Dynamos to rein in Murape over Facebook comments

DYNAMOS say they will rein in their captain Murape Murape after his public spat with a section of supporters who are calling for the veteran midfielder to retire.


Murape, using a Facebook account Murape C Murape, earlier this week tore into a club supporter Takesure Kativhu who had posted on Dynamos Facebook page Dembare Dotcoms suggesting that the 34-year-old has reached “his expiry date” and should call it quits.

The veteran midfielder, who is denying that the account is his although NewsDay has it on good authority that it belongs to him, called Kativhu a “misguided idiot whose duty should be to support the club and nothing else”.

The post continues to trend on the social networks, with some supporters saying Murape showed a great deal of unprofessionalism by responding to Kativhu’s suggestion while others are fighting from the player’s corner.

Dynamos secretary-general Webster Chikengezha yesterday said the utterances made by Murape are very unfortunate.

“We are yet to talk to him to find out if it’s his account used, but if it’s his then it will be very unfortunate. As a club we don’t condone such behaviour especially from the team leader and even from our supporters. But I cannot say anything more at this moment because we are yet to get Murape’s side of the story,” said Chikengezha.

The spat between Murape and the supporters comes ahead of Dynamos’ crucial league clash with Black Rhinos at the National Sports Stadium, a match between two teams who appear to be enjoying contrasting fortunes.

On one hand is a Dynamos side currently on third position on the log standings and challenging for their fourth straight title, while on the other hand is a Rhinos side who are third from the bottom and already fighting for dear life.

The hosts have collected 10 points out of a possible 15 in the last five matches and in contrast, Rhinos have managed just five in the period under review.

These statistics alone make Dynamos favourites going into the match, while their opponents hope for an upset win, a result which could be very significant in their relegation dog-fight.

This fixture last season was comfortably won by Dynamos, but Rhinos assistant coach Matsika Ndega is hoping for better fortunes this time around.

“We are not in a position where we want to be at the moment and we have to start winning. I know it will be a tough match, but we have prepared well and we hope to turn the tables after they beat us last season. Everyone is happy, we don’t have any injuries in camp and hopefully we will win on Sunday (tomorrow),” said Ndega.

Last week, Rhinos surrendered a goal lead against Highlanders at Barbourfields and eventually lost the match 3-1. In that match, they missed the services of midfielders Wonder Kapinda and Douglas Mbewe who were suspended for accumulating yellow cards.

More good news for Rhinos ahead of the match is the return to full fitness of their chief striker Lot Chungwa who has been sidelined since May.

“They are very crucial players for our side and their availability widens our selection,” said Matsika.

Dynamos are going into the match on the back of a goalless draw away to Chicken Inn, a scoreline which brought back the team’s strike-force under the spotlight again.

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  1. Fans have got their opinions bt Murape Murape as a player, he can make his decisions whether 2 continue playing or not. Arguing with fans on facebook is a wastage of time.

    1. Mupanduki Aiipa

      Musakanganiswa nevanhu ve Caps kana Kativhu ari muDembare haasi munhu webhora ndewe kuteya mbeva chete uyu. Siyanai nenyaya iyi Monya have got more 10 seasons to play ndokuti Monya ndokuti Dembare!!


  3. KKKKKKkkk Monya for sale. kana munhu apera veduwe apera

  4. monya haana kumbo bvira ari stereki stereki akatambira dembare nekuti anga aneshungu , haunga mufananidza naana claudis zviripayi, loyd mutasa,watson muhoni, kana masimba dinyero chaiye ava vaikwana mudembare , whereas monya aitamba reshungu ari mupfana kusvikira ave senior muteam ave kushandisa shungu ne experience. saka dont expect too much from monya akabvira ari mupinyu

  5. Chikengeza you must note that you are also showing some gross unprofessionalism by commenting before talking to Murape. He is a footballer who needs respect and must be given a chance to say his view point. He may also be unaware of the impact of issuing statements on social media. Making some remarks before talking to him does not in any way help the situation. He may have already realized his mistake and he needs you to support him. He was a refined player who saved you people too well. I am not impressed because if it was his prime time you could have not said a thing. The fact that he has passed his prime does not mean he becomes irrelevant. Lets learn all to be professional and refrain from drowning each other when we are down. Monya could be suffering psychologically inside due to his mistake and your remarks may actually worsen his situation. We are humans we make mistakes. I am kepekepe 100% but feel for Monya became he is a player and he is a Zimbabwean. He gave us exciting moments in the field of play. I prayer for soccer, a prayer for Monya and all soccer funs. Kepekepe bhora!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Monya made a mistake but that does not mean we should ruthlessly condemn him. He is a player who may not be aware of the impact of commenting on social network like Facebook. Chikengezha’s remarks also sounds grossly unprofessional. Monya may already realized his blunder and he may be suffering psychologically and chikengezha’ s remarks may even affect him further. He was supposed to be spoken to first. This is a guy who saved you too well. Lets be human and lets be there for each other. I am kepekepe 100% and I will pray for Soccer, Monya and all supporters. We all make mistakes but we must guide each other and move on. If it was his prime time we could have seen some soft approach. Now that akura you are employing hard tackles forgetting that he game the game joyous moments. Tisadaro hams dzangu. Kuresva akaresva ASI mumwe wedu. Kepekepe bhora!!!!!!!!!

  7. Africanson ari right iwe takuregerera kuti unosupporter team inosvota kuti kepekepe ndokuti MUPINYU, Monya ngaende kucaps

  8. Monya must be man enough and go back to the social network and appologize

  9. Monya sure must apoligise to Dembare supporters , ingawani we hv great players like Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo etc kana vatadza they apologise to their fans wani. Be professional bro,Monya sure reducing yoself by bizzy xchanging words nemasupporters vari kuma grand stands zvavo. Go and stay kuma stands one of the days and hear kuti ndokune yese manje.

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