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La’Diva blasts music producers


UNITED Kingdom-based musician La’Diva has blasted local producers for compromising the quality of music while throwing artistes to the deep end.

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La’Diva said producers should start funding musicians’ projects so that they can be sincere in marketing the artistes’ in order to safeguard their returns.

“Artistes should be worried only about the creative part of their trade and not logistical issues. If artistes keep paying what it means is the producer can produce just any rubbish because they have the money they want and half backed music is released onto the market,” she said.

“When a producer has the required money he can release anything and that behaviour is responsible for the poor music on the market today. If a producer uses his own money he makes sure the quality is the best because he knows if the product is poor he will not make anything out of it.”

La’Diva gave the example of her own stable Corner Studios which she said had failed to provide transport for her from South Africa to Harare.

“I had to lie to my manager/agent Reza Rezaei who had made it clear he would not let me travel using my own money. He demanded that that Corner Studios pay for my flight and accommodation, but I had to lie to him that the studio could only afford the bus, but even that I funded it myself,” she said.

“Reza has educated me that I should only worry about my performance when it comes to shows and not be seen running around looking for money.”

The artiste who is also a professional music therapist said local artistes should know that their talent is what is supposed to bring food on the table.

She said in Manchester where she lives she performs mainly at festivals where all musicians are treated equally regardless their stature.

The rhumba musician who plays with a French band said music is not strenuous in the UK.

“Where I stay, in Manchester it is predominantly white community, but it is a place where everyone is equal. Even the garbage man is given respect. I perform at very big festivals like the Wow Festival and I get all the support I need,” she said.

She said she also managed to get funding for a television show that she is working on and would like to bring it back home.
“I am so proud to be Zimbabwean and I will make sure that I bring the show to Zimbabwe. Not South Africa, but Zimbabwe. I have enjoyed being in Zimbabwe a lot,” she said.

The musician also offered support to Zimbabwean artistes that may need to travel to the UK.

“I can accommodate anyone as long as they have got their papers sorted out I can even drive to the airport to pick them up and accommodate them in my house. What I cannot do is sort out their visa because I do not even know which office to go to.

When I went to the UK there was nothing like that. I am comfortable with assisting people because it is good to give. I can even help financially when I can spare something as long as an artiste has got a cause to ask for help,” said La’Diva.

During her stay she performed at Book Café at a show where she celebrated her birthday.

The musician who was in the country working on her fifth album Desire also emphasised the need for local artistes to research before they shoot their videos.

Born Leila Million she said there is now a tendency of just shooting videos because one has an HD camera.

“Your video can be in HD, but still fail to meet the required standards,” she said.

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