JW convention ends on high note

HISTORY was made yesterday when a bumper crowd of about 82 409 people attended the first Jehovah’s Witnesses International Convention in Harare.


The crowd that included 3 600 delegates from United States, Germany, Brazil and other countries was treated to various captivating talks urging the followers to strict adherence to Bible principles and teachings.

The convention was the first of its kind to be held in Zimbabwe and the only one in Africa this year.

A member of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ governing body, Jeffrey Jackson and his counterpart Isaac Murray who were guest presenters said the historic event was attended by representatives from 30 other countries across the globe. Missionaries and fulltime servants from Zimbabwe also attended the inaugural event.

In reference to the challenges facing the world, in particular the political, social and economic challenges, Jackson said: “People shouldn’t worry about the problems they are facing. They shouldn’t also be anxious about their future as this system of things is coming to an end.”

He also urged followers not to serve many masters such as material things but focus on seeking God first.

“You must pray incessantly and put your worries to our Heavenly Father Jehovah,” he told the cheering crowd.

Convention organiser Effort Mugabe said Witnesses from Zimbabwe had benefitted from the spiritual feast during the three-day event.

“Never before had anything like this ever happened in Zimbabwe. History has been made. We are happy that the International Convention in Zimbabwe has been a success. We are grateful to everybody that assisted in its running,  including government,” Mugabe said.

One of the Witnesses, Caleb Mafoshola said he had benefitted spiritually from the programme and felt encouraged by other Witnesses.

At the closing ceremony, both foreign and local delegates broke down after being overcome by emotion saying a spiritual paradise had manifested itself during the three-day convention.

There are 42 000 Jehovah’s Witnesses in Zimbabwe and 7,9 million globally spread over 118 000 congregations.


  1. Pakuzoti Mugabe organizer apo uuuuuh!!!

    1. not Robert but Effort Mugabe hope you will able to clarify thanks

    2. Efort Mugabe the ogernizer sames surname he is 1 of jw

  2. we thank you Jehovah our God

    JEHOVAH : 100, SATAN : O

  4. Wonderful, wish we could be there! Sob sob. Can’t wait for our 1st Shona Convention here in Johannesburg 3-5 Oct

  5. Jehovah, let will be done.. the end is getting close.

    1. “the end is getting close” – how close? Because they’ve been saying it “is getting close” for well over a 100 years.

      1. How close? Jesus said the end would be like the days of Noah. How long did Jehovah God give Noah’s generation? A Jehovah’s Witness can tell you. We don’t know the exact day or our, we just believe God and his son when they tell us through the Bible that it is coming soon.

  6. Jehovah, Let your will be done.

  7. ...Bro Farai Mbedzi

    thanks to our heavenly father Jehovah the only true God, who is worth worshiping, for gathering us with our brothers and sisters from different countries. We enjoy the event. And we will remember them ALWAYS

  8. Now that’s what a church gathering should be like. Believers gathering to do their thing whilst us non believers go on with our lives without being disturbed by unnecessary canvassing (e.g. billboards and car stickers), shallow promises (e.g.”if you come you will be healed even of AIDS”.) and stupid threats (e.g “touch not my anointed” crap.)

  9. We are committed to the application of reason and science to the understanding of the universe and to the solving of human problems.

    We deplore efforts to denigrate human intelligence, to seek to explain the world in supernatural terms, and to look outside nature for salvation.

    We believe that scientific discovery and technology can contribute to the betterment of human life.
    I don’t believe in religion. As a secular humanist, this is what I (and people like me) believe:

    We believe in an open and pluralistic society and that democracy is the best guarantee of protecting human rights from authoritarian elites and repressive majorities.

    We are committed to the principle of the separation of church and state.

    We cultivate the arts of negotiation and compromise as a means of resolving differences and achieving mutual understanding.

    We are concerned with securing justice and fairness in society and with eliminating discrimination and intolerance.

  10. I don’t believe in religion. As a secular humanist, this is what I (and people like me) believe:

    We are committed to the application of reason and science to the understanding of the universe and to the solving of human problems.

    We deplore efforts to denigrate human intelligence, to seek to explain the world in supernatural terms, and to look outside nature for salvation.

    We believe that scientific discovery and technology can contribute to the betterment of human life.

    We believe in an open and pluralistic society and that democracy is the best guarantee of protecting human rights from authoritarian elites and repressive majorities.

    We are committed to the principle of the separation of church and state.

    We cultivate the arts of negotiation and compromise as a means of resolving differences and achieving mutual understanding.

    We are concerned with securing justice and fairness in society and with eliminating discrimination and intolerance.

    1. How’s that working for you ? Look what divine justice and JW’s actually applying Bible principles can do! Peace and harmony because we worship Jehovah.

      1. It’s working out just fine for me, and for you as well, it’s science and scientists that are resposible for technology such as the computer and internet, not your outdated book full of errors called the Bible.

        The bible is full of mistakes and is a book full of nonsense.

        Go and pick up a book on The Big Bang and Evolution and you will see how we came to be, not by reading the creating myth in Genesis!

        1. please if you can be so kind point out these mistakes you have found or are you just repeating what someone else said and accept it because it is convenient?, please do not deceive yourself, I have been reading the bible now for almost 30 years been through it around 7 times and do research sometimes it is simply a matter of looking up words in a bible dictionary (since it was originally written in Hebrew greed and some Aramaic) sometimes it means getting backround knowledge of the era your reading about. and your giving credit for science to men, who gave man the ability to ask questions of the earth and all its wonders and come to understand them? how come if accidental changes in animals happen making the animal better over time cannot be repeated with intelligent direction but accidental alterations can make meaningful changes? this so makes no logical sense. I have read many books and see many documnetaries about evolution how the dinos came about how they disappeared and frankly much of it is personal opinon and speculation. there are way more questions than answers I would not base ones whole life and development and hopes and dreams on something that is based on speculation and opinion without at least checking out other alternative explanations first if you haven’t done so already.

        2. Suzy, while I appreciate the things Science has done when put to GOOD use, NOT in creating implements of warfare, I think you need to examine the Bible carefully for yourself. Questions: What errors have you found in the Bible? What nonsense have you PERSONALLY found in the Bible? What solid evidence do you PERSONALLY have for your claims? Could it be a case of your not TRULY understanding the Bible?
          BIG BANG and Evolution! Uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm! What proof do you have that such things took place? Why do Scientists Evolution called a THEORY as opposed to a FACT? A theory is a SUPPOSITION or a system of ideas intended to explain something. Hence, NO FAIRMINDED person could say that Evolution or BIG BANG is a FACT. These CANNOT be PROVEN. Creation truly makes more sense.

          1. Correction: Regarding Evolution, the question was to be written as: Why do Scientists refer to Evolution as a THEORY?

      2. Donna, please. Is this putting water or gas on the fire? let Jehovah fight his battles (vengeance is mine), that is not our job, our job is to talk to people about the kingdom. Period. while we can defend ourselves, this person was not attacking you as an individual, she was dismissing the author of the bible. You know you will not sway this person with words, so why bother trying to create an argument which will only generate negative feelings? Romans 12:18 🙂 but im sure you ment well

  11. Only people with really love theyt the neighbour n true religion

    1. Jehovah’s Witnesses are *not* the only religion that love one another. They are *not* the only religion that does not go to war. They are *not* the only religion that preaches.

      What proof do you have that the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society is God’s Organization? Proof from the Bible alone please.

  12. I was blessed and looking forward for morev

    1. Regarding Evolution, the question was to be written as: Why do Scientists refer to Evolution as a THEORY?

  13. thank u Jehovah,we truly believe tht only u cn bring permanent solution to all human prblms,true ar th words of wise king solomon whn he said “man has rulled man to his injury” this hs bn proved thruout centuries wth diff gvmnts tkng turns to rule……th result hs always bn th same….worsening situations….yes may yr kngdm come

  14. david hachinamwe

    we thank our loving father Jehovah n his son Jesus Christ for this spiritual banquet. We believe and apreciate that the Kingdom of God ALONE is the panacea to mankind’s ills. LET IT COME.

  15. Thanks to jehovah for a successful event.im proud of being his witness.truly it was a historic event. Dai isina kupera

  16. great words thank you …..but pakuzoti effort robert bob mgabe abvepi munhu iyeyu

  17. Awesome

  18. Thank You Jehovah and dear brothers and sisters…”Keep on seeking first God’s Kingdom!”

  19. 82000 people vanga vari pai chaizvo? (just wondering) one event here or over the convention? how about double counting over the days? munhu apinda one day asazoitwa count next day here? Because if they 49k in Zim, nad 3k from other countries, how does it come to 82k?

    1. thank yu Bonyo for that observation of figures. I believe I may be able to assist yu on this. NSS has a carrying capacity of 60 000.this only applies to those seated on terraces .If yu look closely on the picture(in this Newsday article) there are people seating on the turf(excluding grass areas) and also the areas outside (behind bay 24) and the training ground outside was used to accommodate many people. on the issue of double checking also its not that only a single person is used to count people rather many are allocated to count people in a single bay. eg about 10 ppl count people in each different bay.How they reached 82k? +40K who are “baptized” are the ones refereed only here not taking into account their unbaptized children and family members as well as those who voluntarily attended . 82 000 ws jus a figure for one day. I hope you no longer wondering and thanx for noting that

    2. It’s not an estimate. Actual count twice a day. Some were outside the stadium. some sat on the loan and the track

    3. They were sitting on the track and outside the stadium. Its single attendance per day. 82 000 for sunday

    4. many people who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses come to the conventions . For a month before the convention the public was invited to come and see , listen and learn from the Bible.

  20. Thank you Jehovha for the Your great love. as the convention was a blessing . Wish our delegates safe journeys back to their countries and may Jehovha bless

  21. Thank you newsday for the balanced and objective reports before and after the convention. i liked the way you captured the main points. i also want to thank the government for deploying police to manage the traffic for us wow this was the first time i saw disciplined combi drivers joining and following queues. what a job well done!!!!!

  22. Tarisai Jasiele

    History has been made, Thank you our heavenly father, may Jehovah continue to bless our efforts despite so many problems we face. Travel well delegates!!!! see you in paradise under your fig trees or mine!!!!

  23. I really enjoyed the program, for the past 3 days i was so excited as if i was in real paradise. Thank you Jehovah! Kunemi hama dzangu zvapupu ndinoti, let us all implement what we have been taught in our day to day life, and remember that we are in extra time so no time to save 2 masters

  24. @bonyo
    The 49k is for baptised and active publishers only and not those who just attend church. I hope your numbers will add up

  25. What an amazing display of international unity and true Christian love! <3

  26. I think u miscounted. These guys were well over 90 000. I use byo road to work. These guys are very mature disciplined and above all humble. I just loved the way you praise Jehova not a fellow human being. You pray, wish and show love to others. Keep it up.

  27. thank you Newsday for your coverage of this important occasion and the activities prior to the convention. in a way you helped publicizing the king and his kingdom.

  28. we thnk yu lord fo this

  29. thank you jehovah we were in a spiritual paradise.
    I AM proud to be one of Jehovah’s witness

  30. brave chirarapasi

    tinotenda baba vedu Jehovha vanoramba vachiita kt chokwadi chirambe chichiziviswa mumarudzi ose.

  31. collen mazombwe

    Thank you Jehovah, for glorifying your name

  32. philmon mkwakwa

    Thank u Jehovah, for the lovely convention the brothers and sisters enjoyed in Zimbabwe.

  33. we thank you Jehovah each day and each night. I’m very happy to be one of JW. I’m no longer following Worldly per suits that leads into distraction. Such things as politics, worshiping a person as if he is God (idolatry). Being unjust to my neighbors and doing things so as to be seen by the world , which is fast passing away.

  34. Our daughter was a delegate at the convention. She sent pictures back from all the brothers and sisters she was meeting and we here in San Diego, California, were enjoying seeing our brotherhood. May Jehovah bless you all, dear brothers.

  35. @Suzy. Well thank you for using word ‘believe’…actually it requires faith to believe in science…just like christianity…e.g there is no scientific proof on how lifeless things turn on into having life(as mr Darwin wanted us to believe). Science helped us to be were we are but it cant solve man problem like bad healthy and death. Religion is confined to humans why ? Why in every continent to time indefinate even your forefathers know there is God ?…Humans know that there is God naturally…. by default …just as u know eating soon after birth u did need science….but some built faith that there is no God….so its a matter of which faith you like to pick. Thats why we have scientist who believe in God and so who dont like the one u follow.

  36. Thanks to the almighty Jehovah God,thow papanevanhu vakawanda hatina kumbonzwa tsaona.secondly thanks to our bro&sisters nekuteerera mirairidzo uye vose vakashanda kuti izvi zviitike zvakanaka,thirdly Jehovah our brother &sisters vatarisirei when they go back to their Countries

  37. glory to our heavenly Father

  38. glory to our heavenly Father Jehovah

  39. Learnmore Nyoni

    this was certainly a historic moment in the life of any Witness present or otherwise. A place with over 80 000 people but the crowds were not controlled by the police, a place with that number of people but with no litter lying around, it was cleaner that it would have been had it hosted even 5% of that figure on non-Witnesses. A member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Governing Body coming from the United walked without a bodyguard, something that cannot be done by some ‘prophets’ from our own country. A place with people of all races sharing snacks, gifts, smiles, hugs, kisses a feat in the modern world full of isms. It was quite a privilege to spend those 3 days in the National Sports Stadium.

  40. thnk yu Jehovah for yo love ,peacy n unity.i wsh to be there but am very hppy for those who attend.about e love we show amoung us,z our ( comand) uniform fro Jesus words,,he say yu must love one anther just as i hve loved yu.@ wasu thnk yu so much fo yor commnt,thnk yu newsday & athers i really apreciate.FRST SEEKING GOD’s KINGDOM & HES RIGHTEOUSNESS.,thn everything wll be added to yu.

  41. I hope we will get re-ignited! That was wonderful!

  42. This was really a momentous occassion in the history of JW’s in Zimbabwe.A powerful witness ws given to the public.Everywhere u go u hear people asking u hw ws the convention,we saw it on TV!! This magnified Jah’s holy name and to non witnesses next time a witness knocks at your door,dont panic same people who were at th NSS declaring gud news…Thanks to Jah.

  43. Reading comments made me feel back home. Thanks to Jehova and the brotherhood

  44. @ suzy Matwewe you must know one fact in life that sciece ONLY connects but not unites human races,but what whas manufested on the JW gathering they where really united by devine teachings!

  45. This was indeed a momentous occasion in the history of JW’s in Zimbabwe.A powerful witness was given to the public as everywhere u go u will hear people saying we saw u on TV…This has glorified Jehovah;s name and to non witnesses, next time a witness knocks at your doorstep,dont panic, we only have the good news to declare to you..Thanks be to Jehovah,God!!

  46. The convention was a Perfect manifestation of the physical Paradise to which we look forward to now more than ever .Many wonder why we exert ourselves in the ministry (preaching) work going from house to house even on the streets, where ever we find people, well the reason is we love Jehovah God and our neighbors.we wish for all to share in this Bond that we share as we strive to become qualified Kingdom Subjects. All glory be to Jehovah!!!

  47. Thank you Jehovah let your name be sanctified. You are the only true God

  48. Zvaifadza sei!!! The unity and love. It was so refreshing

  49. Jehovah is the only “TRUE GOD” we are happy to be his witnesses. Surely we tasted paradise. I argue all to study the bible with help of Jehovah’s witnesses for free and to learn about God’s kingdom.

  50. Ooooh what a wonderful blessing to b 1n of JW!!tinodada zvikuru!

  51. United we stand, was so happy to see our brothers from Sign language giving talks for their fellow and the large number of those baptised. I was there for three days and have been spiritually uplifted. We thank our heavenly father Jehovah for being with us all the way through. Love you all.

  52. “see you any minute in paradise”….it was a spiritual banquet indeed.wangu mwari anonzi Jehovah

  53. thank you Jehovah for your love. i tasted paradise. the convention helps me to see things as Jehovah the heavenly Father do. History has been made sure. How i wish it was an every day thing, no scolding, everything was so perfect, it was refreshing. i truly tasted the paradise how this will be. its high time to change our lifestyle and live in this world like aliens and stop worrying about life problems.

    i was/am touched by this word, see you in paradise, we love you all, tokudai. I will carry Jehovah s name wherever i go.

    i m proud because i am a JW.

    for those who want to know who are Jehovah’s witness please visit website http://WWW.JW.ORG where you can read online or download articles with o expenses.

    on the same site you can fiil in a form to request a free bible study. i long to see you all in paradise.

    thank you Jehovah once more.

  54. We thank you Jehovah God each day and nite for the WHOLE ASSOCIATION OF BROTHERHOOD.
    “Vachaziva kuti ndimi Jehovah.
    3 days in Paradise.
    Thank you News Day.

  55. thnks to jehovah for making this succesful ,we,re happy see you in paradise brothers n sisters

  56. In most church gatherigs there wil b casting of demons or minana bt in 82000 no demon wss cast r found ask yoself .mademon akatzei ega pa82000. True Jehova is always wth us TRUE RELIGION

  57. We truly are a united brotherhood, love is our identifying mark, of Jesus disciples
    I see shocking graphic scenes of , hatred , war in parts of Africa.
    Only our Grand instructor Jehovah can unite us in true peace and security
    I am looking forward to the Melborne, Australia convention and enjoying our spiritual banquet


  58. Rekerwi Learnmore(Zimbabwe)

    it was really great….Emanuel really Jehovah God was with us.Tichamutevera Mwari edu.


    Tanga tiriko fo al the 3 days, fully blessed Jeova we cannot thank u enough, w ask u to b wth the delegates al the way to their homes.

  60. George benhura Magube

    Great indeed.Jehovha the allmight has done it.what a lovely brotherhood

  61. What a joy to hear your appreciative comments, my brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe! I am touched by how many attended your ‘Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom’ convention in Harare, and that it was the first in Zimbabwe. Very nice to hear about the supportive news coverage, too. May we soon rejoice together when the Kingdom makes the whole earth free from bondage to sin and death. What a shout of praise we will give! You have made me feel close to you even though I’m many miles away in Kentucky, USA. Rejoicing with you in our brotherhood!

  62. we thank Jehovah who have been feeding us spiritually for three consecutive day. we enjoyed spiritually and benefited a lot. it was really a spiritual banquet as we had an interchange of encouragement from our brothers and sisters. we really had the time of our lives. love you all. miss the gathering already.

  63. Thank you reporters job well done,for Gloryfying Jehovah’s name in a balancing way,that true l was There for 3days,May Jehovah God keeping on Blessing you work

  64. we thank you Jehovah

  65. Jehovah our God indeed you made your name well known since biblical times.We thank you over and over again for making it known again these past 3 days filled with spiritual days.Pslams 83 ;18

  66. My dear brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe. We were kin to attend the convention but we were asked to put your needs first before ours. We are glad that you had a wonderful and spiritually up building event under Jehovah’s guidance. I can’t wait for 2015’s yearbook. Warm greetings B Zungu from Johannesburg(South Africa)

  67. Blessing Manyanya

    ini hangu ndinoshaya mashoko ekutsanangura…..thank u Jehova…thank u bro Jackson such wonderful talks…thank u Jehova!!!

  68. reading all da above comments brought tears to my eyes.. I was part of that crowd, I tasted paradise for 3 days, I met my spiritual bros and sisters from diffnt countries/cultures, we shared genuine love.. it was so sad to see you go.. “”see you, see you, see you,, paradise, paradise, paradise””.. we shouted these words to you when you were leaving…. am rlly short of words..

    Thank you so much Jehovah,; my family and I will never leave you.. tichafamba nemi kusvika zvanaka..


    I am proud to be a witness together with my family

  70. Thank you so much Almighty Jehovha you are the God of Isac Abraham and Jacob

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