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Jacob Moyana loses child, cancels album launch


MUSICIAN Jacob Moyana has lost his six-month-old baby.

Entertainment Reporter

According to the musician, the baby succumbed to tonsillitis.
“I was told the baby had tonsillitis and I sent money for medication, but you know with such young children they are too delicate and because they cannot talk it may take time to realise the problem,” said a devastated Moyana.

Due to the bereavement, Moyana had to cancel his assignment yesterday where he was scheduled to release a new album.

“I have to travel to Beitbridge where my family is based to be with them. I will, however, be coming back tomorrow (today) so that I continue with my weekend shows,” he said.

“I will have to come up with a new date for the release of the album. I had promised to release a ‘clean’ single, but I have decided to release a whole album.”

The musician has been labelled a pervert for his lurid lyrics that leave very little to the imagination.

Others have shunned him while some clamour for his shows.
He, however, announced last week that he would release a “clean” album for the benefit of listeners that do not patronise bars and clubs.

“I am bitter, my brother,” he said. “I toiled day and night in Harare making what I still believe is good music, but I was never recognised. Now that I have sung something that many think is vulgar I am now popular.

“So this is a dilemma that anyone would be in. Whether to sing the so-called vulgar songs that make me popular and brings food to the table or appease critics and sing music that can be played on radio.
“I have tried radio for a long time and they have never played my clean music, but I will give it another shot.”

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