Video: Zanu PF youths burn Vapostori shrine


SOME 100 Zanu PF youths yesterday raided and burned the shrine of Johane Masowe weChishanu leader Madzibaba Ishamel Mufani on the outskirts of Harare’s Budiriro high-density suburb and destroyed all fabrics and clay pots they found on the site, in apparent retaliation for the violent attack on nine police officers and journalists by the sect members last Friday.


Before their raid, the Zanu PF apparatchiks, led by provincial youth chairperson Godwin Gomwe, marched in the streets of Budiriro high-density suburb singing and chanting slogans, denouncing Madzibaba Ishmael and his followers.

Zanu PF youths led by a police officer march to Madzibaba Ishmael's shrine in Budiriro.
Zanu PF youths led by a police officer march to Madzibaba Ishmael’s shrine in Budiriro.

Watch video below:


Three of the 20 followers of Madzibaba Ishamel arrested following the weekend clashes appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with public violence and undermining the police.

The trio of Milton Murinda (38), minor (name withheld) and John Mutasa (40) was remanded in custody to June 16 by provincial magistrate Vakai Chikwekwe. Their co-accused are set to appear in court today over the same charges while Madzibaba Ishmael and several other sect members are still reportedly on the run.




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    • how can the police lead a group of youth to carry out the burning of a shrine?is this not a sign of lawlessness when the police are there to control such things happening,the culprits have been arrested it was best to let the law zimbabwe turning into a sharia state?these youts are not employed and do not have anything to do,hence they can not see that they are being used to carry out such a shameful thing.its really a shame.

  1. This is crazy! Our youths are a shame… Instead of marching for jobs they get involved in cheap politics to the extend of destroying a worship place. Remember, only God is the Judge.

  2. The Herald is saying, Budiriro residents burned the shrine and on the other side, Newsday is saying the ZANU pf youths, burned the shrine. Wotoshaya kuziva kuti zvirikumbo famba sei?

  3. This is now war against christianity, i was not surprised because i knew zanu pf will do such a thing. Tell those so called youths to go look for work.

  4. Youth and that policeman they must also face law for they did its wrong cause they took law with there own hands.

  5. peace begins with us but lawlessness begins with zanupf…why destroying f ther z law…so does dat mean zpf youth ar above e law!!!?ok waz t legal to destroy that shrine?hu gav them that power to go and destroy that shrine?so these cults hav power to do wat ever they want

  6. Honestly, who gave this ndanga guy the power to police other churches? If the allegations against the sect where anything to go by, since some are criminal, the police should have investigated and the culprits arrested as happened to RMG. This ndanga is a politician who has no space in administering a church. Look zpf is involved, for what? Even if criminal activities were committed as alleged, most perpetrators will go free as there was no chance for investigating the offenses and all or part of the evidence is already destroyed. This senior police guy is already stating that the police will pursue the culprits who beat up their folk and not anything about child abuses. What a police force….

  7. these guys are scumbags bent on tarnishing the image of our beloved party and to a large extent the president. how do ZANU PF get involved in all this stupid cat-fight? kana pasowe apa pachinamatwa zveshuwa hurombo kune zvimbwa sungata zvinobvuma kushandiswa

  8. Its clearly Zanu P.F YOUTHS who burned the shrine.vakaisa mutemo mumaoko what is going to happen to them..we wait and see sezvo ana madzibaba vakasungwa.tvse to March for jobs.were u even given kana 5rand for this i wonder kikikiki

  9. Mob rule. Rent-a-mob. Where is this country heading? What has Robert Mugabe, the man of God who recently visited the Pope at the Vatican, got to say about ZanuPF thugs taking the law into their own hands? Once you have party vigilantes/thugs/militias usurping the police then you have problems.

  10. It is a shame that our youth does not have direction . This is an open letter to the responsible authorities. This shows that these people do not have anything better to do than to be photographed at a shrine where nothing of great importance is there other than mbiya nematoilets ehuswa. The energy then spent there , if it was put to good use, our nation was going to prosper. I have been going around the Masasa industrial area and have seen tall grass in premises which once thrived of business years ago. These same youth do not even bother to ask. Who owns the rotting machines in these fence? Who owns these buildings being guarded by a very very poorly remunerated security guard? The other youth in other countries usually turned dilapidated industries to good use and they are reaping the rewards. Some other youth are being innovative, creating platforms of different nature thereby reaping rewards in the process. Recently someone launched something like Zimbabweans Can but it seems youth rush to shameless acts that discredit their country. Munounganidzana kumhanya kunoti mapurisa akarohwerwei. Does it mean to say if the Police fail, they call Youth? Hahahahaha murikunyadzisa nyika. Iwo mapurisa kusanyara here kutotorwa mifananidzo muripakati pemayouth. What I know is if the Police fail they call in the army which will be shooting to kill not to go to a Political party and beg for assistance. Those Police officers who went together with those so called youths are to be charged. Bringing the force to disreput. The world is watching.

  11. You are all found GUILTY as pleaded and 8 months imprisonment on each of you.3 months suspended on Condition that none if you will be charged of similar offence within 5 years.5 months effective

  12. yaaa takakuudzai kuti zanu pf iparty yasatan.this is satan at work.that ndanga guy calling himself bishop is an agent of satan.these signs shall pass before the world comes to an end.all christians must must hold prayer meetings against ndanga.i can see more churches being persecuted,i can see more christans being arrested,i ca see the spirit of satan possesing ndanga and zanu pf

  13. What the so called youth are doing,is it acceptable.Shame on you Zanu Republic Police.showing strength in the wrong way to the wrong people.Batai mumwe nemumwe nemhosva yake.

  14. We dont have a police force in this country but a bunch of idiots. Our country has gone to the dogs. Last months journalists where denied a peaceful march on World Press Freedom Day in the streets of Harare. Now the same idiots who denied media personel their match are proudly leading a group of thugs to go burn n destroy the mapostori shrine in Budiriro

  15. Hawu The Police are now leadings hooligans to commit a criminal acts. Cry my beloved country

  16. Law enforcement agent leading rowdy elements to perpetrate acts of violence and arson? We await to see how the law will be applied.

  17. Good question Wezhira. Maybe they are saying zanu pf youths are the law makers. i want to see how the President and the Minister are going to act on this matter.

  18. Hondo uye kurwa hakukuridzirwi. Asi Vabereki venevana vakapunza runonzi rushanga rwemapostora kuBudiriro ngavakumbire ruregerero kuna mwari nguva ichiripo. Mwari haitirwi manyemwe akadaro.Mhanga chena kuparira parere nhema

  19. Johanes Ndanga must be arrested. The whole issue was corrupted by the officer in charge at Budiriro who was given a bribe to go poke people who are preaching. Regardless of how they do it , is Ndanga clean. who is clean ? To hell with the whole issue. Its very affortunate that Ndanga will regreat this bullshit for the rest of his life, Jesus will punish him and his bootlickers. Musarwadziwe vanhu we , we dont need the Magistrate for this but mwari ndiye achatonga zvake. vanhu vachaurayana.

    • all of us were not there and we are just giving comments basing on what we read.akatanga kurova mumwe ndiyani?mapostori here kana kuti mapurisa?we all dont know coz we re not there.

  20. what the purpose of this march.?will these youths be able to defend themselves against demos from these shrines?please advice vafana kuti ne ma demons vanoonamoto.

  21. kana mapurisa avekutongerwa kurohwa kwavo nemayouth eZANU PF unotoshaya kuti zvirikufamba sei

  22. Saka kana youth yezanu pf yonorwisa mapostori zvabatsirei manje, kunze kwekutsvaka basa nekuitawo madhiri ekuraramisa mhuri, mayouth aya imbwa dzevanhu they don’t have a life. Muchafa muchashandira kuti vamwe varume vagute, nyoka dzevanhu. Murikumba violence yakaitwa nemapostori asi imi muchiita futi, Samatenga honai kani tidavireiwo tatambura muZimbabwe.

  23. yes in maths a minus and a minus gives us a plus but its a fact that two wrongs can not make a right. mapostori vakakurovai yes but imi mapurisa motungamirira vanhu kunopisa shrine ,so who is wrong ,am confused

  24. kutosiya vakuita corruption nekufambira mabasa nanga nanga nemapositori and thusm taking the law into their own hands showsm descrimination, sagrigation nekutongera chitororo ………mayuths enyu ayo regai aite marombe ……mabasa dai akashaikwa kusvika Jesu vauya…….ndafa nekuseka ini

  25. Vamwe vachapenga nekushandiswa panyaya dzavasingazive,vadii kusiya Ndanga auya kuzopisa machira ega.

    • Kwete The Corrector. Me is actually right. A minus and a minus actually gives a plus.

  26. This is a sure sign of the end time.zimbabweans no longer have confidence in ZRP,because it steals hard earned citizens money through bribes and corruption.the corrupt police has also proliferated a pariah and rotten gorvenance system.when the right time comes no power however great will prevail against the will of the majority!!!

  27. Haazi ma youths awo. These are war veterans who died for our country showing their patriotism in intimidating those who are hell bent in causing mayhem and dispodency, not in my Zimbabwe.

  28. Ngavasungwe mahooligans aya. Ko ndoZRP here??? Why Zanu Pf youth are all over like nhunzi????

  29. “Hatidi zvekupiwa order nemapositori”:
    that is definitely the police protesting their humiliation by the Vapositori.

  30. our Zimboe ZRP are a joke indeed,they are said to be Law enforcers and Peace monitors…..what is he doing there leading ZanuPf scums instead of stoping them? That is indeed pathetic and if only l was a resident of Budiriro l was gonna sue The Herald

    • @siba.. Correction he is in front,but definately not leading the group. In actual fact he is being led. When they were beaten that day,they were led there. That’s our police.

  31. i have look at this situation looking at both side iam not happy about it what kind of people marching and demonstrate in church instead of looking towards the future of Zimbabwe because youth is the heart of the country .People in Zimbabwe are suffering poverty striking like lightning why cant we rise up as one nation to make Zimbabwe a better nation

  32. what ever the group is called please do not waste your energy on mapositori issue mend our roads and we want clean water. day wasted

  33. Why are police officers escoting youths who are breaking the law? Have they joined the Zanu militia/youths? It is time we demand and create a national police force not this zanu militia that commit crimes and protect people who are breaking the law. If the mapostori had mobilised and defended their shrine the same police officers would have been in the cross fire.

  34. I do not have the facts yet. Who was the first to hit the other, Vapostori or Mariot Police? I strongly suspect that Vapostori were defending themselves, after being provoked and attacked! Vapostori are ussually very peaceful and donot easily resort to violence. We need the clear details. As for Ndanga, he must be behind bars right now!

  35. Whoever boast of high literacy rate in Zimbabwe needs to look at videos like this to realise that high literacy rate does not equate to being a educacated and learned enough to effectively function productively for the betterment of overall society.

  36. Mapurisa you are worserning this thing, hamuna kurohwa nevanhu imi. This was spiritual beating ndosaka makavhundutswa zvakakura kudaro. I can tell you you will not win this war, mark my words. Muroverwe wamakaitwa is not consistent with normal human reaction to authority; pafungeyi. Awa mayouth mune nhamo. Hondo ndzemweya (ungava wa Mwari kana wa satani) hadzirwiwi nenyama hama dzangu. Watch out

  37. -1 + -1 = -2. (and) are adding
    -1 x -2 = +2 (by) you are multply or dividing

    You need to first understand the difference between ( by ) & ( and)

    the product of. & the sum of


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  40. Ndaspakwa. Saka mapurisa anotemba mazanu youths nhai? Hanzi mapostori akarova ruoko rwa mgabe. I don’t recognise mgabe as Zim president. He’s just masquerading as president. Actually that office is vacant. Tumazanu utwu twurikufunga kuti nyika irikuendepi?

  41. vanhu hamuna kwenyu zuro ndizuro maiti mapurisa ngaarohwe asi vakakuti mavara angu azare vanhu hameno hawo mapositori iwaya vane dzungu

  42. This is not of God amai mfundis God does not support violence n tht uncalled fr behaviour which wz potrayed by these apostolic holigans

  43. And now the world can see really y we say zimbabwe is lead by rod , Mugabe and his supporters have remsecked havoc over the years the question is who amongst our african brothers or in the world will help us from theses people because we have heard enough of Mr Mugabe’s supporters and what his party have done .And now we await to here the same old speech were the president comes and delivers and no violence and no taking the law into your own hands but yet nothing will be done about these pepertraiters of such lawless activities its funny people say we have police in zim I say its just another zanu pf wing

  44. your headline should read police hired zanu younths,zvinhu zvemweya hazviyitirwe politics ndapota hangu,if u are not spiritually strong musabata hari dzinogara zvikwambo zvemadzibaba,vanhu avavakaromba,noone with the spirit of God can do such things like forbidding kids from going to school,kukwatura police officers on duty.

  45. Vanhu musangoti mayouth akadhakwa akadhakwa.hatisi tese tange tiriko kushrine uku.dnt stereotype each one of us t seem as if we all do not know wat we want t do in this lyftym.hapana chekuti tiite kunze uku u the old folks hev created this hard spot w yo greed and hev virtually left nothin fo us.nw makuti heee turnd delapidated industries to innovative uses n stuff but imi makazvitadza.its a shame most f u blame us fo not takin an initiative t change the status quo that u yoselves created. its sad kti I cnt even find a common job uine degree and sme pple blurp up sh*t sayin endai mnotsvaga mabasa…kupi?nxaa

  46. The tendency of societies or groups within society to alienate or repress different subcultures is a recurrent theme in human history. Moreover, because a person’s religion often determines to a significant extent his or her morality, worldview, self-image, attitudes towards others, and overall personal identity, religious differences can be significant cultural, personal, and social factors.

    Religious persecution may be triggered by religious bigotry (i.e. the denigration of practitioners’ religions other than those of the oppressors) or by the State when it views a particular religious group as a threat to its interests or security. At a societal level, this dehumanization of a particular religious group may readily turn into violence or other forms of persecution. Indeed, in many countries, religious persecution has resulted in so much violence that it is considered a human rights problem. Taking Zimbabwe’s Military Era, Democracy is worse off, where the have no say, propaganda had managed to drill the nation’s minds of thinging narrowly. This is not an issue to be politically affiliated

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