Pictures : City Council demolishes Fourth Street terminus structures

The City of Harare Police and members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police today swooped upon the Fourth Street bus terminus, demolishing illegal structures using front-end loaders.


Photos by Aaron Ufumeli

The   structures were demolished because their owners where not paying rentals, according to the City Council.












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  1. Is there no way to make that bus terminus cleaner and more presentable? Does using public transport have to be so dehumanising?

  2. haaa varume ava pane zvavari kutsvaga kuvanhu shuwa.isuwo ma zimbo tiunenge takavurayiwa nechikoro mhani.asika zvinenge zvava kusvika kumagumo manje caz hakuna kwavasina kubata bata.

  3. in a way I think it’s good coz that place was beginning to look like hameno

    1. They should do the same mu town mese cos tsvina yanyanya

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  5. Pakaipa mhani

  6. saka kupwanya ndiko kuchaita kuti vanhu vabhadhare rent here,mapenzi emapenzi.

  7. I think MDC T councillors were showed wisdom by voting ZANU PF Mayors so that they can be used to do this as they money was being pocketed by chipangano

  8. This guys sometimes need to limit what they do, you would be surprised if you went to look for a market stall to use, they would chase you away as if they were paying rentals, no space is for mahala in any urban setup..i would like to belive they were approached a number of times to pay and could not give an ear to that, look what has happened now. Its a sad thing.

  9. In Joburg, people even cook pap and vleis in the street, in New York they sell hotdogs on street corners, EVERY city on this planet has street vendors. Suprising that our peoples gvt on ones side preaches indigenisation and empowerment and on the other destroys the small man’s business. MaZimbabwe rise up. Dai ndaiva ini ndapazirwa taipedzerani zvokwadi, ndaichipaza paza chiJCB nematombo.

    1. So you want us to make fires in First Street just because New York and Joburg are dirty? Should we always emulate others even in bad deeds?

      1. @machakachaka we already make fires in first street, my friend. the street kids already make fires in the dumpster just behind the police post. there is ash and other junk there every day. Samaita is just saying that in those cities people are able to earn a living by cooking food in the street. Those are good deeds. But here, street kiosks and vendors stalls are knocked down.

        1. Business in town should be regular. Where are we going to end up if anyone can put up a shack anywhere and begins to trade?

    2. In the New York streets, they are better organised and far much cleaner..these guys do not want to pay anything and are hard feelings but I am sure that clean up was the right thing!

  10. Samaita.bloody fool full of hate.City police destroy all illegal structures in town.Rambai tsvina plz.We are not in Kenya. Hre was once the best place to be because of its cleaniliness.City council,vendors next,str kids next and those with nothing to do must not do it in the city..wonderers.Rongekaii.Nhamo nhamo ndimi mega munayo here?Order macdes.Disorder must not be your order mhani!

    1. All you are saying is very true Codza tii but you forgot that all this was caused by the mismanagement of our economy. These are the results of misrule by none other than Mugabe and company in Zanu, all these last 34 years have been hell on earth in Zimbabwe and now people look for survival ways then this happens. If you are old enough you would know that we once the best place to be (as you rightly say) but why, people were working and only a handful who were vending had stalls to use but now all this has changed with Mpedzanhamo being used as a Zanu incubator of people to got to mourn ‘heroes”, companies having closed and rubbish collection is no more if you want to get it straight from us. We had vanaMujunge (picking rubbish), vanaMatanyera (sweeping our streets) and all these are no more because there is not any cent to pay for these services; vanhu vakapera kudzingwe pamabasa. Yedu nhamo is worse than yemaMoscan (if ever you know who they were), we got it from state house period.

  11. woti ma canctions ne uku ,council ne uku!,wotoshaya kuti ahh!,garira neko!

  12. Akambovapa nzvimbo idzi kuti wawake zvima make shift shops ndiani in the first place?
    Mukazvitsvaka munoto muona munhu/vanhu iyeye.

  13. Making order in our town which we used to call sunshine city is not bad. I disagree with the approach. Demolition and destruction of other people property is extremely bad. There are better approaches that can be used to clean up our City. Warn them first. Our government should be aware that hardships is the main culprit of our disorder in the cities. People are trying to earn a living. Can the government do something to assist the increasing street vendors in harare and bulawayo.

  14. Veduwe vanhu ava have school fees to pay, lodgings & rates to pay not to mention food for their families. Imagine going home hopeless after the destruction, those people have demonstrated that they are not thieves but a people willing to earn an honest living through buying and selling. Yes we all want our city to look beautiful but we all know that their are no jobs out there. Nzara yakaoma hamadzangu i hope the city fathers will erect proper structures on these cites and give those guys first preferences of occupation.Bread and butter issues dzinoda moyo murefu.

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  16. Ngavauyewo kuWestgate Area D kwananya zvima ilegall strucutures zvinosememesa

    1. Let city of Harare come to Hatcliffe Extension were there are 900 illegal structures and the COUNCIL is not getting a cent from these structures.

      Can I sask a question: What do you call a structre built without City planing Approved. 2. What do you call a structure built on top of sewer and water reticulation bcz the houses were built without council approval with the area not suveryed.

      Poor is al over the ground so what is happening to our eco system especially water.

  17. Isu hatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite zvetsvina, city council yabatsir apa……….#GOOD DEED RYT THERE

  18. Samaita munotorwara. Dirty is dirty and must be destroyed. Zimbabweans are learning bad habits day by day especially to do things willy willingly in the name of indeginisation. Ndizvo here zvirikutaurwa navaMugabe kuti musabadare rent? Illegal structures must be destroyed and bring sanity in Harare.

  19. its a good thing yes mutown manga maane chaos but chikumbiro chedu ndechekuti chipai vanhu ava pekutengesera pakanaka kwete kudhurisa maoffice emutown muchizadza maChina nemaNigerians this is our country moda kuti tirambe tingori varanda here akomana, bring sanity to our city by providing us with offices in town to conduct our businesses
    thank You

  20. Good job city council, go for the squatter camp mushrooming @ cnr harare drive and kilwinning, thieves are making it a hideout, Hatfield residents need a break, go city of harare go, how can we have a shanty towen right opposite the Airport road.

  21. was this done as a clean up exercise or it was a way of fixing owners of these stalls who were not paying rent???,I think that council prioritses revenue collection more than cleanliness,had these people paid their dues on tym dai pasina arikumbona kuti itsvina iyi,

  22. zimbabweans trying to earn a living. Someone’s life once again shuttered. zimbabweans need a break

  23. Zvichirikufaya here? Anyway I give that place 3-6 months it will be back in business

  24. Good idea coz hey mbavha dzanga dzavanda.

  25. weldone city of harare keep it up

  26. Our city our rules…tsvina endesai ameno not mu town..what an eye sore

  27. I agree with confused voice. As always,the police and all law enforcers are there to stop the symptoms and nt the root cause of this situation. So those who applaud the mve,b rest assured,its a temporary situation. It will be business as usual soon enough. Lets nt waste tym debating&applauding if we dnt tackle the root cause.

  28. Pipo r there becoz of poverty if e industry was functioning there goin was to be no one selling funny stuff there..youth of Zimbabwe ts tym to claim wat is rightfuly our..we want our Zimbabwe back..ts tym to take to e streets and fight for our future…

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