Mujuru faction dumps Gono

A ZANU PF faction reportedly aligned to Vice-President Joice Mujuru has dumped former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono and let him defend his Manicaland senatorial bid after suspecting him of harbouring ambitions to unseat Mujuru, NewsDay has learnt.

Everson Mushava
Chief Reporter

Gono had been earmarked to replace the late Zanu PF politburo member Kumbirai Kangai as Manicaland senator until he was last month disqualified by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) for not being a registered voter in the province.

The former central bank boss later pinned his hopes on last Wednesday’s politburo meeting, but his dreams also went up in smoke amid revelations that the Mujuru faction, which he is believed to belong, failed to defend him and left him at the mercy of Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs, and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, who will now decide his fate.

Mnangagwa is believed to be leading a rival faction that is battling to take over from President Robert Mugabe, whose advanced age has been a cause of anxiety in Zanu PF.

‘There has been a realisation within the Mujuru camp that Gono had ambitions and would use the senatorial seat as a launch pad to take over the party leadership,” a Zanu PF insider told NewsDay.

“They think that Gono would be appointed minister in a Cabinet reshuffle, get a slot in the central committee and politburo and could likely be nominated by Mugabe to take over after him because of his close links to the First Family. That would deal a blow to both Mujuru and Mnangagwa.”

There was a belief, the source said, that Mugabe would be more
comfortable in appointing Gono as his successor to protect the First Family’s business interests.

Another insider added: “Mujuru was chairing the politburo after Mugabe left to attend a funeral [in Southerton]. The camp did not defend Gono when the politburo decided to be bound by [Zec chairperson Rita] Makarau’s decision.”

After the politburo meeting, Mnangagwa initially said Gono’s senatorial bid had hit a brickwall and the case was now a closed chapter, but later made a U-turn following protests by fellow senior party members who insisted that the issue was not conclusively exhausted.

Both Mujuru and Mnangagwa have denied reports linking them to the two factions.

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  1. Gono is just a greedy guy. He must carry on fighting Kereke.

  2. The rumour mill has it that Gideon Gono and Grace Mugabe are related, ie sekuru ne muzukuru. If true,then definitely Gono will look after her after Gushungo has moved on but age does not necessarily mean one will die,ie older must die before younger ones. No, no! Gushungo may be with us for years to come whilst young ones die because vaBona was over hundred when she passed on and Gushungo is only ninety. Please brace up because Gushungo maybe in this world for sometime to come including contesting and winning the next general elections. Icho!!

    1. anenge ari sekuru verubber vanochinja nesituation one time sekuru one boy******

  3. Mujuru and Mnagangwa both whisper their denials when it comes to the issue of factions linked to each of them. Can President Mugabe please order them to jointly address rallies countrywide and publicly deny being leaders of factions? If they do lead factions, they should also be allowed to tell the people about it. The two should be exerting their energy working for the people as public figures mandated through election and presidentail appointment.We are sick and tired of these fights.

    1. Let them spar tiwone the one with the balls. Ndoseka Mnangagwa akakundwa nemunhu aneburi,

      1. Inga wafunga buri rambuya ava nhaiwe. Zvakaoma.

  4. kumanya handiko kusvika..

  5. tinovada vese coz ma warvets enyika yedu ….pamberi ne zanu pf .

  6. Booster uchiri kuita maslogan…you are stupid. Vanhu vari kufa nenzara. Pasi ne ZANU. Kana iwe Booster nhasi hauna kudya breakfast

    1. ZANU is already dead. Pasi neZANU PF vanochemerera kumaChinese vachiti comrade comrade.

  7. Zanu pf for life. Icho!!!!!!

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  9. ZANU is already dead. Pasi neZANU PF vanochemerera kumaChinese vachiti comrade comrade.

  10. Pane angaitewo Universal charger????

  11. Vana Mujuru nana Emmerson muchangoperera muma factions, itai kuti mudhara achizorora mutongewo moda kutonga riniko?

  12. if zanu has got balls they should retire mugabe yesterday

  13. Wese anoti pamberi ne Zanu haana kutokwana kana ka1. The truth is Zanu is full of pussies coz if they had balls they would have told madzitateguru avo kuti”machova makore plus kugara nebasa chiendai munotamba nepwere” ukaona party yakatemba a centurion kuti aitungamirire iwo mutemo uchiti vari over 80yrs havasungwe bcoz we know vanenge vava kumhanya bani manje soo

  14. Manje vese vakafa vakasiya gono wacho ari mupenyu zvinozofamba sei?
    Ko iye Gire wacho akafa zvaanohi anohura, akabata siki akafa zvozodii?
    Ko ive mai Mujuru vacho vakafa Munangagwa ari mupenyu zvozodii?
    Ko vese vakafa mugabe ari mupenyu zvozodii?

    Kamudhara aka kasisina kana simba rokusura chairo asi kanongova kapenyu uye kanongombeya nenyika dzese. Kachasara kangova kega zvese zvombavha zvapera kufa.

    Nyeberanai tihwe.

  15. Dr. Gono and Dr. Mugabe are great inspirations to all of us. He will still do well, but we need her to become our next leader. President Dr. Chiwenga will announce his decisions in due course.P

  16. Gono for President is good for the country, I would have wanted Makoni but since he is in the wilderness, Gono is a good bet

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