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Zanu PF infighting rages


INFIGHTING continues unabated in Zanu PF with party youths from Midlands Province making sensational claims that some members of the Presidium were plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe.


The youths also claimed that the Central Intelligence Organisation, (CIO) – which falls under Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa – was also deeply involved in the internecine squabbles which have threatened to tear the ruling party asunder.

Addressing hundreds of party supporters at Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena’s belated election victory celebrations on Monday, politburo member Eddison Chakanyuka, who is the deputy secretary for youth affairs, said youths were aware of a ploy by members of the Presidium to depose Mugabe.

“We told the President that this Presidium no longer liked him,” Chakanyuka said.

“They are selling out. The President called them in the party and accommodated them despite that others were in the (Abel) Muzorewa party. Others revolted against the President, but he took them back.

“They forget that they were allowed in the party by the President. Others are lying that they are war veterans.”

The Zanu PF Presidium comprises President Mugabe, Vice-President Joice Mujuru, Zanu PF national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo and secretary for administration Mutasa.

Khaya Moyo and Mutasa are believed to fighting in Mujuru’s corner against a faction led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa in the race to succeed Mugabe.

Without substantiating his claims, Chakanyuka said members of the Presidium were paying youths with money sourced from Botswana and Zambia to drive the regime change agenda.

He singled out Mutasa and Minister of State in the President’s Office Flora Bhuka for allegedly abusing the CIO to mobilise for Mujuru.

Mutasa is on record saying there was no factionalism in Zanu PF.

He instead has accused Mnangagwa of being divisive and undermining the party’s hierarchy. While addressing youths in Mutare in June, Mutasa said the party would apply a deadly pesticide, with the proprietary name Gamatox, on all divisive elements in the party.

Mugabe had two days before admitted the party was infested with “weevils”.

He is today expected to address an emotionally-charged politburo meeting to deal with factionalism, after reported attempts by some party members to block his wife, First Lady Grace Mugabe, from getting a central committee and politburo slot.

But in a move that shows infighting has reached a crescendo in the party, Chakanyuka vowed to turn the tables on Mutasa, accusing him of fuelling factionalism.

“There is talk of factions in Zanu PF, but as youths we only know of one faction led by President Mugabe. If you want to remove President Mugabe, we will pour Gamatox,” he said.

“We asked the President how it happens that the State security of the party is headed by one who is financing divisions,” Chakanyuka said.

In a related development, things got to a head in Harare South yesterday after a group of party youths aligned to Harare provincial youth chair Godfrey Gomwe mobilised to demonstrate against Harare South MP and Harare provincial political commissar Shadreck Mashayamombe.

The youths accused Mashayamombe of attempting to block Grace’s ascendancy to become the Women’s League boss, two days after Mugabe launched a tirade against the youthful MP.

NewsDay visited Ushewokunze residential area where truckloads of party youths were seen moving around Ushewokunze Housing Co-operative offices. Mashayamombe is said to have mobilised some youths for defence against the Gomwe-led youths who had planned the demonstration.

The youths were also planning to pass a vote of no confidence on Mashayamombe.

Mashayamombe yesterday said the plot to demonstrate against him by the youths failed after the team allegedly led by Gomwe had mobilised people claiming the Zanu PF leadership would address a meeting in Harare South.

“They had mobilised saying President Mugabe would address the meeting and genuine supporters turned up. I had to give them bus fare after they realised there was no meeting to talk about.There was no demonstration, police officers were there and the youths from the constituency were there wanting to know what had been planned,” he said.

“I am told they organised the so-called meeting using the President’s name and it confirms that there are people abusing the President’s name.”

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