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Kangai family in estate wrangle


THE late national hero Kumbirai Manyika Kangai’s children have petitioned the Master of High Court seeking his intervention on the alleged abuse of their late father’s estate by some of the beneficiaries of the empire.


In a four-page petition which was gleaned by NewsDay addressed to the Master of the High Court last month, eight of the 11 beneficiaries, Marah Hativagone, Enea Nyunyuto, Freedom, Ngwarirai, Manyika, Rwatinyanya, Musadaro and Tiriwamambo Kangai, expressed concern over the manner Miriam Rehwai Loice, the late Kangai’s wife, was handling the estate.

“The awarding of 50% of the estate to Miriam Rehwai Loice Kangai has afforded her and the other two beneficiaries on her side, namely Fungai and Muchatenda, an opportunity to abuse the estate, particularly the Paarl Farm Property Development project,” the children wrote.

“The three beneficiaries led by Miriam have been withdrawing funds from sales rather than profit, which action is tantamount to failure of the project. The worst part of it is that she is not just taking 50%, but everything that comes out of the project leaving the estates’ account with no funds.”

The late hero’s children also accused their sibling, Fungai, of having developed a habit of selling the estate’s property without the consent of other family members.

“Fungai Kangai cannot desist from the habit of selling anything belonging to our late father, which he lays his hands on. This he practiced even when our father was still alive. At first it was asbestos sheets he removed from a tobacco barn, and now it is timber and obviously a lot of other things we might not have noticed,” Kangai’s children said.

The eight children also complained that they were not allowed access to the estate’s assets, including entrance to the family’s homestead at number 25 Glen Forest, where the late Kangai stayed until his death.

They called their barring from accessing their father’s property “inhuman and a total violation of the will’s clause 8(e)”.

“A list of names is kept by the guards at the gate to bar entrance to any one of us listed. This directive was temporarily waivered on the day a memorial service for the late was held, which many of us did not attend in protest,” the children said.

In their request they asked the Master of the High Court to allow them to dispose of all movable and immovable assets registered under the estate and to deposit the funds into a trust account awaiting distribution after clearing all claims.

Sources close to the developments of the estate said the Master of the High Court had since written to the estate’s executor to look into the raised complaints.

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