EcoSchool targets 70% local varsity students in 18 months


ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe is targeting to register 70% of local university students on its digital education platform within 18 months, an executive said.


Speaking at the EcoSchool national launch in Harare yesterday, Econet Services chief executive officer Darlington Mandivenga said the product was not a solution for Zimbabwe only, but would have impact throughout the world.

“You know the thing is with the way Universities are structure they work with semesters while when they are on holiday they is not much activity. So the 18 months give us something like four semesters and we believe by then we should have registered 70% of the students,” Mandivenga said.

The launch of EcoSchool follows the inception of a pilot project at the University of Zimbabwe in February aimed at capacitating students in Zimbabwe by making books available at a cheaper price.

Mandivenga said the idea of EcoSchool went beyond simply making books available at a cheaper price for students, but was part of a strategy to help students and their lecturers gain access to materials and courses from across the globe.

He, however, said in future the group was looking at growing the product to service the international community, but currently was perfecting the model in Zimbabwe before it was distributed to other African nations.

“It’s not every single one of the products that we launch that has a primary objective to generate significant revenue. However, we are a business off course, but we make sure we are not offering the business at a loss. We are looking at the social impact and the transformational impact.

“If you look at EcoSchool, there is something that they say, ‘Catch Them Young’. These students that are using EcoSchool may not be giving us that much value today, but we know when they leave university and they start working, will stick to Econet,” He said.

“So we are investing, so right now the focus is not on the profit, but on business relationship. That 120 000 students tomorrow will be part of the middle class supporting the network.
We assure you that we are not offering the service at a loss.”
EcoSchool is being provided at a cost of $2 per month to access the services using one’s own device.

It costs $6 per month for 24 months for EcoSchool tablet and $135 for cash price.


  1. Wondering if there is something similar for my Form 3 daughter? does this provide access to secondary school materials as well?

    • amazon is expensive since most of these kids hev a savings account and no visa/master card meaning they can’t buy from amazon or kindle

  2. Gd 1 econet. Thank u 4 unwavered support of our nation’s education. This is education emancipation for Zimbabwe

  3. Econet irikubira vana, Medical Students from UZ got these tablets and they dont work. First of all you can buy this tablet in tyown for $70 and econet is wants over $130. Secondly these cheap gadgets are very slow to be used by a Uni Student, the resolution is so bad. they have network problems and will not work most functions. the ones Med Students got have browsers that are outdated and will not browse properly. there a million problems with these tablets,. you can go around and ask how many students have found these gadgets useful. After buying this tablet it is branded ecoschool….kkkkk chete vakangwara havana nhamo..tora mari united chaiyo

  4. Wangu anozoita zve ma tablets apedza school. I package yakazara unzenza, unhubu; pamwe nehuJukwa.

    Telecel will think better n smarter than this! Telecel is very very slow but sure

  5. Econet never trust it They are innovative but thieves. All their products and services are expensive and so expensive.

  6. its better to do something than doing nothing,after all its a step in the right direction for innovation in education in zimbabwe.

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