Male circumcision goes into overdrive, targets schools

POPULATION Services International (PSI) Zimbabwe says it is planning to take its male circumcision campaign to schools as part of efforts to encourage adolescent boys to go under the knife and curb the spread of HIV and Aids.


PSI has entered already into a partnership with the National Association of Schools Heads (NASH) where the agency would sponsor a schools Under-20 football tournament to reach out to school-going male children and encourage them to get circumcised.

The sponsorship was unveiled in Harare last week under the theme Pinda muSmart/Ngena kuSmart. Speaking at the launch, PSI social marketing director Kumbirai Chatora said her organisation wanted to ensure that students were well informed about advantages of the surgery.

“You may be wondering what NASH and Pinda muSmart/Ngena kuSmart have in common. Well, we have much common ground,” Chatora said.

“NASH are experts on education and grooming of young people specifically adolescents in soccer. They have in the past laid foundation for soccer giants that we see in our communities today. Our own local legends the likes of Peter Ndlovu, Moses Chunga, Sunday Chidzambwa all identified their passions and talent for soccer at the school level. On the other hand, Pinda muSmart/Ngena kuSmart male circumcision programme are experts in health.

We realise that adolescents are going through a period of great transition biologically, physically and socially. Research shows that adolescence become sexually active at 20 years. So the period of adolescence provides a great opportunity for us to talk to them about adolescent sexual health.”

She added: “Through this partnership we aim to assist in developing a young person who is fit in the body and mind and is aware of the health options available to him to protect himself from dangers such as HIV.”

Male circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin from a person’s manhood. PSI says there is compelling evidence that male circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men by approximately 60%. Since last year, more than 300 000 males have been circumcised locally.

Parents interviewed by NewsDay, however, expressed mixed views over the issue, with some saying the programme would promote immorality and early sexual activities while others hailed the PSI intervention.
There was a public outcry in 2012 when government proposed plans to introduce contraceptives in schools. The plans were dismissed when parents protested, arguing that the move would promote promiscuity among pupils.



  1. Leave those kids alone; you are merely implementing what your western donors prescribed for you.The children will decide for themselves when they grow up.

    1. Don’t discourage them from going into because if you as a parent do not want the operation to be conducted on your child you just don’t sign the forms they are given

      1. What about what that child wants with his own penis?

        Incidentally, is the child having sex and at risk for HIV transmission?

        Even if he were, would circumcision prevent circumcision?

        No. It wouldn’t.

        In fact, circumcision would be so ineffective that a circumcised male must still be urged to wear condoms.

        So what good is circumcision if this is the case?

        Why not encourage parents to tell their children to wear condoms, and consider circumcision if that’s what they want to do?

        Why must healthy, non-sexually active children have their genitals mutilated if they might not want this as an adult?

        I’m 33, I’d rather wear condoms, thank you very much.

        Leave the children alone.

        Mind you OWN penis.

  2. This is wrong.Children do not make such decisions. This is going to stigmatise certain children just as what happened to children ve chichawa. I remember they used to be laughed at in the school lavatories because of their circumcised manhood. Male circumcision causes impotence as it kills the feeling which makes it harder to maintain rigidity as one ages.

  3. This is wrong.Children do not make such decisions. This is going to stigmatise certain children just as what happened to children ve chichawa. I remember they used to be laughed at in the school lavatories because of their circumcised manhood. Male circumcision causes impotence as it kills the feeling which makes it harder to maintain rigidity as one ages. Feeling is one that excites the member in order to maintain rigidity.

  4. if you have been following the program as closely as i have you will realise that the medical male circumcision being offered is voluntary. Males who have not reached the age of decision making consult with their parents first before they get circumcised and these parents sign consent forms. Noone is being forced to get circumcised. it is a matter of personal choice. Furthermore getting circumcised has and will not be a licence to promiscuity. Read what the Director said, they want to give the young men health options available to protect themselves. Vana ava vari kukura and soon they will be exposed to the harsh world out there.

    1. It’s not voluntary or a person choice in infants. It’s their body, it should be their decision. I know someone in Kenya whose twelve-year-old nephew arrived home from school one day having been circumcised, and that was the first his parents knew about it.

      No-one is getting neutral information about male circumcision – there are far better ways of preventing HIV than surgery, and several national medical organizations are against male circumcision.

    2. Forcibly circumcising a healthy, non-consenting child is not “voluntary.”

      A parent can only give proxy consent for surgeries that are medically necessary. How is circumcision medically necessary in a healthy child?

      There is no “personal choice” happening when you take a child and forcibly circumcise him.

      Inform boys and men.

      Respect their choices.

      Do not force a permanent alteration on their organs that they may not choose as adults.

      I am 33, and prefer to use condoms, because I do not want part of my penis cut off.

      Are men who chose this way supported?

      If not, then not even we have a choice.

      Let children make their own choices.

      Mind your OWN penis.

  5. School heads are not parents, and can not enter into such agreements, each parent is to agree or disagree not the school head. Are they circumcising their children in Britain, USA, etc why is it experiments are done in Africa when Britain, USA etc have more gays then Africa.
    We as parents lets stand for our children and stop these madnesses againist school children.

  6. male circumcision = erectile dysfunction,as one grows older and reaches 40+ years. A ready market for the dangerous viagra drug .

  7. not a good idea,let them decide on their own when they grow older,some might ngenakuSmart just because their friends did and might affect them emotionally

  8. Mava kufarisa!

  9. where did you get this concept it not an ancient practice.this must be two fold where boys are circumsized girls must also be gene- mutilated.Why do you focucs on the hygiene of boys,in other words you say boys do not know prevention methods.My question is how many circumsized men are you treating of sexually transmitted disease, how many are dying form AIDS and how many of them are wishing they should not have done it.if you considerate about our health why do’nt you come and dress us with condoms during sex.did you ever ask ourselves kuti how many times do we bath ourselves.hygiene hygiene.These are just people who try to create employment for themselves and get allowences others they wont even mention the consequences of circumsicion.let a person decides after for himself you go Nash heads.I WAS GOING TO ACCEPT IF YOU WOULD SAY YOU WILL INVOLVE PARENTS OF THESE INNOCENT MINORS WHO WILL COMPLY JUST BCZ YOU ARE TALKING WITH A BARRIER TO THEM PFUTSEKI. KO MANYOKA KORERA INOKONZERWA NEKUTI MBORO HAINA KUCHEKWA HERE? FOCUS ON MORE PRODUCTIVE THING

  10. those donors or NGOs wanna use africans for their researchs, true why they are no such a thing in europe,

  11. Recently i have been doing some research on circumcision after an HIV test as my doctor was encouraging me to go for it. The sad part is that the campaign only focuses on the advantages and is very silent on the disadvantages.Why not afford the parents who have to sign the form authorizing the operation to have all the facts to make an informed decision. The reduced transmission rate is mainly due to the hardening of the exposed skin, which also invariably reduces the sensitivity of your organ, therefore less pleasure during sex. There is improved hygiene when circumcised, reducing transmission of cervical cancer causing bacteria to females,but its not so much of an issue with African man who bath everyday unlike European man (french & Italian in particular)who bath once a week in winter.simple encourage the boys to bath than cut off their foreskin.

    I definitely will not sign for my son, he will have to make that decision when he is old enough to understand how important and enjoyable sex is meant to be.

  12. @ teco & shishito, emotions aside guys, amafacts pambili. Actually Australia is one country with high rates of circumcision, especially for kids at birth. this is also wide spread in the USA, where in some communities being circumcised is a norm than an exception. However this is less prevalent in main land europe. As much as I am against it, lets keep in mind that these countries don’t have HIV issues of similar proportion as ours.

    1. The rate of male circumcision in Australia has dropped from around 90% in 1950 to 12.4%. “Routine” circumcision has recently been *banned* in public hospitals in all states except one.

      The current rate of newborn male circumcision in the USA is 55% down from around 90%.

  13. No to male circumision. Women should be circumcised if they want but they should not tell us because its our bodies. Students are minors and can not make decisions. Only parents/guardians and not nash have the right to make such decisions.

  14. chimboitai tione!

  15. ABC (Abstinence, Being faithful, and especially Condoms) is the way forward. Promoting genital surgery seems likely to cost African lives rather than save them.

    Europeans don’t circumcise, South Americans don’t circumcise, Australians and New Zealanders used to circumcise but stopped, and less than half of North Americans circumcise. Why should Africans circumcise?

    Recent news from Botswana:
    “There is an upsurge of cases of people who got infected with HIV following circumcision.”

    and from Zimbabwe:
    “SOME circumcised men are contracting HIV and Aids after ditching the use of condoms, under a misguided belief that male circumcision (MC) would prevent them from getting infected”

    and from Kenya:
    “Push for male circumcision in Nyanza fails to reduce infections”

    and from Uganda:
    “A new study of 314 female sex workers (FSWs) in Makindye division found that more than half of respondents falsely believe that once a man is circumcised, protection is not necessary during sex.”

  16. where is my comment?

  17. hayi, ndiregei zvangu, kucheka manhood yangu yogara yakashama… otherwise nemaerection problems ari often associated neizvozvi plus unogona kusatozvara nekuti you take long to produce. its a measure by these westerners to control as much the population of our countries coz for sure they want to take this land and occupy it for their future generations hence eliminating us

  18. Circumcision is ineffective at preventing HIV, or any other sexually transmitted disease.

    So ineffective is circumcision, that circumcised men must still be urged to wear condoms after their operation if they want any real protection.

    At which point, Africans must ask themselves, so then what is the point of circumcision?

    Why millions of dollars poured into this campaign for a permanent alteration with dubious benefits?

    Africans are more quickly dying of ebola. How many millions are being donated for THAT cause?

    Stop needlessly cutting men that will have to wear condoms anyway and spend it where it’s needed.

  19. Epic fail. It’s a clever rouse on the behalf of lubricant companies to continue the need for slathering a man and woman just so his penis can enter her vagina. With a foreskin. There is little to no need for such a product. And it is cruel, and unusual punishment. If you want to cut body parts off. Start with your own. If you have been circumcised. Try cutting off one of your arms. And se how effective you are at functioning!

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