Pictures: Mugabe throws lavish party . . . as economy grinds to a halt

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday threw a lavish party at State House to celebrate his Zanu PF party’s resounding victory against MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai in last year’s harmonised elections at a time the majority of the population is reeling under grinding poverty spawned by the economic meltdown.


In his more than an hour-long speech, Mugabe said he was confident the economy would rebound soon courtesy of several interventions his party had introduced.

President Robert Mugabe addresses the crowd.
President Robert Mugabe addresses the crowd.

“Yes, people may say the economy is grinding, but as long as you have your initiator in the right place, and you know you are getting and injecting the resources into the economy, the machine will in due course start to grind faster and faster until the rate of grinding reaches what you desire,” Mugabe said.

Since Zanu PF romped to victory last year in an election whose outcome was dismissed by Tsvangirai as “a monumental farce”, the economy has been nose-diving at an alarming rate.



July 31 marked exactly a year after Zanu PF romped to victory in a poll the ruling party equated to the watershed 1980 election which ended nearly a century of white rule.

Zimbabwe is grappling with massive deflation worsened by a severe capital flight as both local and international investors continue to lose confidence in Mugabe’s leadership.



Unemployment rate, according to unofficial statistics, was now soaring above 90% with the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union claiming that over 400 workers were being laid off every week.

Economists and the opposition MDC-T have accused Mugabe’s government, which was also struggling to pay its 230 000-strong workforce, of failing to revive the economy, accusing it of being clueless and too engrossed with internal succession political fights instead of finding ways to fix the economy.



Zanu PF factions pitting Vice-President Joice Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa are battling to succeed 90-year-old Mugabe at the party’s December elective congress. But both have denied harbouring Presidential ambitions.

Mugabe’s wife First Lady Grace has already thrown her hat into the political ring as she seeks to lead the powerful Women’s League which will give her a ticket to sit alongside her husband at the apex of the party decision-making body — politburo.



The Zanu PF government was also struggling to raise the $27 billion required to fund its much-vaunted but discredited economic blueprint policy, Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation.

Tsvangirai recently described the deepening economic crisis as a “high security risk” and “a ticking time bomb”, adding that the MDC-T was ready for national dialogue aimed at rescuing the sagging economy.

But Mugabe yesterday said people castigating him over the free-falling economy were ignorant of the amount of resources Zimbabwe had and what his party was initiating to resuscitate the economy.



Mugabe said the celebrations were synonymous with the independence celebrations of April 1980, adding that his party’s victory in last year’s elections marked “the end of a unity government with agents of Western imperialism that were bent on derailing Zanu PF policies.

“Even today, they (MDC-T) haven’t accepted that they lost. They claim that the elections were rigged, but how, they can’t explain. Our support comes from the people.”

He blasted the West for its deafening silence while civilians, mainly, women and children were being attacked by Israel in Gaza.

He said of the 1 300 people who have died, 93% were women and children, but United States of America President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron had kept quiet because they had no economic interests in Gaza.



He said the Western countries only reacted when their interests were at risk, adding that they attacked Libya because they wanted oil.

“That is really a spoiler to international relations. How can there be peace in the world when such things are allowed to happen?” Mugabe queried.

The veteran Zanu PF leader said the West could not lecture Zimbabwe on human rights issues when they were the biggest perpetrator.



  1. He is a fool.
    He celebrates an election victory when of only 3million Zimbabweans who vote.
    Why is he prohibiting 6million more eligible Zimbabwean adults to register and vote?
    Democracy my foot.

  2. Rega mdhara afare. Itawo party yako kumba kwako.

  3. @yogina
    you are correct. It is Mugabes policy to make sure noone from wards peceived to be Mdc registers to vote through limited supply of Zec staff or manipulation of voters roll.
    Also with the abuse of voters slips awarded only to his party sympathisers, we might as well go to bush to fight for democracy and independence.

  4. kana kuita party zvogobatsirei munongoenda kutoilet……nonsense

    1. Comrade itai mushe manzwa..wake up and smell the coffee. Murikushoresa musangano.

  5. Robert Mugabe was the first African leader to recognize the Zionist regime of Israel. He is a close bosom friend of Benjamin Netanyahu who assisted him with his Mossad security organization called Nikuv to rig the July 2013 elections. This old nonagenarian is still mourning the butcher of Libya there years after his demise! Why? Apart from the five camels the savage dictator gave him, what else did he benefit from the murderer of Libya? I bet he must have been given billions of dollars. Otherwise why does Mugabe weep louder than the bereaved? The Libyans themselves celebrated the demise of this barbaric homicidal maniac .

  6. yogina u are useless n idiotic econet 9 million subscribers yes bt are they all legible uri benzi even all Nigerians n Chinese wth econet lines u want them to vote including those zimbos below 18.

  7. so what can we do about that nothing, however GOD is watching so closely and will one day hear the cry of his people. maybe as zimbabweans we havent cried enough that is why pharoah is still having his way on us.

  8. In Africa politics is business. Same to this business of being a prophet and prophetess.Look at Cde Chinos busy enjoying.Zvepasi rino zvakaoma,mukoma wedu Tsvangi vakatsikwa konzi sori maningi.Economy ?

  9. In Africa, as long as there is food in the presidential palace, the economy is sound. That is according to the gospel of leaders like President Mugabe. He is reported to have said once during a maize meal shortage: our people have bad eating habits. If they don’t have corn-meal, why don’t they eat potatoes?

    Imagine all Zimbabweans deciding to eat potatoes just for one day, where will the potatoes come from? The country does not even grow enough potatoes to feed Harare alone for two days. And the pathetic thing about this celebration is that it is a party event being celebrated at taxpayers’ expense. Yes, the economy will collapse, but who cares as long as the Chefs are getting fatter and the taxman invades those selling tomatoes at the people’s market while the diamond moguls remain untouched.

  10. SADC leaders and international leaders who attended?Kusanyara tibvirei kumhepo!

  11. “Yes, people may say the economy is grinding, but as long as you have your initiator in the right place, and you know you are getting and injecting the resources into the economy, the machine will in due course start to grind faster and faster until the rate of grinding reaches what you desire,” Mugabe said
    Ndokuti kudiyi ikoko. How can he talk of injecting the resources when companies are closing down every day? Musoro hautore zvakanaka. Utaura kunge ndiwe wakavaka nyika ino seyi? Hapana chauziva. Zibenzi re munhu. Kusanyara nyika yave kushandisa multi-currency regime nekuti hauna chauziva.


    Israel is defending itself from attacks from a terrorist organisation known as HAMAS(Harakat al-muqawama al-islamiya). Hamas, is using civilians as shields. HAMAS dug tunnels from Gaza into Israel with the intention of attacking Israel. The intention of Hamas together with some members of the Arab league was/is to get rid of the Israelis forgeting that God gave the Israelis the land they are currently occupying. America is against terrorism and countries that harbours terrorists. As long as HAMAS refuses to go to the negotiating table more and more pple will continue to die.

    1. Saka muZimbabwe arikuita chiHAMAS(Harakat al-muqawama al-islamiya) ndiani??
      Uri kuedza, kuattemper kuit chii??

  13. celebrating a rigged vote kusanyara kwemadhara. shame on you madhara


    I challenge the ministers to go to the industrial areas and see for themselves. Maybe the ministers are not doing their best. They are ‘feeding’ the leader with wrong information. As ministers once you fail to perform, the burden will be on the leader. School leavers are selling fruits and airtime to make ends meet, the time shall come when no one would buy what these school leavers are selling. What is needed right now are prayers. With God everything is possible.


    African leaders have no conscience at all.They support each other politically but not economically.Mugabe shamelessly throws that party as AU & SADC helped him destroy Zimbabwe.He is celebrating the destruction of the country.Then idiots believe the evil man’s wild rhetoric on our economy.
    How can Zimbabwe cry about sanctions when the whole of free Africa is behind us?
    We are surrounded by hypocrites. ZANU PF gvt continues to buy arms of war from China but no country in the whole world is threatening to fight us.

  16. Celebration for people to suffer more. Mugabe does not care for the people. We are tired of his hate speech against the West. Gaddafi was another dictator like him that’s why he is crying about his friend. The oldest and cruel leader in Africa.

  17. Munhu mukuru asinganyare. Kudya vana vachifa nenzara. Yakanga iri party yeNIKUV.

  18. revolt, period!!!

    rise up against the rotten system, and stop these nauseating perenial complains

  19. The guy is stuck in the archaic politics of Cecil John Rhodes.Even the 1980s politics don’t apply to the current situation.What a pity the oldman thinks he is growing young & young everyday.But the EU will not throw their money into a bottomless pit Zimbabwe.It is all because of this old,useless man.He has no shame throwing a useless but expensive party while the economy is in a shambles.

  20. Three things are possible:-
    1) The old man does not want to be advised correctly, lest he has nightmares that last for a year!
    2) His advisers are working to finally burst him out of the state house seat!
    3) The old man just no longer cares. How can one remember voters who did not vote for him?

    Zimbabweans let us be honest, for the old man the presidential seat is a personal project, nothing to do with Zimbabweans. Listen how unco-ordinated his speech is “Yes, people may say the economy is grinding, but as long as you have your initiator in the right place, and you know you are getting and injecting the resources into the economy, the machine will in due course start to grind faster and faster until the rate of grinding reaches what you desire,” Mugabe said.

    Eish!!!!!!!!!!! My foot!!

  21. They should have been looking for solutions. Inga vanhu vakadhakwa zvekufa kare just after the elections? It is now time to WORK…and not to party.

  22. They should have been looking for solutions. Inga vanhu vakadhakwa zvekufa kare just after the elections? It is now time to WORK…and not to party…

  23. WE WILL NEVER BE A COLONY AGAIN… and we have generals dressed in western style formal military wear, flanked by ministers in western suits standing in front of a western made Mercedes Benz and a house with western pillar architecture…. hypocrites

    1. We are not a Colony. Are you saying that shaking-off colonialism means going back to a century back? We are not a colony but are moving with the times. Of course some dress codes are kind of funny horsehair wigs worn by judges ( or is it now sisal??)

      Cars: Well, thats something else. I see no reason why “revolutionaries” should have pompus cars. They should show lots of humulity instead.

    2. Do you realise that the president puts on that shirt very often??

    3. Warped brain cells. This man is now useless!

  24. newsday r picture are untitled ??????????


    @SELELE, verenga article zvakanaka, fifth paragraph from the last and then read my comment.

  26. like father like sons

  27. God bless Zimbabwe!!! i love my nation……may the Lord of David,Abraham,Solomon bless my beloved nation…….Zimbabwe for ever #zvinonaka chete

  28. Chengozi Goritoto

    Ko uyo ndiSulumani Chimbetu here ? IMBOKO MFANA IYEYE.Manje akatamba nembutu anotisiya manje manje fanika kwaakutambira kwa ‘ don’t teki foto’, kunonyudza.

  29. Ndaneta nezvamugabe.hadzichakakata.this was a none event.Airtime yenyu vabereki.Next

  30. once upon a time they was a country so called Zimbabwe, now called Zanu PF. food for thought

  31. ᴡʜᴀᴛ Aᴍʏ sᴀɪᴅ I ᴀᴍ ɪɴsᴘɪʀᴇᴅ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ᴄᴀɴ ɢᴇᴛ ᴘᴀɪᴅ $7961 ɪɴ ᴏɴᴇ ᴍᴏɴᴛʜ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴘᴜᴛᴇʀ . ɢᴏ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴇʙsɪᴛᴇ

    ➨➨➨➨➨➨➨➨ MUMjOB.ℂOM

  32. war veterans would have celebrated better if their children”s school fees had been paid as per the promise

  33. Mugabe and his cronies are making a joke of poor Zim people especially civil servants, the majority of Zim society has been largely brainwashed to believe and love Mugabe’s madness way of thinking! Zim wat a sick hopeless state! To the supporters and patriots sorry you are all doomed!!

  34. pauro ndiwe benzi hw many foregnrs is zimbabwe less than a milli!

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