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Local comedian releases new drama


LOCAL comedian Norman Chiranga, better known as Landlord Chirebvu in his growing comedy series titled Landlord Nemaroja, recently released Part 8 of his productions titled Zva- Zvinhu.

Tinashe Sibanda
Entertainment Reporter

In this recent offering, the comedian further presents the current day-to-day relations of landlords and their tenants as well as the relations between employers and their maids and gardeners in a witty way.

“In this season I looked for a story that most locals could relate to, putting a rib-cracking feel to various relations between landlords and their tenants as well as housemaids, gardeners and their employers,” Chirebvu said.

Chirebvu started acting in 1999 and his first ever television showcase was in 2010 together with his well known comedian friends Mabla 10 and Kahembe before splitting a year later to go solo.

Chirebvu said after their first television breakthrough, he decided to go solo as he had a vision of continuing comedy in a way that was different from his friends.

“Ever since the release of this series, I am very much impressed with the response I am getting from various cities including Mutare and Chinhoyi, as well as receiving calls from people who have watched my work in South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique,” he said.

He added that although piracy was a problem that many people in the arts sector were facing, it would not stop him from living his dream as a comedian despite the frustrations.

In his latest offering, he includes other talented actors like Hebron Tembho aka Sculbowy of the Bag Rabvaruka fame and Portia Nota, aka Mafuta, who is well known for pulling crowds, among others.

“I am inspired by everyone I meet as each person has a story, but my local role model is Lazarus Boora, better known as Gringo, who I find really inspiring and talented,” said Chirebvu.

He said that his producer, Tichaona Pawakwenyewa of Annointed Communications, had also played a major role in helping his projects become a success.

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