Dynamos-CAPS United derby a rare tie

RARELY has the big Harare Derby between Caps United and Dynamos come when these two city rivals have the same points.


The two teams come head-to-head this weekend in their first league meeting of the season at the National Sports Stadium, both tied on 26 points.

However, Dynamos are better positioned on the log table, at second position, while Caps is third due to goal difference. And it appears the match has come just at the right time with both teams seemingly going through a purple patch.

Dynamos, who have dominated the derbies in recent years, have collected 10 points from a possible 15.

Statistics show that Caps United are the in-form team in the league at the moment, with their brilliant performances in the last five games giving a return of 12 points.

Their 2-1 win over Chicken Inn on Saturday was their fourth on the bounce, a feat they have not achieved since May 2012 when they recorded four straight victories against Quelaton, Blue Rangers, FC Platinum and Hardbody.

Caps United captain Tapiwa Khumbuyani believes his team is in the right frame to face their biggest nemesis on the local front.

“Playing against Dynamos has always been a big match for us. I can’t remember the last time we went into the match in a position where we are at the moment. The team is really playing well and I think we are mentally and physically prepared for this match. We have never been in a better position to face Dynamos like we are at the moment,” Khumbuyani said.

The two teams have already faced each other this year, in a friendly match christened the ZNA Charity Shield match.

The game was won by Caps United, with Dominic Mukandi scoring the only goal of the match.

However, Dynamos’ dominance over Caps United in the league still stands at five years.

And Dynamos’ vice-captain Thomas Magorimbo, who has, however, seen very little action for his club in recent times, believes his side will continue to dominate this fixture.

“It promises to be a very exciting match for the supporters because the two teams are doing very well at the moment.
Obviously we would want to keep our dominance over Caps United, but it will not be easy. They have already beaten us this year, which shows that they are capable of winning this battle, so we need to improve,” Magorimbo said.

Incredibly, Mukandi’s goal in the friendly match was the first time Caps United scored a goal against Dynamos in all competitions since Kalisto Pasuwa took over as coach at the league champions in 2011.

But Dynamos have scored 10 goals in the period under review.
Three of those goals were scored by Rodreck Mutuma, who made a sweet return with a goal in Dynamos’ 2-1 win over Black Rhinos in a league encounter at the weekend.

Khumbuyani knows the threat posed by the lanky striker, but believes they would be able to shut him out.

“He is a good striker, but we are not looking at individual players at Dynamos. We are preparing to meet a strong team.”
Magorimbo said: “He has a very good history against Caps United, but we need to complement each other if we are to win the match. There is a lot of pressure on us to win the match, and hopefully we will deliver for our supporters.”

Caps United v Dynamos head-to-head league games from 2002:
Caps United FC 1-0 Dynamos FC (ZNA Cup)
15.09.2013: Dynamos FC 1-0 CAPS United FC
19.05.2013: CAPS United FC 0-1 Dynamos FC
26.08.2012: CAPS United FC 0-3 Dynamos FC
28.07.2012: Dynamos FC 1-0 CAPS United FC
24.07.2011: Dynamos FC 2-1 CAPS United FC
19.06.2011: CAPS United FC 0-1 Dynamos FC
14.11.2010: Dynamos FC 0-0 CAPS United FC
02.05.2010: CAPS United FC 1-2 Dynamos FC
19.09.2009: Dynamos FC 1-1 CAPS United FC
13.04.2009: CAPS United FC 2-0 Dynamos FC
10.12.2008: Dynamos FC 1-1 CAPS United FC
16.03.2008: CAPS United FC 1-1 Dynamos FC
22.07.2007: CAPS United FC 0-1 Dynamos FC
06.05.2007: Dynamos FC 0-0 CAPS United FC
03.12.2006: CAPS United FC 2-1 Dynamos FC
09.04.2006: Dynamos FC 1-1 CAPS United FC
16.10.2005: Dynamos FC 1-2 CAPS United FC
22.05.2005: CAPS United FC 2-1 Dynamos FC
07.11.2004: CAPS United FC 1-0 Dynamos FC
09.05.2004: Dynamos FC 1-2 CAPS United FC
13.07.2003: Dynamos FC 0-0 CAPS United FC
02.03.2003: CAPS United FC 2-0 Dynamos FC
07.11.2002: Dynamos FC 0-2 CAPS United FC
12.06.2002: CAPS United FC 0-2 Dynamos FC

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  1. 24 meetings dynomos 9 wins caps 8 wins 7draws since 2002 -2013 this our year kepe-kepe bhora , madhembare anochekwa

  2. kepekepe won in the ZNA semi finals my brother. it was not a friendly match. it was a competetive game. give credit were it is due.

  3. Dembare we nid 7 goals from this match.

  4. dembare bhora

    1. vimisai vee07

      tinozora vakagumbuka fekefeke yatotanga kukara mari yema gatecharges kukwidza kusvika 5usd.tovazora hobho

  5. DeMbare vs Kepekepe what an interesting encounter but we are warning you MaDembare matakadyakare haanyaradze mwana. the above statistics is very true and correct you have beaten us a lot now here comes our time. In the name of Dominic Chungwa, Dominic Mukandi,Hardlife Nairobi Zvirekwi and Taurai Mangwiro. May the lord that made us beat DeMbare 7-0 during the days of Joel Jubulee Shambo, Never Maswerasei Chiku and Friday Amayenge Phiri come again and make us beat these noisy people by the same margin Amen.

  6. KEPEKEPE bhoraaaaa! DeMbare hokoyo

  7. We urge our Glamourboys to beat Fekefeke the Germany way and by defeating Fekefeke you will definitely make my day guys.

  8. alge wekwaChinyerere

    I think the dominance of Dembare was fo 4 yrs not 5yrs as stated coz Dembare only started to beat Caps from 2010-2013, We cant count 2014 as yet, according to yo stats…

  9. Statistics used to work yrs back not this new mellinium. The current humbling of Brasil by Germany must be fresh in the minds of real football lovers. This comming match between the lovely Green machine and Dembare is a new game. View it with old history at your own peril. Bhora Khumbuyani don’t be intimidated by that Mutuma a PSL reject.

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