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Minister loses $4 600 to employees, accomplice


THREE workers at Deputy Minister of Information Supa Mandiwanzira’s Greystone house and an alleged accomplice yesterday appeared in court on allegations unlawful entry in aggravating circumstances after allegedly stealing over
$4 600 from his bedroom.


The maid, Esther Mawango (35) and her brother Francis (33), driver Nelson Jeke (41) and Andrew Moyo (37), appeared before Harare magistrate Renika Dzikiti facing charges of contravening section 131 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

Prosecutor Tatenda Murindagomo told the court that on April 17 2014 at around 7am, the complainant in the matter, Ruth Mandiwanzira, was asked by her husband, Supa, if she had taken money from their bedroom side drawer and she replied that she had not done so.

Supa is said to have told her that he could not locate $4 680 which he had placed in a bedroom drawer and their search failed to yield anything.

Esther, who was responsible for cleaning the bedroom, was questioned over the missing money, but she allegedly denied any knowledge about it.

A police report was made and investigations were conducted.
It is the State case that on September 25, police detectives got information that Esther and her brother Francis were the ones who had stolen the money.

Together with Ruth, the detectives went to Mawango Village under Chief Tandi in Rusape where Esther resided and made enquiries about the stolen money.

When Francis was picked up and questioned, the court heard that he admitted to having received the money wrapped in tissue paper, ladies’ pulling socks and rubber bands from Moyo.

He was, however, told that the package contained medicine that was supposed to be planted under an avocado tree.
It also emerged that his sister Esther had connived with Moyo and Jeke to steal the money.

He further indicated that his sister bought a stand and built a four-roomed house in Epworth with the money, it is alleged.

Mawango allegedly confirmed that in April 2014, he was contacted by Esther to meet with Moyo at Fourth Street bus terminus so that he could receive a parcel, which he was made to understand was medicine. He was instructed not to open it, but to go and bury it under the ground.

The following day, Mawango was allegedly further directed by Esther over the phone to open the wrapped parcel and pull out
$1 000 and hand it over to one Sikereta Bumhira so that he could buy building material for use in the construction of her house.

Esther and Francis led the detectives to the Epworth stand where Esther had built her house.

The money was not recovered.

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