Zim doctor joins Ebola fight

A ZIMBABWEAN doctor, Lincoln Charimari, has flown to West Africa to give a helping hand in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus outbreak that has so far claimed over 700 lives in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.


Ebola is a rare, but deadly infection that causes bleeding inside and outside the body.

Health workers have not been spared as they were at greater risk of contracting the disease which spreads through contact with bodily fluids. There is no known cure for the infection.

Ebola has killed a Liberian doctor while three health workers from Sierra Leone and the USA were flown back to their countries after contracting the disease.

Charimari is the head of disease prevention and control at the World Health Organisation (WHO) Zimbabwe country office.

Health and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa said Charimari’s trip to West Africa was part of Zimbabwe’s efforts to offer a helping hand in the fight against the deadly infection.

“One of our doctors, Charimari, is now in West Africa to help other doctors, specialists and other health workers to combat the spread of the Ebola outbreak,” Parirenyatwa said in Gweru last week during the handover of the Gweru Provincial Hospital’s casualty ward constructed by Unki Mine.

Parirenyatwa said Zimbabwe was also on high alert to avert an Ebola outbreak in the country and had posted surveillance teams at all border posts. He added government was co-ordinatingits activities with its regional neighbours.

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  1. Have you lost your mind guys. You are going there to import this deadly disease back to us. Iwe Charimari ndiwe uchanozvigona here.

    1. Pane mari apa, zvirinani kufa wamboita ma$$$ Kikikikkkk.

  2. Yaa chimwe chaachivindi, yes we understand some of the triumphs which included that operation of the Siamese twins, but Mr. Charimari be careful for you have two possible things you have flown for.. and you will surely bring one… hoping it not be the deadly disease, but a solution…. asi chikakubata ikoko hameno hako surely you will not come back… good luck

  3. This guy will bring back the ebola virus.

    1. sure he is mad

  4. aerial production

    lets hope he wont brink back this virus home.

  5. He should be quarantined for one year on his return.

  6. akomana tavekuzopera manje shuwa shuwa Lincon unoshura kuiita kunotitsvagira hako

  7. Do you stop fishing because a river is crocodile infested. If you are not prepared to take risks you will never make it in life!

  8. A good move. We need people with hands on experience when Ebola eventually strikes us.

  9. Don’t worry guys God wll protect him also he will be learning something from there,let us keep on praying for him.Being united in prayer nothing will harm him.Also pray for those nations.

  10. Our heavenly father we come before you this morning, to ask you to protect our Zimbabwean doctor who has gone to West Africa, please God may he not contact the disease at all and We pray that he will not bring the deadly virus to our precious Zimbabwe. My God, My Jesus I know you are the creator of this earth and everything in it is yours and all power to heal or kill is in your hands. May your mercies be shown, may you put to an end this disease in the name of Jesus I pray Amen.

  11. Looks like his office called and if anything, nothing really wrong with humanitarian work, BUT EBOLA!! Pane confusion kuvazhinji yokuti Makandiwa ndiye Mwari!

  12. thus intrinsic motivated he loves to help if had this spirit tose Zim ndai irikumberi thus being professional ramba vakadaro fight this ebola thing

  13. Every situation has a reason, ngatingo munamatira Mwari vane chikonzero nazvo kuti aende ikoko kunobatsira

  14. I thot vana wezhira vakadzidza or this Don guy is a bastard.
    Ebola yabatana papi na Prophet Makandiwa mweya werima uri pauri unotoda prayer.
    Shame on you!!

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  16. saka isu variko hamuchatide ukoko. there are ove a hundred Zimbabweans in Liberia working in civil society and working towards making Liberia a better place including risking our lives. theres no madness uti someone is coming to help.

  17. When he graduated as a doctor in 1988 and his collegues were going into private practice, he as labouring in government hospitals. Asked if he was going to open a private practice, he said ” I did not become a doctor to make money but to heal the people”. When his collegues were driving fancy BMWs and Mercs, he and his family were tottering in a Mazda 323. itai basa raMwari Tembo sekudaidzwa kwamakaitwa. Tinokuonai madzoka muri vatano Zvimbakupa Samaita. Jehovha Mwari vakuchengetei.

  18. @mandi Tembo, regai vakadero vanoropodza zvisina maturo Vasina chokwadi chizere….. ignorance is bliss, you can’t keep a good doctor down. For those judging and cursing Dr Charimari, have you ever been without hope? Dai irihama yako yarwara, would you not want a doctor to sacrifice their all to save your relative? This man has a family and being a doctor is not just his job, it is a calling to save lives, to give hope. Bravo Doc! Dai Mwari vakukomborerai imi nemhuri yenyu, May He hold you firm with His hand that the enemy or the disease shall not prevail over you. Tirikukubatai mumiteuro yedu day and night. Mazvimbakupa, Tembo, Manjenjenje Ganda revasikana Hekani Mwana waChivara!

  19. shamwari b careful…f u bring back this virus haipere yakadaro…ol th best

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