Civil servants breathe fire over inconsistent pay dates

CIVIL servants unions have urged the government to have fixed pay dates and avoid leaving everything to chance as that was tantamount to taking them for granted.


In an exclusive interview on the sidelines of the National Public Servants’ Day commemorations in Shurugwi last Friday, Apex Council chairperson Richard Gundane said government employees were getting impatient with the constant shifts of their pay dates.

“The issue of pay dates should not be left to chance and workers should not be left guessing,” Gundane said.

“We are aware that it (government) is now going to come up with new dates, which dates I believe have already been gazetted, if not, will be gazetted shortly.
“We have taken the government to task over salary delays to the extent that they now had to gazette new dates because we have said it is not good to keep people guessing when they are going to get their payments.”

Since the beginning of this year, civil servants’ pay dates have been constantly shuffled as the cash-strapped government struggles to meet the huge wage bill which gobbles up about 70% of government’s monthly revenue.

Gundane said the government should come up with pay dates it could honour and pay salaries without delay. Ads

He also dismissed rumours that teachers were not going to be paid during school holidays.

“Last Friday (20 June) we were in a joint negotiating council meeting with government. It (government) indicated that the issue of teachers not being paid during holidays was just a rumour circulating on social media,” he said.


  1. this is diverting attention from e core isue of lower salary of teachers in e region.

  2. You can’t have fixed pay dates when there’s no money, the govt is now surviving in ‘kiya kiya’ mode

  3. just be unemployed like everyone else in Zimbabwe and there will be no need to ”worry about salary dates”

  4. rine manyanga hariputirwe kkkkk

  5. Educated IDIOTS crying for a salary hahahahahahahahAha

  6. Civil servants should brace for months to come with no pay at all rather than worry about pay dates.
    Ndicho chiwororo cheZANU PF ichocho.Hapana achasara.You laugh at & mock Tsvangirai for losing elections but your winners are now letting you down. Zimbabwe shall forever be in a terrible mess with this ZPF in gvt.

    1. mtambara uri dofo

  7. Government, take action against the rumoured Zpf functionaries getting pay from the national purse for doing party work and drastically reduce the fiscal expense on persons who do nothing for government. Then pay the real government workers well, and consistently.

  8. tendai chaminuka

    Muchiri kutombopiwa mapay dates.zvenyu.vamwe havachambozivi kuti kune zvakadaro,vakutoshuwira paye pavaive mashudhabhoyi vachimirira kupiwa hupfu nematemba neka$30 kaitenga apo vachigara mukomboni.

  9. huyai Ku Ziscosteel tikuudzei kuti hamusati matotanga nhamo yacho. pay day!!!!!!!

  10. VaChinamasa maiti munozvigona pamaishoropodza Biti zuva nezuva muchiti Biti arikuramba nemari. Ko chii chamurikuita ichi. Hamunyare. You can rig election but not the economy. Seka zvako Director at Siyaso Mbare Musika.

  11. The good thing is that they have been getting the salaries on a monthly basis.

    Some companies have not been paying their employees on a monthly basis and others have resorted to paying half salaries. Some companies in Zim have sent away their workers away on unpaid leave. Civil servants must be grateful for the fact the government transmits their full salaries before the last day of the month.

    Another factor that these organisations should look into is the work ethic of most civil servants. They could become more efficient in carrying out their duties on a daily basis.

  12. gonakudzingwa

    Ini ZANU PF,the president told us clearly that ‘THE PARTY IS BIGGER THAN GVT.” Therefore ZANU PF workers must be paid on time.Izvi zve macivil servants ndezvaChinamasa nechi hurumende chake.Anyway what does Mariyanda Nzuwa say&does he get his pay on time????

  13. Command Center

    Pamberi neZANU-PF, pasi neMDC, kunyanya MDC-T. kikikikikikikkiki, sekai zvenyu Mhofu, ma1

  14. Its a pity some people today speak of government seeming to be neglecting its workers seeming seeming!!!!Workers should never love their employers to an extent of believing they are equals.The employer always, since time immemorial ,thrives in exploiting and suppressing the worker by all means possible .That is what ZIMBABWEAN CIVIL SERVANTS SHOULD KNOW.If you believe your employer is very good not to love profit ,you are grossly mistaken.You are workers, act like workers not like darlings with the employer.You are mere tools that can be thrown away any time and be picked again any time,perenial victims of the employer’s mood swings, you are mere workers, that you should know.You dont make any law though you have been blinded to believe so.You have no voice because no one has an ear to waste listening to a mere worker.If anyone cared sincerely ,your situation would have been solved a long time ago .BE WORKERS NOT PARTNERS OF THE EMPLOYER YOU CANT EXPECT ANYTHING FROM SUCH A SEEMING PARTRIACHAL MARRIAGE TYPE OF AFFAIR.

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