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Separated twins still in hospital


ZIMBABWE’S second set of Siamese twins to be successfully separated by local doctors at Harare Central Hospital last month are still in the intensive care unit (ICU) although their condition was said to be stable.


Pediatric surgeon Bothwell Mbuwayesango told NewsDay last week that the Chitiyo twins, Kupakwashe and Tapiwanaishe, were still being kept in the ICU for their complete recovery.


“The twins are still in hospital and doing very well,” Mbuwayesango said. “We are still keeping them in hospital to see that their wounds heal completely, but they are doing very well.”

The twins were born on April 22 to a poor Murehwa family sharing the same liver and were separated in July.

They were conjoined from the lower chest to the upper abdomen and were delivered through caesarian section at Murewa District Hospital. They were later transferred to Harare Central Hospital where a team of at least 50 health professionals joined forces to separate them. The twins’ vegetable vending father, Moses, confirmed that his sons were in good health. “The boys are still in hospital. I visited them yesterday (Wednesday). They were looking good and healthy,” Chitiyo said.

“They are progressing well, what is left is for the wounds to heal completely, but they are doing very well.”

President Robert Mugabe visited the twins soon after the historic operation and commended local doctors for excelling under difficult working conditions. The country’s first successful separation of Siamese twins was conducted in 1983.

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