Zanu PF youths threaten to join MDC-T


DISGRUNTLED Zanu PF youths in Manicaland have threatened to cross the floor and join the opposition MDC-T, accusing the party of failing to honour pre-election promises.


The youths told Chimanimani MP Munacho Mutezo (Zanu PF) during a meeting at Biriri business centre on Sunday that they felt betrayed by the party.

The youths said in the run-up to last year’s elections, the party promised them jobs at the Chiadzwa diamond mining fields, enrolment at teachers’ training colleges and start-up cash for various income-generating projects, among other things.

“We are particularly concerned on why we have been neglected.
They promised us many things before the (July 2013) elections. Now that the party has won the elections, we are being neglected,” said one of the youths who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He said Zanu PF bigwigs, who appeared to be empowering only themselves, were failing to assist the youths in their quest to start income-generating projects.

“They hide by saying the projects and programmes are not Zanu PF initiatives yet we know that the projects belong to the party,” said the youth.

A visibly emotional Thomas Chigiya said the youths were promised jobs at Chiadzwa, but no one had benefited about a year later.

“In fact, there are people from outside Manicaland who are continuously being employed there while the youths here who voted for Zanu PF are wallowing in poverty,” he said.

“Employees at the mining companies who live in Manicaland are being targeted for retrenchment while those from outside the province are protected.”

Moses Mukubva said the youths were promised shareholding in companies as part of an empowerment drive.

“Up to now, we do not have anything to show. They only want us when we approach elections, next time we will say no,” said Mukubva.“We are disgruntled because we cannot access bank loans to start income-generating projects and programmes as per their promises.”

But Mutezo, who is also a Zanu PF politburo member and Energy and Power Development deputy minister, said the ruling  party had already addressed some of the youths’ concerns through its economic blueprint, Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset).

“There is no way we can leave out the youths. That is why the government has crafted ZimAsset so that we embrace their participation in economic development. We are going to fulfil all the promises that we made to them,” Mutezo said.

“I know that there are others that are disgruntled, but we have managed to send some of them to teachers’ colleges. We cannot send them all at once.  We will be picking them up in small numbers.”

Mutezo said he had personally negotiated with diamond mining firms in Chiadzwa so that the youths could get jobs.

“Some of the youths got employed there through my influence. However, I admit that there is much which needs to be done at Chiadzwa so that our youths are employed there,” he said.

Mutezo said youths could start projects like tailoring and poultry rearing, among others, and sell their products in Chiadzwa.

“I know that there are NGOs (non-governmental organisations) that are operating here that are causing confusion. These are the ones that are denying Zanu PF youths access to income-generating projects. From now on, all operations by the NGOs should come through my office as an MP,” he said.

Mutezo also blamed the Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment for allegedly sidelining Zanu PF youths in its empowerment programmes.

“I want to remind the ministry that they should always work with our party office,” he said. “I am told that the ministry is having meetings without consulting the party. This should stop. The government is Zanu PF and whenever projects get underway, the party should also know so that our youths are advised.”

In pursuit of a new trajectory of accelerated economic growth and wealth creation, the Zanu PF government has formulated ZimAsset to stimulate the economy, achieve sustainable development and social equity anchored on indigenisation, empowerment and employment creation.

According to the drafters, the programme “will be largely propelled by the judicious exploitation of the country’s human and natural resources”.


  1. no job creation, in zanupf minds. their mind is full of destroying everything for the benefit of themselves only. you were used my friend

    • Used by who, would u prefer they should have stood by the splintering MDC. They only need to be wary of MDC_T mouth pieces like newsday reporters, who would rather not mention that the MDC has split four times since 1999 whilst ZANU(PF) still stands firm since 1963. Be careful ZANU(PF) youths, your names will be quote for opposition political mileage. Surely who would join a party on its death bed.

  2. You were used . See you in 2018 when more promises will be made with no intention of fulfilling them. I am still holding onto my trillions waiting to cash them as promised by Mugabe

  3. Please people stop complaining – you made your own bed so lie on it. For how long jas zunu pf not kept promises.

  4. When will people learn that promises made at campaigning especially from the ruling party are never meant to be fulfilled. They will only be re-cycled when the next campaign period starts, so to the youths in Manicaland, my advice to you is wait until 2018 for more promises since you put so much trust in them. Projects can be started without the N.G.O’s blessing you moron MP, don’t try to divert attention from your own incompetence.

    • Who knows whether those few youths are from ZANU-PF? They may be stage acting because true ZANU-PF youths do not behave the way they have done.

  5. Idiots will always be idiots….how you expect ZANU PF to help you after it failed helping the nation as a whole for the past 34years. Those monstrously brainless youths got the cream of their self centered motives. A party should be voted becoz it moves for the betterment of tge situation for the nation as a whole not a select few….Now lick your fingers & enjoy, u thot u were very clever when u ignored the obvious kikikiki

    Thank you!!!

    • Reason,you are a shame,very stupid,anyway,zanu pf has never fulfilled its promises and it will never fulfill at all.I was once a zanu pf politburo member but i quited after realising that i was going nowhere, i then joined a Party for excellence MDC T.

      So wake up you zanu pf thugs.

    • tapepuka baba,takaona kuti mabasa atainzi rotai muchava navo after elections,hakuna,ten thousand houses,hakuna,5billion investment fund through indigenization of companies ,hakuna..a year after sleeping zviri nani kudzokera kunorara tozomuka 2018 becoz harahwa dziri in office pamwe dzinenge dzabva ,jogwe rabikwa and jobs will come

  6. go out and beat people coz thats the only thing and promise yo party is gud at. As for crossing to the mdc t its a welcome move since it is the party of choice not forced bt be warned we dont want yo thuggish and barbaric behaviour.

  7. kkkkkk jumping from a sinking ship to a directionless one which has the same fate.Apa panodiwa Malema Style

    • chaminuka what is the direction of Zanu pf? Honestly what does Zanu pf represent ,does anyone know,becoz they seem to be opportunists in everything they do (opportunism is the conscious policy and practice of taking selfish advantage of circumstances – with little regard for principles, or with what the consequences are for others. Opportunist actions are expedient actions guided primarily by self-interested motives-Wikipedia..i have not seen this in the MDC-t but in Zanu PF,land reform ,aippa,100% local content,makore ema jingles aya,now indeginisation?if indeed Zanu pf has direction where does it want to take this Country in terms of policy,at least under gnu we had 5yr plans etc.why is it this party never has a policy that goes beyond 5 years,some parties have a vision for 2030,muno hatina ,the party is always in election mode ,patove nema plans for 2018..but for Zimbabwe we have nothing no policy no vision for 2018 ,well it seems iam asking for too much considering the party is centered on a leader who now lives in the NOW ,because he does not see himself in 2018.rega mhende ati he was an opportunist,this has cascaded down into the party and country.

      • The direction of a sinking ship is down and I bet you agree with me on that.The other directionless one lacks direction in that its policies are made for someone who lives in a foreign land maybe in a yellow submarine who actually does not have the mandate to effect a change through voting in an election.But to cap it all MDC and ZANU (PF) same fanana.Hapana chakanaka kubva kwazviri

    • Taura hako shamwari, people should learn , if you are tricked home and away ,and you still dont figure out, UPSTAIR yako inenge yakafa

  8. zvega zvongoratidza kuti murimadzetse kana kuchikoro handifunge makaenda u rely on Mugabe as if he did something good for this country munemeso asi hamuone…it’s time to grow up.

  9. Shame , shame, shame makaiteyi? I won the elections by myself I created my own voting slips, stopped rampant registration all over the show and I paid nikuvhi a lot of us dollars. So I cant pay double vakomana. This elections was the most peaceful not too many deaths if any at all.

    All you had do was to make use of all the voting slips you were allocated and you got a reasonable pay for a days work. Hazvina pension vakomana.

    I suggest you guys look at the Zimasset document and look where you fit in there are 2 million jobs in that document and if you miss them see in 2018 the number will be 4 million saka fit in. Tese tinebasa

  10. I want the youth in Manicaland to be realistic with their party Zanu PF . What’s new that you want to be stunned by your party’s doing? Why is it that you do as if you have never heard of Propaganda. One of the best policies that your party uses to consolidate its position in power. Don’t you see that its time to open up your eyes to see that Enough is Enough? How stupid are you to continuously believe a same lie every now and then? Its time for us the youth,the generation of the day to fight hard in unity to bring CHANGE to our motherland.

  11. Ko iko kurova vanhu kwamakaita raiva basa doko here nhai vakomana?? Saka imi ndimi mavakuda kurohwa manje..Munofanira kuziva kuti,”ZANU CHIWORORO! HAPANA ANOSARA.. Endai munodzidziswa ku UZUMBA/MARAMBA PFUNGWE tisati tatuma imwe YOUTH kwamuri ikoko..Musada kuti jairira sema civil servants anetsa ne pay dzavo dzisina basa…
    VeHarare ne Bulawayo vanotoziva havo kuti hapana chavo..Mukuru akatovataurira. Kabanga veMasvingo ne Gweru tichaona pamberi apo kana vakaramba vari mugwara. Imi mavakubuda saka tichasangana hedu..Gore rino hapana chakanaka. After all,with NIKUV, we don’t need you vafana…

  12. Ndoo inonzi rakazvirova rikazhamba .Akapusa mazivanhu iwayo, kungoshandiswa badzi, ikozvino vamwe vomacha vachipisa zvinhu zvemapostori.

  13. Tangai madzidza chikoro tozokupai mabasa. Kana musingadi mucharamba muchishandisiwa kunge zvikorobho nevanogona kukorobha. Mukore wekugarira mapromise here imi maYOUTH. Ngwarai. Zivai kuti some people like yourself were created to be fooled by politicians.

  14. HAPANA hapana ,apply to colleges.musangano haukupi O’levevel cert.mutezo akatozviendera ku school ega pasina musangano.musamunetsa ANOTOSHAWO KUTI ZVAMUNODA,,ZVINOTOMBO FAMBAWO SEI

  15. ndiyo size yenyu yamunonyatsokwana,matofo asingadzidze.motongogarira guyo sembwa,zvino mukuyi anobva akokota nekunanzvira guyo rake.muzvipamhidze futi!

  16. These brain dead people will be promised something else next time until they are grey haired.Company shares indeed…for what?for drinking masese and waving fists and beating every one who disagrees with your gwara re musango?Dream on,macomrades…

  17. Stupid youths. You’re Zimbabwean but you opt to be led by a nonagenarian Malawian. What interest do you think he has for this country?

  18. This must be a fictitious news story from Newsday. Who can be so dumb in this day & age to believe anything zanupf says

  19. muchiri kutotarisira ? zvenyu,isu takatosiyananazvo tavakutobetsera mapurisa kanaarohwa nemapositori,toenda tonopisapisa zvinhu zvavo tichiimba dzimbo dzemusangano,tichirumbidza vaMugabe,zvichazouyazvichauya asi tapisa isu hatitariri zvemangwana tiri mazanu chaiwo.Takatomirira 2018 for more …………..

  20. With at least 5 clean ‘O’-Levels INCLUDING MATHS, ENGLISH & SCIENCE you need not to cry for zanu pf to send you to college. Teaching is a profession that moulds our children NOT a resting place for DULL, LAZY, CORRUPTED etc of zanu pf youths. To hell!!!!!!!!

  21. No pace for you killer guys.You are zanu-pf killing machine, so please turn your guns or fists onto those who promised you a new Canaan after elections, otherwise lets suffer together here in Zimbabwe. Mamwe madhunamutuna acharamba achishandiswa like condoms kusvika ati Amen. Viva Zanu-pf Party inogona kushandisa vanhu vasingafungi.

  22. MaYouths you should have asked your fathers if ZanuPf has ever fulfilled its promises before voting and made stomp-troopers of these looters. They don’t even know about you now until 2018 when they come again with those 10usd notes and a voter’s slip and you go for them after taking a bit of zed. Fight them within, make their nights unbearable, their days living hell and that way they will act otherwise joining MDC-T does not help because they can deal with MDC well using their own tactics. Inga they are telling you that they did not need your votes to win, they had it all bagged.

  23. Nn,no,no vakomana,wait for 2018 & we will give you either the sun or the moon..If matters get worse we can ask NIKUV to bring Israel here. With ZANU chiwororo,NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.
    MaZANU haanga shayi basa ivo vanhu vokurova varipo.. Parizvino imbonoverengayi number yema shot sleeve e2008. Hamusati matipa number yacho asi paya makambouraya vakomana,hatishoori..Chete hamuzosviki henyu pa GUKURAHUNDI….
    Siyanayi neve MDC-T vasingazivi zvokurova nokuuraya izvi. Kana NIKUV chaiyo havayizivi.

  24. vakada kuramba vachinetsa vafana ava nekuda kukara mabasa tinovatumira mapostanga manje manje. Dhemeti.!!!!!

  25. Mutezo! Zimaset inoiswa patable here ikadyiwa. Wapfana wanzwa nehurovha ava muchingoti you are embraced in the Zimaset program. kusvika riini?

  26. No, vakomana,wait for 2018 & we will give you either the sun or the moon..Asi for now hamungashayi vokurova ivo vanhu varipo.
    If matters get worse,we will ask NIKUV to bring Israel here. With ZANU,nothing is impossible. Hamungashayi basa vakomana.Ko makanganwa here zvema shot sleeve zviya zve 2008??
    Please,siyanayi neve MDC-T vasingadi zvokurova vanhu. Kana NIKUV chaiyo havatomboizivi.

  27. Mabasa eyi amutikuda. Makatirova nokuda kwekusupporter MDC T muchiti tiri vatengesi zvino kwamuri chashata chii. Isu kuno kwedu tinoda displine anouya aine tsika yechiZanu kwete.
    Wadzidza kusvika papi zvaunoda kuita teacher. Vamwe venyu vanoda kuita maheadmaster iye asina kana O level. Takakuudzai kare Zanu pf inonyeba siyanai nokushandiswa. Vachembera vana Mugabe ava everyday kuheroes nguva yavo yakapera.

  28. metezo zvavatova murwere wepfungwa. sure nekudzidza kwako you are failing to seperate party issues from government issues. hurumende ndeye ma zimbabweans zanu(pf), mdc (t) (n) or (biti). zvekuti youth ye musangano ndiyo chete inopihwa mabasa haunyarewo nazvo here. enda ku singapore uno bviswa ma cataracts kumeso.

  29. There is time lag for creating opportunities and jobs for them! Those who become impatient can go to MDC but will come back empty handed. ZANUPF cannot be threatened by true party cadres who understand the situation cannot be changed overnight, especially when the economy continues to labour under illegal sanctions!

  30. Kunta Kinte you are right, isutagara todakusara nevanhu varisober, mind you black boot haibvisi boots, kana yazomhara pashrine yomoda kutanga musazoti hatina kumboudzwa, bassop basober

  31. munacho anacho checonfusion, govt is for all kwete zpf chete saka dont mislead us. I hear all commettees (irrign, sdc, diptanks, projects, etc) in Chimanmni will be dismised to be replaced by those apointed by him/zpf; akatotanga neNyanyadzi irrign, ndakahwa Chakohwa is in line (kuti igofa seNyanyadz). ….Ko maNGO adii anemayuth here, hanti ndeeparty here. Ko RDC naDA basa ravo nderei kana MP weveta maNGO….? Pliz dont destroy our lives!


  33. Wapwere wemanyika,

    Ehe. Nguwa yaswika yekugeza muikwizira kuti madziso aswinyuke muonewo kani.

  34. Hongu wakashandiswa asi nyangwe zvazvo zanu pf imbavha chete inohwina nyangwe pakavhota 1 munhu,,,, todii guyz zvatava maIsrael pasi paFarao

  35. Well. let them join MDC-T yacho. Ko dai vakadaro last year when switching camps might have made sense pama-election then we would say Ah-Chamuka Inyama. But to raise dust now when there is four more years of work to be done, they are just wasting their breath and even if they do! they will be the same youth’s switching camp again when the election race starts again in 2018. These young men need to grow up and grow a pair.

  36. They should stay with ZANU PF or join Biti’s new party, isu vachematama, do not want to associate with these malcontents.

  37. Youths makapata how can you expect to get jobs at the troubled and shutting down Chiyadzwa.Next time try negotiate for some loans zvirinani not kuti mabasa nekudhakwa kwaita Zimbabwe it does show how uneducated you are u think basa just comes knocking at your door because you are skilled at raising your fist and shouting Pamberi neZanu pasi naTsvangirai lol very sorry maningi ……………..

  38. Mayouth e Zanu kuda kuendepi let umwe ne umwe agare kumba kwavo. u wll poison the peaceful and democratic citizens of Zimbabwe. iwe MDCT ukava gamuchira wairasa.

  39. “I know that there are NGOs (non-governmental organisations) that are operating here that are causing confusion. These are the ones that are denying Zanu PF youths access to income-generating projects. From now on, all operations by the NGOs should come through my office as an MP,”

    What rubbish! No wonder the country is in deep trouble, what with MPs who utter such words.

  40. Open Letter to the Youth
    Always tangai maona kuti hatisikuitwa hwe POLITICAL CONDOM here? Unonzi tichakuendesa pa Teachers’s college. Do you have the required subjects? Kuti uve Teacher achadziidzisa nation unofanira kuva ne the proper documents dzinotsigira izvozvo. Hakuna uye hatidi kuti macolleges edu aitwe zvemaPolitical parties, izvozvo zvinodzikisira fundo yenyika. Mabasa anonzi ari kwaChiyadzwa, i company yaani inezenge ichivhura ikoko zvakare open field mine inoemployed not more than 400people pachiyadzwa. Then imi muripamusangano muri $2000. zvirikureva kuti muripo kushandiswa. Politics dzekuti ndichazokuitirai ichi dzaka sarakare kare. Tinoda munhu aitire vanhu zvinhu then ozovhoterwa. Guys ndosaka mamwe ma MP vaxchiswera vakarara muParliament because vanoziva kuti panopera 5 years vanongodzoka kwamuri nemanyepo then imi busy kupinda mumamisha muchiunganidza nekunyepera vanhu. Ini I have seen vana Morgen Tsvangirayi vachiti ndichazoita ichi neichi but vakapindamo mumaoffice macho, havana chavakaita, busy hey nhasi nemukadzi nhingi mangwa voendesana kumacourts nekuda kwanhingi. Ko nhai Save zvamaiti muchaita this and that, what did you do. Nothing then kune vanhu vanepfungwa dzati worei vanoti nomatter what ndinongoda nhingi. We need to see results from these people. Most of these Politicians vakaenda kuchikoro and they know what is supposed to be done. Ndakamboverenga rimwe artixcle richitaura zvekuti finance minister visit as area in a $100000-00 to answer what happened to the CDF of $50000. He is said kuti akati munondivhunza zve peanuts. Haahahahahah. Noone bothers kuti azobvunza kuti zvakazofamba sei nenyaya dzemaCDF e last term of office yevanhu ivava. Now vanongodzoka muchishandiswa. Zimbabwe needs people vane mind iri developmental. Vanokwanisa kutsvaka mabusiness opportunities ne funding anywhere in the world. Vanhu vari vigillant zvekubvunza ma MPs avo kuti what are you doing, what have you done kubva mapinda mumaoffice. Makadeclarer ma assets enyu here? These perople must be accountable. its high time tachisiya kufamba along partisan lines. zvekuti nekuti zvataurwa nevekwanhinfgi then hazvina basa. Guys ndisaka nyika yafa. Youth haakwanise kundobvunza minister because akabva kuZanu pf because iye ane doctrine re Mdc. Please this is your country nomatter uri party ipi. Chingwa hachisikunzi zanu inotenga chakachipa mdc yodhurirwa. So your actions destroy nyika yenyu and imi ndimi muno suffer. Think and strategise Thank you

  41. What a bunch of idiots. Since when has your party ever deliver on any of its promises? You are just waking up now after all the destruction you participated in?

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