Trae Yung invades the dancehall scene


AWARD-WINNING rapper Trae Yung, real name Tracy Mbeulani proved her limitless by releasing a dancehall single, Hazvina Kumira Mushe.

Andrew Moyo
Own Correspondent

Produced by DJ Helm, the track recorded on the Backyard Riddim at Givanchy Records and was released last week the single is nothing short of an artistic genius.

The powerful lyrics and smooth vocals, with Trae opting to sing rather than rap on the song will surely give seasoned dancehall artistes a run for their money.

The single highlights hardships that are faced by most young people in high density suburbs (Ghetto yuts), leading them to resort to street hustling with some venturing into music in order to survive.

In an interview with NewsDay, Trae Yung said she was inspired to write the song by various situations that were being faced by young people in the ghetto.

“The song highlights some of the reasons why ghetto youths are dropping out of school and ending up hustling so as to make ends meet.

“Some of these kids have lost parents or are from families who cannot afford to put them through school,” Trae Yung said.

The Tafinalizer hitmaker said her art was not limited to one genre as the main goal was to feed listeners with great massages.
“I will keep on making music in whatever genre I feel adds weight to what has already been done,” she said.

Some of the artistes who are also on the Backyard riddim include Soul Jah Love, Kinnah,Killa T and Platinum Prince among others.

Trae Yung won the Best Female Rapper of the Year award in 2012 and 2013.


    • Maybe coz while she is doing her thing u busy hating so it seems lik a mystery to u wen in actual fact its black and white shez great

    • Trae , the name sounds artistic, but I need to feel her sound first before sounding a salvo

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