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Chasi’s African Sun shines


JUST under two years ago, she was a novice, with no musical background under her belt.

Garikai Tunhira
Sub Editor

She had just come back home to Zimbabwe after having finished her Bachelor of Law Degree studies with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and was trying to find the footing in the music industry.

But today, Rudo Chasi’s star is starting to shine. And to show that she means business, she has even roped in a very senior producer in music circles for her debut album, African Sun ‑ a masterpiece it is for a first timer.

“With the services of Clive ‘Mono’ Mukundu, I have released the social commentary album carrying six tracks and it has since started receiving airplay on local radio stations,” Chasi said in an interview.

The tracks include African Sun, Rova Ngoma, Benzi and Destiny.

There is also Ndini Here and Woda Sei. There are two extra tracks on the album and there are acoustic versions, Destiny and African Sun.

The title track, African Sun, talks about a mother telling her child to know who they are and be confident in themselves.

The second track Rova Ngoma is a dance track and urges one to turn to listening and dancing to music in order to reduce the daily pressures of life.

Benzi is a social commentary about an irresponsible husband who hardly comes home and instead supports another man’s family. Now the wife is ridiculed for her patience, but she is relentless and has undying love for her husband.

Destiny is a cry to fulfilling one’s calling in this world before they leave it. Chasi says she wants to know of her destiny, as much as everyone else should, before they leave this world.

Ndini Here and Woda Sei are love songs.

The instrument arrangement is exceptional considering the big name Mono is in music circles. With each day, Mono proves why he is a top-notch producer.

Chasi looks at releasing her second album mid-2015, and for now says she is concentrating on collaborations and singles.

Last Thursday at Misty’s in Newlands, she held a show where she performed a song titled Ndoenda Kumusha, which talks about one’s last words before their last days on earth.

Quite touching the song is, Chasi says she will have it on her second album.

“The second album will also carry another song Sei Muchidaro,” she said.

During her performances in past years, she usually would belt out a song titled Some People, but she is yet to say on which album it will feature.

She says she is trying to put structures into place, have management that deals with shows, and has even roped in a band for shows, and they now use the trade name Rudo Chasi and Fusion Band.

There is Enock who is the bassist, Ticha the drummer, Wellington the lead guitarist, Elisha on keyboards and Munashe doing the backing vocals.

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