Transform Zimbabwe challenges Mugabe

NEWLY-formed political party, Transform Zimbabwe has challenged President Robert Mugabe to uphold the country’s Constitution and ensure that people and political parties enjoy the fundamental human rights and freedoms enshrined in the supreme law of the land.


Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, TZ president Jacob Chengedzeni Satiya Ngarivhume said Mugabe should allow peaceful political activities without hindrance, harassment, threats of persecution or the abuse of power by state security agencies.

Ngarivhume said police, at the behest of the political leadership, have been using the Public Order and Security Act with impunity to suppress people’s freedoms.

“At whose behest are the police behaving unconstitutionally and beyond their powers? If it is the President and the
ruling party, then we must remind the President of his first and foremost responsibility,” Ngarivhume said.

“It is to uphold, defend, obey and respect this Constitution and all the other laws are faithfully observed.

“It is the President’s constitutional duty to ensure the protection of the fundamental human rights and freedoms and the rule of law.”

Ngarivhume was last week arrested under Posa together with 12 members from his party for allegedly holding illegal meetings in Harare and Gweru. They were released after being detained for four days.

He said Posa, with its roots in Rhodesia’s Law and Order Maintenance Act, should not be allowed to exist in a democratic society like Zimbabwe.

“We therefore make this promise to the nation that when we form a government following a democratic election, we will repeal all unjust laws, such as Posa, that prevent Zimbabweans from exercising their full human and democratic rights,” Ngarivhume said.

He claimed  his party, with a Christian background, already has a membership of over 100 000 in its first six months after its formation in December 2013.

TZ, Ngarivhume said, would not be deterred by brutal police actions, but such hardness by the law enforcement agencies would only strengthen their resolve to fight for democracy.

On the his party’s plan for resuscitating the country’s dying economy, Ngarivhume said his party was working on an economic rescue plan that would inform the party’s policy direction, adding that the country was in this deplorable state because of bad leadership which his party would address.

He said his party would be different from any other political party, and the persecution they were receiving from the police showed that the ruling party had already discovered the threat TZ will pose to their run to retain power.

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  1. I like the guts this guy has got….we want man with balls to challenge Bob

  2. Tipeiwo maserious pliz.

  3. I think this is a better party, there is nothing new we can expect from existing parties. The truth is they have failed us. we need a new crop of leadership.

  4. Time is now ripe for Zimbabwe to be governed by quality leaders. God is at work now. Jacob Ngarivhume is his choice

  5. The nation has been waiting for something that sounds genuine unlike those flyby night parties that appear during election this seems to be serious business

  6. this is the right party that Zimbabwe was waiting for. handei TZ for life. I love this party.

  7. truly Mugabe has failed. God has heard our prayers brethren. pamberi Ngarivhume, TZ ndizvo.

  8. I like this party.We have been waiting for this for a very long time.Mwari maita henyu!

  9. 2018 ndeyedu machristu!

  10. TZ chikwapuro!

  11. Ummm victory is certain because zvina Mwari mukati.

  12. New generation has come

    woow,this man has been really called by God to deliver Zimbabwe.Guys let us support this move!God has answered our prayers.

  13. TZ ndaifarira mhani. Ko where were you Mr Ngarivhume tichisafiswa nanaMugabe kudai?

  14. neTZ iyi tinoyambuka.

  15. Thank u Lord for TZ. Mwari vatirangarira panguva yekutambudzika kwedu.

  16. viva T.Z viva.. we support you all the way President

  17. Chamangwendere ngwendere, simbi inomedza dzimwe that’s what you are President Ngarivhume. vanozvisiya chete zvigaro zvavo, kwauya chosen generation.

  18. they feel threatened and cornered vaona kuti zva zvinhu zve T.Z hezvo vakushandisa tumitemo tusina basa. Mapurisa siyai vanhu vaenderere mberi ne basa ravo..Viva T.Z viva

  19. President Ngarivhume mapinda mapinda 2018

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