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Fundraising on for Great Zim University kidney patient


CHIVI Rural District Council chairperson Killer Zivhu and several musicians have teamed up to help raise about $30 000 needed by a Great Zimbabwe University student to undergo an urgent kidney transplant in India.


Mollen Ndinashe Makoni (left) and Killer Zivhu
Mollen Ndinashe Makoni (left) and Killer Zivhu

Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Zivhu pledged $4 300 to buy air tickets for Mollen Ndinatse Makoni who is supposed to fly to India for the operation together with the kidney donor and her mother.

Zivhu said besides the pledge, he was also organising a fundraising music concert on October 18 at Caravan Park in Masvingo.

The event would feature an array of local musicians from different genres, among them Suluman Chimbetu, Sebastian Magacha and Mathias Mhere, who have volunteered to perform for the benefit of Makoni.

“Saving life is the role of any leader. I was touched by the plight of Makoni and decided to offer the little that I have towards saving her life,” Zivhu said.

“Apart from the air tickets that I have already secured, Mollen is still in need of about $25 000 for the operation and her three months’ stay in India.”
Zivhu, who is also the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association director, urged other well-wishers to make their contributions to enable Makoni to fly to India by October 20.

The 27-year-old Makoni said she has since been forced to drop out of university because of her deteriorating condition.

“I have since stopped for my studies because my memory has been affected and I cannot even perform domestic chores,” Makoni said.

“I vomit every morning and have some serious anaemia and headache pains that are troubling me every day.”

Makoni said she required $120 for a dialysis session which was being done twice a week and constant tapping sessions as she is also experiencing swollen stomach problems.

Speaking at the same Press conference Sulu, Magacha and Mhere said artistes were there to support the needy in society.

“As artistes, we are going to use our talent as a way of donating to help and fundraise for our sister Mollen,” Magacha said.

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