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State-of-the-art clinic built in Borrowdale


TRAUMA Centre Hospital owner Dr Vivek Solanki, has built another state-of-the-art mini-hospital in Borrowdale which is set to be operational in six weeks’ time.


The top-notch clinic situated at number 1 Borrowdale Lane is almost complete and fitted out with latest equipment found in most First World countries.

When NewsDay toured the health facility yesterday, construction workers were paving the driveways while technicians were testing the new equipment which is set to be inspected by the suppliers next week.

“Trauma Centre Borrowdale will be up and running within the next six to eight weeks. Basically what we are waiting for is the licensing process which obviously is tedious as we have to follow the rules and once that is done we will be up and running”, Solanki said.

“We have all the equipment and what we have done is we have actually built a mini-hospital here where we have an ICU with 24-hour facility, ventilators, state-of-the-art ICU (intensive care unit) monitors with touch screen, oxygen-generating machines and critical equipment that you may not find in some of the big hospitals. We also have a paediatric ward.”

He said in order to deal with the challenges of power outages, they had fitted back-up batteries and a standby generator to provide constant power supplies to all medical equipment.

“The hospital is fitted with new top-notch equipment sourced from Germany, the United States, Canada and Kenya, and this equipment is world-class. I get the equipment from suppliers as soon as they come up with new models. For instance, all the equipment in this mini-hospital is 2015 equipment and you cannot find it anywhere else in this country except at this clinic,” Solanki said.

He added: “For the past 24 years, I have been building hospitals and that’s my passion. Despite my troubles with the main hospital, I have to carry on building these hospitals and there is a big need of hospitals in this country.”

Solanki said plans were afoot to construct two other classy clinics in Chitungwiza and Greendale before year end.

“This is just phase one and in phase two we will build a fully-fledged hospital with theatres and ICUs and my focus on this one will be called a Cardiac Hospital, where we can do cardiac bypasses and all other major operations,” he said.

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