Vapostori saga: Ndanga must stop pouring oil on fire

In yesterday’s NewsDay, we carried a story titled: Zanu PF youths burn Vapostori shrine, in which it was reported that the youths, led by the party’s provincial youth chairperson Godwin Gomwe, burned the shrine of the apostolic sect that beat up riot police last week.

NewsDay Editorial

Zanu PF youths led by a grinning police officer march to Madzibaba Ishmael's shrine in Budiriro.
Zanu PF youths led by a grinning police officer march to Madzibaba Ishmael’s shrine in Budiriro.

The youths were “avenging” the beating-up of the police. To the misguided Zanu PF youths, two wrongs make a right.

The story, sadly, was accompanied by a picture which shows a policeman, more like an activist, with a triumphant smile, leading the youths as they were toyi-toying towards the shrine to commit the arson.

This incident shows the sad state of law enforcement in this country engendered by political partisanship.

Where in the world would you find a professional police force accompanying rowdy thugs to commit arson?

It does not take anyone with a modicum of knowledge of the law to reason that if the shrine was the hub of criminal activity as we are made to believe, then destroying it is akin to destroying evidence.

But the ignorant Zanu PF youths, under the protection of the equally ignorant and partisan members of our police force, bragged through Gomwe: “The police are sent by the ruling party which we call government. Security forces are Zanu PF.”

Such warped thinking has drawn our country back by a couple of centuries.

It is this kind of thinking and lawlessness allowed by the Zanu PF government that has retarded development in this country.

And the leader of the shrine has already been convicted and sentenced by the youths who are allowed to take the law into their own hands: “Ishmael must leave this country. To make matters worse, he beat up security forces and a journalist. It’s unlawful. We don’t want to see them here, never again,” charged the ignorant youths.

In the first place, it has not been proved that Ishmael participated in the violence by his church members.

In the second place, the misguided youths do not see the irony of their actions — committing acts of arson and possibly destroying evidence.

If this sect was involved in criminal activities, why were the members not arrested if there is evidence and witnesses to incriminate them?

Our suspicions are also raised when the head of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe, Johannes Ndanga, revels in the politicisation of a criminal issue.

He was quoted yesterday saying: “No one has the right to push us out in discharging our duties. We came here with your party [Zanu PF] because you invited us as you are in solidarity with our fight against human rights violation so we couldn’t shun you.”

We understand Ndanga is a Christian and as Christians, we are made to understand not to condone any form of violence or any form of revenge, so what was he doing encouraging Zanu PF thugs to commit arson?

Why can’t he let the police handle these criminal issues in a professional manner?

We do not condone violence, but neither do we condone acts where people break the law in pursuit of justice.


  1. let the police do their job.Ndanga pako wakafoiyira

  2. Is there anyone out there who is surprised by the behaviour of the Zanupf police!

  3. yes we don’t tolarate violence bt my question is if there was any abuse y address them than to prosecute them like that of gumbura. I think its a church polictiking

  4. Wanted Johanne Masowe eChishanhu sect leader, Madzibaba Ishmael Mufani, is said to have skipped the country for Mozambique as police intensified the manhunt by offering a monetary reward for his arrest.The offer came barely a few hours after 24 members of his sect appeared in court yesterday under the watchful eye of armed police officers, facing allegations of public violence.They were remanded in custody to June 16.Although the amount of money placed on Madzibaba Ishmael’s head was yet to be released by the Apostolic Church Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ), The Zimbabwe Mail is reliably informed that anyone leading to his arrest would be handsomely rewarded.”Police are hunting for the church leader who has also fled his home and there is a reward,” ACCZ head Johannes Ndanga said.Police sources close to the investigations said information gathered so far showed the prophet had skipped the country after law enforcement agents laid siege on his church after the attack on journalists and the police last Friday”We understand he has crossed the country’s borders, but if we get hold of him, he will regret the day he decided to form a church,” said a police source.National Police spokesperson Charity Charamba confirmed they were hunting for Madzibaba Ishmael, adding that anyone with information on his whereabouts should contactthe nearest police station.

  5. May you please say out the amount of money to be offered so that we know what we are suppose to get otherwise we wont reveal anything. Remember this is now a money game

  6. please can you give us the names of those suspects arrested

  7. This man Nganga is surprising, kuzondotaura nechirungu kumapositori asi akaona nguwo chena akati vachena . Unotoshaya kuti munhu anofunga angaite izvozvo kumapositori asi gaende kuchikoro nemhaka yei

    1. eeehe chokwadi

  8. iyezvino anofanira kuva ane ZUDA ndebvu dzabviswa achitova netrouse rine mavara zviri against their church doctrine.. operation muswe wemba haubatwi.

  9. Makatadza basa saka makarovesa mapurisa edu, kutuma vana kuchengetedza vanhu vasina kurongeka tarisai makazokonzeresa zhowrzhowe. Iye mukuru akatuma mapurisa edu kuchengeta vanhu vasina evidence yezvinoo ekwa ndiye ane mhoswa yese, anofanira kurangwawo nemutemo kuitira mangwana

  10. My opinion is this issue was political from e begining ndofunga madzibaba Ish vakaramba kushandiswa nerimwe bato rinotsigirwa nana ndanga,kana mhosva dzaarikupomerwa vakadii kutanga kubanner vekwamarange

  11. CDE Ndanga siyanai nezvechurch musavanda nechurch. You are more into ZANU PF politics tarnishing the image of your Party for nothing. Nhai Ndanga apa hausi kuona kuti mhepo yaSATAN inewe here apa. You are not Christian, you are a Satanist. You are even converting our young police officers into satanists. Look at that young police officer kutofara pameso achitungamirira kunoita zvisina basa.

  12. Maifanira kutanga mabata vanhu vakaita izvi kuti shoko renyu rizove nesimba.Iye ndanda akaganhira munhu wechikirisitu anofanira kutanga anzwera zvakanakaka ,,,,,,, batai ndanga kuti abvunzwe nemutemo kuti ndiyani akauya kwaari achiti ndatambudzika nemwana wangu ndakanzi ndimu non, one nechigunwe kunengo yesikarudzi, kana kutaurirwa nema purisa kuti agadzirise masangano akadaro echipositori zvaive nechiremera kwazvo, zvakuratidza kunge makangovenga mapositori eJohane masowe echishanu

  13. Madzibaba Ishmael mavakutovaita saOsama bin Laden.

  14. Ndanga is right, women & child abuse should not be tolerated. Those madzibaba guys love women too much & try to use religion to cover up their immorality

    1. Truth, your statement is meaningless because so far there is no proof that madzibaba Ishmael actually did all these abuse things people are talking about

  15. police embedded in rogue youths arson march. do we still have leadership in this country?

  16. Can someone tell me?How was this ACCZ constituted?Is the council appointed by the minister ,president of the country or elected from church members of apostolic churches that are found all over the country?Who fund the ACCZ and does it have offices where it operates from?Yes, I admit that apostolic churches need to be monitored and regulated bu I think this must not be put in the hands of an individual like J Ndanga .He seems to be overzealous and want to do everything by himself The conduct of Madzibaba Ishmael and his followers must not be condoned but the ACCZ must not be operating as an individual.

  17. does that means police is now under the ruling party or it is for the public? in my own opinion the police is not capable in doing its job and its better to be without police if this continues

  18. Why is everyone silent on Johan Marange they have the same practises Ndanga where are u

  19. Anyone can do anything he/she wants in Zimbabwe, which is Democracy. Mapostori can beat up riot police, policemen can lead a group of roudy youths on arson attacks, police can demand bribes, ministers can divert government money for private home use, the first lady can evict anyone if she likes that particular place, etc. Even I can shit on anyone’s face because of the DEMOCRACY Robert fought for in the Liberation struggle. Good governance indeed!

  20. Everyday we expose ourselves to the outside world for all the wrong reasons from corruption in government and other authorities, chaotic kombis in Harare’s C.B.D, unimaginable unemployment rates, land invasions, farmers being murdered in their own backyard and now we have a trained police unit running for cover from marauding worshipers who then hire street thugs with the blessing of a rival church leader and the ruling party to destroy private church property. Is this some kind of a holy war because if it is it needs to be stopped before it spirals out of control and spreads to other denominations? And just where does this Ndanga get all that authourity from and for whose benefit? I do not condone what the other sect was reportedly doing though – just let the law take its due course.This is all stranger than fiction indeed.

  21. Mr Reporter what evidence are you talking of, poking young girls private parts with your fingers as the father, leaves behind what kind of evidence at the shrine???? Ukatamba nedope rezvidhakwa pasina mvura unoswera uchinhuhwa…………..

  22. Like Moses after a suspect murder in the land of the Pharaohs, madziFathers Ndanga is on the run to foreign lands. Like Moses he will one day come back to rescue the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe in bondage. The man on the run is our saviour.

  23. munonya mapostori this is but just the begining of the war

  24. Muchinyanya kunyepegwa makashandiswa pamaelections when they were campaigning nhasi vakupandukirai ndozvavanoita veZanu nyika yezim inosvodesa dai zvaibvira ini ndaichinja citizenship mapurisa kuperekedza mathugs ezanu kunoita revenge?kunyadzisa zvakadaro pasi rose?

  25. i am really confused here. we have had murderers and rapists on the run for years but no reward was ever offered for any information that would lead to their arrest.just a few weeks ago,a white farmer and his daughter were murdered but from the look of things nothing is even being done reward has been offered for info that could lead to the apprehension of the murders.the chigwizi people are suffering but the state has money to waste on catching madzibaba Ishmael as if thats the most critical issue. chi junta junta che zanu chavakuzotisvota kusvika pamwoyo manje

  26. ko ma youths aya ari kupinda papi,iyi ihondo yemapurisa ne mapostori,kwenyu kuda kungoita politicise everything

  27. Wava muchekadzafa ka uyu. Vakadii kuendako vana Madzibaba vacho vachiriko.

  28. each man for himself God for us all

  29. each man for himself and god for us all.

  30. This means kut zanu pf yuth ae now incontrol of all problms more than police ka????

  31. Mapurisa naNdanga vakamama bt mapostori paChild abuse chimbomirai. Its been happenning forever I wonder what Madzibaba Ishmael has done worse than the rest

  32. Mapostori beat up Ndanga and his body guards aka riot police.Police bring their own civilian reinforcement to burn the mapostori shrine…Its not funny at all but, eish, what stinking lawlessness !!

  33. This whole thing is just was created to distract peoples attention from what is happening to the economy another zpf tactic week rakutopera tichitaura zvana madzibaba apo zesa irikuenda zvine power

  34. Zimbabwe inonyadzisa. Zanu pf youths are more powerful zvekutoitwa mamonya e ZRP! This only shows that the country has no leaders. Chi junta junta ndicho chakauraya Zimmbabwe

  35. ndanga ndiro tsotsi. vanhu vakashungurudzwa varipi? uye mvumo yekunoadresser mapostori akaiwana kupi? was it sunctioned by the police? he caused all this because of church politics. how can he purport the abuse without any witness? ndiye asina kutoinda kuchikoro thats why ari n’anga. munhu haamanikidzwe kuchurch. kana ukaramba uchiinda kuchurch kusinhainde kuchikoro then you like it. ndanga ita mushe kwete kuita sakunonga iwe.

  36. Guys there is a big story. here,flash back Cde. Mugabe chose to walk bare footed clad in white garment down in Bocha just days before election . Was he not in solidarity with. rapist woman ,and child abuser . Wats so unique. with this. lshmeal. is he raping broad day light. that. u want. to ban his church. Pliz stop the man hunt. Can u just deal with. assault. case. Those accused shld stand before the courts. Ndanga stop interfering. Hauna kurohwa. blame yourself for making others beaten. Lastly. VaMugabe murip nyaradzai vanhu venyu vanoona kuchata kwemunhu kana ati handipindirani nezvavareva. Can u plz tell n
    Ndanga to back off. Siyayi vanhu vanamate.

  37. In the meantime check out Brand new Tivah Stylez song “Tsvimbo yemadzibaba”!! A Zimdancehall humorous narration and analysis of what transpired at Madzibaba Ishamel’s worship Shrine. Listen and download for free on this link;

  38. madzibaba Ishmaeri

    mweya wakataura kuburikidza nevanzwi vemweya parenje, kuti pachauya vanhu vanozvidza dare
    asi pakuuya kwevanhu ava, mweya wakavimbisa kuti uchava nevatendi kusvika pakuguma.
    Mapurisa haana kurohwa asi vakadzorwa netsvimbo pakuzvidza kwavakaita dare nekuti nzvimbo
    nenzvimbo ine miko nemirairo yayo. Nyangwe mukatarisa kereke dzose dzine zvadzinotenda mazviri
    zvekuti vakuru venyika chaivo kana vakasvikapo vanotaridza kuremekedza nzvimbo dzekunamatira. Dambudziko nderekuti Ndanga nemapurisa edu havana kuda kuratidza ruremekedzo rwerenje
    zvinova zvakazoita kuti vadzorwe pakurasika kwavo netsvimbo yaMoses. Rugare kwamuri mose!

  39. Martin Chipimo

    Heyi Zimbabweans who is the complaint in this case? Is it the state or Madzimai nevana vechipositori?

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