the forefront of cosmic comedies always lord. Having been no supporter of zanupf i however have a soft spot for the downtrodden who receive ill treatment by those who wield power and believe they have the divine right to rule forever, them and them only. A country is judged by how it treats it’s widows and orphans. How we are treating mai Joyce Mujuru shifts my allegiance to side with the underdog. Mugabe should not take us for fools as his so called popularity comes from us unknown to his wife. I am sick to see this loose canon being allowed to continue with her vitro without someone putting on emergency brakes. Kufunda hakuperi education and wisdom including lady beauty are not mutually inclusive. Yaaaaa sometimes i wonder if i am real or an illusion. Let me down my favourate brew ‘hansa’ and feel if i am real. Woooooza woza Friday.

  12. Koma Americans akaipei? Tomanikidzwa kunzi ma Chinese ndiro chete anoita? The majority of Zimbabweans don’t have problems with the west. It’s only Matibiri and his cohorts who have a problem because they were banned from going there….

  13. Mai Mujuru ndozvo.

  14. pamberi namai mujuru, kana apa ndinovhota. war yakapfuura vakomana we will never go back kumashure. we need investments munyika medu, there is nothing wrong re-engaging with the west. Germany chaiyo yanga isingaite business neBritian kuma1940s, but things have changed.tosvikepi tichitongwa nevanhu vanoita chisabhuku pakutonga. pamberi mai mujuru. go for the post ndinemi

  15. This just makes Mujuru more liked. Imagine a Government with Mujuru, Makoni and Morgan (MMM)

  16. I guess for mai mujuru for now, hapana kusiri kufa. She must just go the presidency and challenge the old man bob directly at congress, pple vote, she win or if she loses, so be it, she has nothing to lose coz as it is now, she is as good as fired/resigned.

  17. its no longer prophecy chanaz, its clear by now ED is the option..

  18. Chanaz its no longer your prophecy, its already been revealed, ED is the only option,

  19. A heavy weight Ngwena with two provincial support, Bob’s support and a sword wll totally inherit the throne by Feb. Moderates lyk Mujuru shld mantain their VP posts until death.

  20. Nhamo wataura,JTR must go for the jugular now.She must challenge that old hag at the congress coz either way she is f#^€d.Makava ari kurodza mazino awo.Teurai Ropa takura sub tiende, hapana chekumirira .34 years of Mugabe rule is enough in our lifetime,NO to Mugabe dynasty and Ngwena ruling by proxy!

    1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      1. gndanga u made my day.kuseka kuita nzenza sezita rangu kwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  21. In this era, who can colonize another country? They just want protection for their loot. That’s all.

  22. Actually it’s Mugabe misrule

  23. Veduwe taneta and tatambura enuf is enuf. 7yrs afta graduation nedegree the best this gvt could give me is a teachn post kumachonyonyo. My kids havatozive Mai vavo bcz living with them means sacrificing their education. Can we please have a better life kwete kuraramiswa sembwa. Mai Mugabe if u have any heart at all chimbosiyai nyika yezimbabwe tiwanewo zororo nerugare. Matitambudza zvakwana pliiiz. If Mai Mujuru knows how to bring back American investment zvakaipei? Tasukwa nenhamo isu n we just want you and your family to go now. Malawi netara!!!!!

  24. A heavy weight Ngwena with two provincial support, Bob’s support and a sword wll totally inherit the throne by Feb. Moderates lyk Mujuru shld mantain their VP posts til death.

  25. Hooo, they Killed Solomon to make sure that Joyce will be weaker when they attack her

  26. Amai Joice varatidzei kuti muri gamba. challenge the old man himself and stop all this rubbish. the nation is solidy behind you. Go amai Go.

  27. You barbacued her husband like a piece of pork chops, now you enlisted the services of a libidinous strumpet who knows every cabinet minister bedroom to frustrate her chances at congress why do you not meet her head on at the polls. Mugabe u don’t have a friend in Oprah and Ngwena here is why, your hit on Tongo 1979 she has the file and Gukurahundi Ngwena will sacrifice yo nonagenarian asshole to bleach his. in his notes you are likely to die at the Hague. I encourage Joice to challenge for the First Secretary position and raise the stakes if she looses fine start you own party.. its called spontaneous growth Zimbabwe needs it. war vets can only just watch those oxen………timber my shakes

  28. munangagwa is the only one who can make sure that all the zanu people dont go to jail as soon as mugabe goes. but what they dont realise is that the zimbabwe case is in the hands of God and he will soon judge and his judgement will be heavy with grace or without grace. and this grace woman is trying to please God, but he God cannot be bought until we fully repent.

  29. What are these “gains of independence” that Mujuru is alleged to be putting into jeopardy? Are they the total destruction of the country’s economy because this is what Zanu PF has been doing since the so called independence. May be Mujuru wants to take the country somewhere better although there is no grain of faith in me for her. To me she is equally a bad leader who is as corrupt as all of them – not because Mai Mugabe has said so but because I know so.

    1. I don’t know what gains they keep talking about… Do you know any country which is still a colony??? Some people keep mentioning that nonsense and they probably don’t have jobs or something like that.

  30. Why the west imposing sanctions on the whole of Zimbabwe whilst targeting two or three known indviduals? The West dont lyk us all Zimbas thats a fact, so any leader who tend to sympathise with them shld hv to go hang.

  31. read macbeth and link Grace to lady macbeth.a person to assume a post is already ahead of the designated post .she is already the vice president ,president.zimbabwe is now mugabes property.they now dictate who should be in power without the constitution of their party.thats how dictatorship is setup .zimbabweans wakeup .lets now enmass support TSVANGIRAI .The struggle should now be intensified .ALL MDC-T AND PROGRESSIVE FORCES SHOULD JOIN HANDS AND KICKOUT DICTATORSHIP IN OUR FACES.OPPAH MUJURU WERE ALL BEATEN BY JOICE IN VP POSTS BEFORE.GRACE IS BEING USED BY THE TWO TO GET THE POST .GRACE IS USED TO BEING GIVEN THINGS

  32. word from amai:Ngwena akahwinha ne8 provinces asi nekuda kwangu ndinindakaita kuti Mai Mujuru vapindepanyanga hasi havachada kundiona.by the way ngwena is linked to China and Russia.so is the right man to safegurd zpf ‘s legacy.ngondongondo mai Mujuru hakuchisina.unotipolitics ndedzekuti. vanhu vanokuda here no! i game rechess.musaone ED kunyarara vanengevachitoronga.

  33. Mai Nhongo bereka sabhu chauya chauya ………………….bereka sabhu tiende

  34. because mugabe ngwena and his lot committed serious attrocities they are now afraid that they will be investigated once a level headed person takes over the presidency.so they would rather put some devil with equally dirty hands so ,that he will protect them just as he protects himself against prosecution ,well they can do away with joice but theres is no way they can escape prosecution .i feel sorry for grace

  35. i like factionalism. its good

  36. Mnangagwa akapedza zvipembere zvese zveku Gonarezhou Poacher-in- chief!!

  37. Mai Mujuru pamberi nemi !

  38. Viva comrade mujuru, ticha revenger wo takangomirira zuva richa daidzwa chatunga chete ndo pano tiza kamai akawo. tichaita revenge by FORCE & FIRE kupisa nekutora zvavakatooter kubva kune varunguwo.

  39. What is wrong with the WEST in the first place? Zimbabwe is US dollarized: The largest aid contributor to Zimbabwe is the US followed by EU countries. Further the majority of Zanu PF opportunists who are now castigating Mai Mujuru, were implicated in the WikiLeaks saga. Truth be told this government would welcome re-engagement with the west, because it is the only source that will bring back sanity to Zimbabwe’s economy. All this idiotic rhetoric is about scoring cheap self serving political points

    The truth of the matter is that the Ngwena, Jonathan, Kasukuwere faction is panicking and that is why they are throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at Mujuru. They sense that the President may not be around for long enabling Mujuru to take over. Grace is as corrupt as they come and needs to protect her ill gotten wealth. In the meantime Mai Mujuru is getting the sympathy vote.

  40. Lo ngumpentsho. Which currency are we using? Liyadelela bantwana bemkhoba

  41. They barbecued her husband and ate all the Solomon chops now the appetite is back but they won’t have no open pan fried Joice T bones this time they will ‘sleep with it’ vacharara nayo. a whole war machinery fighting a widow. Grace is Ngwena’s power flavoured condom while he is cufking Bob and the geriatric has been lulled into orgasmic silence. wait the Ides of March are here.

  42. it great dat we knoe joyce is alligned to the west if it so who then is mnangagwa alligned to and to what benefit is it….. to zimbabwe. electorate yedu wake up jus because politicians preach colonisation wc non existant in this era e chineese are here w what good i wonder!!!!!! please give us our daily bread, a good economy, a good service delivery system, progressive leadership

  43. The land reform is not a gain of indepedence,unless you don’t know the meaning of indepedence.It was the gain of Zanu and its cronies,period.

  44. Good comments to everyone. Speak out. Mnangagwa will be left licking his …after the congress, very few few people like him let alone support him to an extent of voting for him. Grace is a good campaign manager for MAI J MUJURU…well done Disgrace

  45. The Herald Monday 14 July 2014 Headline Mujuru Speaks on Leadership page 2. I quote. “Party haitungamirwi nevanhu vasingazivi kwayakabva, party inotungamirwa nevanhu vanoziva zviteedzwa, zviyerwa zvemusangano iwoyo. ivavo unovaona kanavanzi pindai musvetukiro wavanoita kudakuenda pamberi kunge vachadarika Via Mugabe vacho. nemukanwa makachonjomara unonzwa futile misina kana respect Musangano hauna shortcut uye hatinyare kukuti garapasi. Tinokugadzika nyangwe wakakura kusvika papi. Unogara. so ngatirege kungomhanyiramhayira zvigaro zvino shandirwa” She was speaking about leaders who are making manoeuvres for certain positions ahead of the December Congress while in Dotito. I think she had a prophetic foresight about Grace see how it fits as a reply to the current situation.

    let’s share.

  46. So its lyk man and woman in the Zpf highest decision making bodies were not bold enough to tell Mai Mujuru kuti she is corrupt and wait for Grace to say it wen she has has developed intentions to succeed her husband?

  47. Many thanks for deleting. At least you can have a laugh.

  48. Saka sazita vangu varikuti zvakaburitswa pama wikileaks. zviri accurate so which means she is also admitting kuti ivo vakaudza Gono kuti mdhara vahwa ne prostate cancer end havana 5 years vainesu.

  49. Here we go again…Anyone who is a threat to Mugabe has Western ties and is trying to sell out the country…

    This is an age old trick and i will be surprised if people actually believe this…

    As for these corruption issue,its sad people havent learnt from the recently concluded Oscar Pistorius trial…Allegations are mere allegations till they are proven….This talk is only cheap talk in the beerhalls meant for public consumption…

    A leader cannever be fired because of unproven allegations made by a single individual who is not even a functionary of Government..

    Sad thing is Zanu pf knows Zimbabweans get over excited over nothing and its unfortunate considering this so called literacy rate


  51. Which era of before 1980 are they talking about. It means Zanu pf does not want to see people having better life while having good relationship with countries that are able to invest and employ people under black government. They started hondo yeminda upto now they can not finish it. I did not know that Mai Mujuru is such a good leader with vision. Her soft stance with America is a sign of wisdom. These are the qualities of the leader who is needed now in Zimbabwe. Look at Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa. They are getting better because of good leadership and good policies. Zanu pf is using racist type of leadership. The truth is they fear that they will be all jailed and removed from the stolen properties they took from innocent white farmers. Mugabe is a bitter and jealous leader who is now under pitcoat rule of the lawless wife. We need fresh brains and fresh blood to lead Zimbabwe not these old marons.

  52. giresi imharapatsetse

  53. saka

  54. I knew even when she was elevated to her current position, the VP is a dull person, bloating like a sheep, in fact the first lady managed to describe what we all knew, i wonder what has been happening all along, she can hardly think on her own, she only comes live when corrupt deals are exchanging hands, zvimwe zvese hapana.

    1. How about blaming the system that propped her up to such a high post. Surely her so called “dullness” can’t be a recent thing. ZANU PF would have known all that by now, but yet, they chose to elevate the the “dullest of them all” to one of the most powerful posts in the country. And what mandate does Grace have to publicly bash the VP despite her weaknesses? She has no constitutional capacity to do that. Being the President’s wife doesn’t give you such powers. And why does Bob allow this? He may have his differences with Dr Mujuru, but that’s just it- it’s between the 2 of them, unless if the fallout somehow involves Amazing Grace!

    2. Since Zim’s independence which VP was lively…All of them did nothing because all power is vested in the President and his deputies are sidelined in almost everything…

      All our VPs are relegated to the terraces because in Zim the VP’s office is undermined in order to prop up the Life President….

      Even Tsvangirai as PM found it tough to break this strangle hold…Even if we make you VP Mugabe will make sure you are relegated to the terraces whilst he grabs the limelight for himself…

      Even Nkomo,Msika,the other Nkomo and Muzenda all looked dull….The VP’s office is one without function in the country…

  55. vanhu murikuti chiiko imi? asi muri machinja kani? tirikuchema necorruption kuti yauraya nyika then kouya munhu achiti pasi necorruption Imi moti akanganisa, azvitaturireyi, heee! paataurira hapaite , heee! iyewo ari corrupt. chokwadi chine pachinzi apangachitaurwe here ? kanakuti chokwadi chinongo taurwa pajekere munhu wese achinzwa , yaaah! ndaona munofarira makuwha hamudi chokwadi. uku ndookutanga kwenyaya dzese uku. tirikuti kuzeza chati kwatara hunge uine katurike. ivo mai kana vaine dzavo nyaya dzichabudawo , saka munotyeyi? chokwadi hachina diplomacy ukaona panoda diplomacy hapana chokwadi munenge muchivandirana. hapanana munhu akanyorwa pamhanza kuti anofanira kutaura chokwadi kana kuti hanzi pawataurira chokwadi hapaite. pamberi nekutaura chokwadi ndookuti zvinhu zvigadzirisike. kuti wataura uripapi, nguvayi hazvina basa izvozvo chinokosha ichokwadi chinenge chataurwa nemunhu. ichoooo!!!!!.

  56. If I were in Dr Mujuru’s shoes, I would resign as VP… BUT, also announce allegiance to MKD! Noone in their right minds will ever vote for the MDC (and it’s multiple factions), and need I mention how ZANU PF has made our lives even worse since last year’s elections! I am not really into Zim politics, but from what’s currently on the ground, MKD seems to have what it takes to end this Mugabe dynasty that’s slowly taking shape. They also have the necessary experience and education to lead Zimbabwe to better levels.
    I actually applaud the Mujuru’s for talking to the West. We need to re-engage them to turn around the country’s fortunes, seeing especially that the Look East Policy has failed us, just like ESAP. I am not saying we should completely rely on the West, but we now live in a global village, not medieval Africa- we need to network with the rest of the world!
    Dr Mujuru, just so you know, I am a born free. But your contribution towards the attainment of independence- that did not go unoticed. In as much as you may love your party ZANU (PF), sometimes it’s best to know when to say goodbye. You have been an important part of this country’s history and it sickens some of us (keep in mind, bornfree) when some nobody’s with fake doctrates (don’t quote me here, I ddnt mention any names!) try to take that legacy away from you! Ndimi amai vatinoziva kwete ava vanongowawata as if we owe them anything!
    To the fake doctor, how dare you? Munobvuma kushandiswa imi murimunhuwo zvake… She has worked hard for this country and what have you done? Think of the legacy you are trying to create for yourself and remember that it will never compare to what Dr Mujuru has accomplished so far. Turn a blind eye and a deaf ear if you want, but chokwadi machinzwa.

  57. Do you guys really think Mujuru will stand up to the west as Mugabe does. l don’t think she will & her quietiness baffles me. Give her the presidency &this country will be a colony again.

    1. By reading your comment i can tell you are very stupid,that same Mujuru is the woman who participated in the liberation struggle to remove those same colonialists…If she stood against them then what makes you think she cant now…

      What if i put it to you that Joice Mujuru is the most illustrious and revered woman in the liberation struggle…

      Ask even a todler which woman he or she knows fought to liberate the country,in 95% of those lists you will get Mai Mujuru at the very top…

      Grace,who never saw the liberation struggle and was busy drinking tea tell you Mujuru(the greatest heroine in this country) is a sell out and you believe it?…..

      You disappoint me

  58. The big issue here is :’who will protect our loot’? Bob’s age and health have have triggered the panic button, anything can happen anytime so there is no time to hide or ship out the loot. Hyenas favour panic and chaos

  59. Imi hamusati makambonzwa here kuti Munangwagwa chine hutsinye. His face cn even reveal that. This man if he is given the chance to rule, tese tinogona kutumirwa masoja kuti ati kiire mumatoilets for no apparent reason. Iyi iri kufarirwa na Mai iyi aaaaaah, kwete kubata zamu yehanzvadzi chaiko uuuuumm KWETE

  60. word of advice kuna Mothers,makaimba wani kuna Oppah muchiti nhasi akupandukirai,its not her fault at all pane iripo yakarongwa inonzi Tikiringo she told u wani,look moms General is gone thus why people like Jonso is attacking like this,but fear not moms,first thing beef up ur security with people u trust,then drop e bomb shell,step down and lead the clever boys,Simba and Tindo forget abt Morgan,and trust me Ngwenya and his old crooks will come knocking at ur door begging for mercy,we wont let u down the advantage u hav is u know all the tricks and games so Nikuv wil hav no chance go for it moms they have pushed u to the edge turn around and take the bull by the horns ,yes anonzi Karigamombe but hapana chisinga pere,by the way Obama is on stand by,vakaita mistake yekudziridza chete we all know about the American fighter jets,anopinda nepa Bots apa so my lasts words to u is Go For It Rex Nhongo and Sally will be with u in spirit,remember ur chimurenga name.Good luck

  61. One thing working in VPs favour is the FAVOUR which her husband still enjoys in the memory of most Zimbabweans on all sides political. Her late husband’s shadow is not going to be so easy to bury with the fortunes of Mrs. Mujuru. Mrs Mugabe’s attack are actually increasing the VPs fortunes..I think she should stop now, she has done enough damage NOT to Mrs Mujuru but to herself. Of course this does not make the VP a saint but the incessant attacks are actually turning out to be a SANITIZER. The politiburo is not going to be able to handle this hot potato..it is entirely up to the president to pour some oil on the flames and organise a small meeting between the VP and the First lady…Their differences are not insurmountable but they are likely to make the situation worse if they are not arrested forthwith!

  62. butchwa bonda mtuvi belingwe

    GO ED GO

    1. joice meyer mujuru


  63. Haa Mai JTR I support you ..show her kuti makadonhedza chikopokopo imi muhondo

  64. If you are a VP the natural course for you is to want to become the President…is that criminal dear First Lady. Politics is about not showing your hand prematurely and Mai Majuru did exactly and ths is miscknstrued as one planning a coup.

  65. Mujuru anotaura ferefere pane vanhu kuti mugabe achembera kubvura kare

  66. If the Mujuru supporters decide to stand by her I see the party splitting into two: Zanu-Mujuru and Zanu-Mugabe. The MDCs have already set a precedent. Zanu-Mujuru will be crushed politically and economically or will just fizzle out because Zanu-Mugabe will remain in control of the government till 2018. Those who are qualified should get their CVs ready because many bigwigs are about to fall by the wayside in this battle and there are going to be a lot of vacancies as if it was 1980!

  67. Viva maI Mujuru. If Mugabe dumps u now there is nothing to loose, Go for the presidency. ..Panyanga ipapo

  68. @its not over; it’s actually you who is stupid.What are you gonna do to stop Dr Grace’s rise to the top except to waffle on this forum.Ngwena panyanga dziii, muchida musingade.

  69. All this is hogwash. It’s not the reason for the fallout. Do think Grace is that intelligent. No. The reason is simple, the Mnangagwa and the Tsholotsho group are back. This time with vengeance. Nhaka kunotsva masanu kushara mupini.

  70. @buddhamella stop insulting us. Grace already campaigned for Mai Mujuru. We do not want another Hitler in Zimbabwe.

  71. Mai Mujuru was not the only one who has been meeting Western governments as the other WikiLeaks cables have shown. Jonathan Moyo and Gideon Gono to name but two have been talking to the Americans but nothing is being said about these two because they are in the right faction, the faction backing Grace Mugabe.

  72. my friend’s mom makes $88 /hr on the internet . She has been without work for nine months but last month her payment was $12290 just working on the internet for a few hours.
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  73. It’s a shame, Zvakangofana I used to heard kuti there was a place kwaChiyadzwa yainzi kwaMai Mujuru she very corrupt but tries to be a better devil. We talked of liberation struggle kovakafa vasina kutonga sanaTongogara of Mai Mujuru’s husband was not clean on that issue hence he died the same way. Ko ivo vakatomboita VP. ZANU PF is the party that consume itself. The problem is that, many just want to identify leadership of this country in tribal lines. This is not a Shona state, most of the guys who say Mnangangwa haaite are from the zezurulana. It’s wrong, we are Zimbabwean have you ever think that why is it that Mnangangwa own such a strong faction iye asiri kana muPresidium. All the guys in the part they know the truth. It’s not easy for Mai Mujuru to just away from the party she will be locked behind bars I tell you. Zvese zvavakaita zvinozikanwa muparty. She is a VP bcz of Solo not for herself. Let’s wait & see.

  74. It sounds all people in zanu pf has been chosen through favors after considering your worshipping to the fist family not consindering their credentials and pontential of an imdividual yowatds building future.then how would a country move forward with that kind of selections being chosen from bedrooms furthermore she speaks on behalf of who yet she not a chairman of the woman league how dare is that .lets not be confused and misdirected with these murderes looters of our wealth country if not sure and join her be wary she will expose you tomorrow again lets not trust this at all

  75. academic warlord

    Guys wats hapening shud tell u kuti something is wrong inthe first family,hanti mai Mujuru as per constituion she will take over if Mugabe is incapacitated or die,so y is fake Doc trying to push Teurai ropa out faster faster kudai hamumbozvifungewo?

  76. Jehovha batsirai vana venyu tapera zano

    if you have never fought a freedom war now its time for you to fought through prayers at least that you can do….than to worst time muchipe imagination dzenyu NAMATIRAI NYIKA YENYU ONLY GOD KNOWS SO MUPEI NGUVA MOMUNAMATA MUCHIKUMBIRA ZVAMURI KUDA ZVACHO BE A SOLDER ……BY NO BLOOD SHEDDING …..

  77. 51% indigenization and you complain only 10% shares dxina mai Mujuru dze Ku Willdale, Grace chiveve chinokudherera kwazvo. Mubvandiripo wako zvaava nemigodhi ye gold kuKadoma akaitenga kunani? Viva Joice so far so good varikupedza miseve yavo.

  78. A lot of silly comments here from people who think like the fake doctor. What do u think ur support fo Mujuru on this forum or anywher else is gona help with. We hv had much better options in the past (non Zanu parties) bt we all knw what happend. The whole country voted against him bt he is stil in office at a 100 n smthng yrs. Zanu and Zim are Mugabe’s bi+c#es. As long as he is in power anoita madiro a jojina nesu. Zvana Mujuru hangove history jus like kupinda kwake pa hu VP ndiwo mabudirowo achowo. Ma supporter soorry. The fact fact that no1 in ths cult can tell Mugabe kuti achova makore ngachinotamba ne pwere nedzimwe harahwa is a clear sign of ths. No 1 has any presidential ambition mu party irikutungamirwa ne centurion. Ndoo cult ka iyi. Personally I’m jus 100% anti Zanu this party has facked up my forefathers’ country. Any1 in ths party is useless to revival of the economy bcoz they part of the problem either directly or by association.

  79. At the moment Grace is not yet officially ordained as a Women,s League Chairperson.The way she is behaving is as if she is already the women,s league boss. War veterans are now being used by the first family to advance their interest and wishes so that their wealth will be safe guarded.Chinotimba and team are busy playing their praise and worship music to Grace in order to get favours from the old man. Grace is just a house wife she does not work for the Zimbabwe Government. Idzungu chete rakavabata amai ava. If at all Mai Mujuru is not a War Veteran then no one in Zanu pf is a War Veteran even Mugabe is also not a War Veteran as he claim he is. Grace has two options to apologise to Mai Mujuru or to leave politics to her husband without that we are going to see a catastrophe.

    1. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

  80. Such hatred, anger and bitterness will eat up from within…..Mai Mujuru is not a saint but she is a better devil than you and company……unifier my African foot matikanyira musangano…..Which Bible do you read?????? ayas munovava kupinda mhiripiri!!!!!!!!!

  81. We need white peolpe esp the west#fact

  82. Factionalism ws created by Mugabe himself by clinging to th throne for 3 decdes or more especial if we check from the time he was endorsed as the 1st secretary for zanu in 1963 .As such it created a long waiting list for th post . taking advantage of hs gud health and lengthy life ,he made sure that climax for those aspiring was th vp post, many died hoping eg zvobgo until fellow comrades became desperate hence factionalism.

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  84. Temba u are an idiot, u support my wife????? wait and see the outcome Politics is a dirty game remember.

  85. hahahahahahahaha pedzeranai henyu

  86. politics is a dirty game but Grace ngaasadaro

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