Tsvangirai tired, clueless — Biti

Morgan Tsvangirai

THE MDC faction fronted by “axed” secretary-general Tendai Biti has described opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai as a “tired and clueless” leader who will not cross over to the “Biblical Promised Land” because he lacked national focus.


Biti, who until four months ago was MDC-T secretary-general before he broke ranks with Tsvangirai over the latter’s refusal to allow leadership renewal, told his followers in Chinhoyi on Sunday that the ex-Premier had lost the grand scheme of dislodging Zanu PF from power.

“The revolution has lost focus. The revolution has been hijacked. The revolution has been stolen. There is no direction. There is violence and everyone is an enemy and people see shadows everywhere. We want to refocus the struggle. Nikuv started in MDC-T, not in Zanu PF,” Biti said in apparent reference to an Israeli company, Nikuv, believed to have rigged the July 2013 election results in favour of Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe.

Biti said talks for the formation of a grand coalition among like-minded opposition parties were at an advanced stage, adding that if Tsvangirai was to be involved, he would not be given a leadership role.

Speaking at the same meeting, former MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma said the Renewal Team had secured enough funding to support its activities and provide school fees for children of MDC-T activists who succumbed to the violent campaigns unleashed by Zanu PF since 1999.

The former MDC-T officials are on a whirlwind tour of the country to drum up support and set up structures ahead of their inaugural congress slated for later this year.


  1. This renewal team must be very careful. Are they sure of what they are telling ple.
    Lets wait and see kuti zvinosvika kupi

  2. It’s Biti who gave Nikuv money to steal elections when he was finance minister.He is an idiot.How can Morgan hijack what he was part of in creating.Biti admitted working with Zanu.Instead of ranting loud mouthing for nothing and getting acres of Newpaper space just join Zanu pF

    • Idioma, everyone in the upper echelons of the MDC worked with Zanu p.f. including Tsvangirai. I do not believe that the renewal team stands a chance at building a support base stronger than that of Tsvangirai but we also have to be logical in our analysis. You know as well as I do that there wasnt sufficient money flowing into treasury during Biti’s tenure as Finance Minister to enable him pay Nikuv.

      Lets make comments that make sense. This idea that working with Zanu p.f. people is treasonous is childish. There are many moderates in that party as evidenced by the fact that Simba Makoni came from there. Weather we like it or not if we are going to get our country back on its feet we will have to build consensus across the political divide.

  3. They focus their time talking about tsvangirai and MDC T . They have not told us how they are going to tackle zanu pf or help the ordinary people of zimbabwe.

  4. So does that give Biti & Mangoma the right to try to remove Tsvangirai from office illegally? Besides there’s hardly any difference in their ‘new’ strategy from the usual to talk about. Power hungry is all they are

  5. Biti can you revisit comments made by people from what u say u are such an idiot humaniser go to hell and hang yourself the love we have for M.T was installed into us by God its an inbuilt memory which no human being can take away from us go unofa mbiti

  6. This whole story is becoming kindergarten play? Someone pliz enlighten me, is the focus on dislodging ZPF as an end state? Zvobva zvodii? What new policies are yu bringing to the electorate? What about the economy? Im dismayed to see a power hungry elite who have nothing for us. Yesterday it was ZPF, today its MDC T, kugona kushandisa mashoko kune pakunogumira.P.S. Makazotengerawo Mangoma shirt here?

  7. I over dose ye mapiritsi yomupengesa.yangova hari yofanzitova.zvakatengwa nezanu.Nikuv started in Mdc?Biti yava ngobi chaiyo.chirwerechamukurira mupfungwa

  8. What ideas does Biti have for the rescue of Zimbabweans? That is what we want to hear. It seems the man has now joined ZPF in discrediting MT. That is all that ZPF does as well. Maybe they should form a united front as they are like minded.

  9. We are aware that Theresa Makone visited Nikuv headquarters in Israel before elections. We don’t know for what reason. Biti could be referring to this visit when he says Nikuv started in the MDC. However, I still see Biti’s project disavantaging both factions of the MDC-T, and benefiting Zanu pf. I cant see Biti getting enough support to mount a meaningful challange for state power, neither do I see Tsvangirai retaining the kind of support that he had in 2008. Checkmate!

    • Biti said talks for the formation of a grand coalition among like-minded opposition parties were at an advanced stage, adding that if Tsvangirai was to be involved, he would not be given a leadership role.

      Let those with ears hear and those with eyes see. Under a coalition, you have all the supporters supporting one person.

    • machakachaka I agree with you. Most commentators on this story tend to be so childish that all they do is hurl insults at those who disagree with Tsvangirai. The level of intolerance shown is disheartening

  10. Besides attacking Tsvangirai day n night , we havent heard what Biti n company want to do for the country. They are just as clueless.Kusekana kwana kamba !!

  11. the way biti and his friends like ncube are doing things tell me that they will also become tired and clueless before they do anything for zimbabwe. mark my words. people who have a clue rarely talk about someone else.

  12. It seems Biti just changes the name Mugabe and replace it with Tsvangirai but the language and accusations are the same, ‘tired and cluess’. Looks likes its Biti who is cluess on how to deal with both Mugabe and Tsv. Remember, Biti was part of Welshman Ncube’s faction and only rejoined Tsv after the Ncube’s faction refused to appoint him president. Biti is power hungry

    • Tsvangirayi’s MDC is far better off without Biti..this guy is a just windbag more voluble than sensible and totally inefficient! He could have taken Chamisa with him, another ignoramus incompetent. Of course Tsvangirayi could do the MDC a giant favour by letting go the reins of the party and play a less divisive roll in that party..he has done his best, it is time for a fresh pair of hands. This medicine should also be given to ZANU…in fact the whole political class in the land has let us and itself down..why not let new horses take us to the next destination?

  13. Mafume,biti,mangoma makes me laugh.i do not understand the combination vanenge matsotsi.Vanobuda furu mukamwa kana vachitaura.Chokwadi chichabuda

  14. Who has hijacked the revolution here? Mbiti,Mangoma ,Mafume and company are clueless idiots instead of telling people how you are going to remove Mugabe its Tsvangirai this Tsvangirai that!!! IDIOTS

  15. Seeking love from a woman by badmouthing her current boyfriend is stupidity, Biti rise above petty politics. & engage Zimbabweans on the way forward.

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  17. Biti please let me remind you that Zanu must go then to you it seems like you are off topic because fight honourable Tsvangirai instead of fighting Zanu shows that you dont even know the name of your wife. Zimbabweans are suffering because of Zanu so if you dont think of removing it then go home and take your maragandu pamwe pfungwa mbiri dzawasara nadzo dzinga changamuka.

  18. Nyangwe vakatichii,vakakushorai,vakatuka,hapana zvavachaita,arhwadziwa ngaende kunorara.RENEWAL NDIZVO,taneta naTsvangirai and Robert fooling us,lets renew,renew,renew,asingazvinzvisisi ngatevere zvaanonzvisisa.Renewal everywhere,sevai vakomana,Mkwananzi,Mafume,Biti,Sipepa,mese mese sevai vakomana for you stand for what you believe in and not in what is believed in by those who support tsvangirai or robert.

    • izvi zvikomana zvemabhotoro mumaziso zvarasika takatarisa izvi,save ndiye MDC-T yacho.ndiye aneyese.if you cant beat him join him.chikakarara murume uya hamungamira naye uya muelection bvunzai kule,,,,,,

  19. Ane bhora ndiye anomakwa, Biti knows kuti tsvangison muhombe. Biti pane akakunyepera chinin’ina changu kuti iwe watove muhombe, Save muchina muhombe.Woto batsirana nezanu pf kumaka tsvangison kkkk. lnstead yekuudza vanhu your plans for the future takarasima natsvangirai politics hadzisi cheap babamunini dzinonetsa because everyone is to judge you and look in and out you before they come join you. Ubenzi hwaunhahwo is you are power hungry chikomana, hausikuda kubvisa zanu pf but unoda kuuraya mdc t party yevanhu manje iwe nezanu pf yako vanhu havana kana chido nemi because muri kukonzeresa kutambura kwavanhu for the sake of money kuita kwako lawyer hazvireve chinhu munyika medu kana zanu pf inavowo vakafunda but nyika iri kuwondomoka vakatarisa. lwe Biti 2008 wange uchaurayiwa mujere wataura kuti maelection tahwinha asi Tsvangirai wawapandukira nekuda humambo kwako ndiye akakununura akati we will not engage in unity talks kana umwe wangu asati abuda, nhasi wave mhandu yake nokuda masimba. Biti enda unofa chikomana

  20. iwe reporter tauraka kuti manga muri vangani parally pacho kusanganisira newe.hanzi nevaivapo you were less thn 60

  21. Tired? Yah, there appears to be some truth in this..If the truth be told Biti is more TIRED ..come to think of it the whole political class on both sides of the political divide is very very TIRED. Why dont the whole sorry bunch of these pretenders just pack their bags and leave us alone?

  22. I thought Biti was wise but now I can clearly see that he is an idiot. he cannot learn from others look at W.Ncube, Sikala and Mutambara, where are they? I think this Biti was a weevil in the MDC-T, thus why it loose in the recent elections. Waitirasisa wena Biti taifunga kuti unesu mukuchinja umu yet uri chipfukuto

  23. Ko ava ana sorojena Biti naMangoma vanongogwauta kushoropodza VaTsvangirai ndovadii. Pese pavasviks kutaura nezvaVaTsvangirai. Hee azodai azodai. Vakatengwa neZanu ava plus vakutopenga. Hapana anepfungwa shanu anotevedzera matakanana akadai. Tiudzei zvamunoda kutiitira mabvisa Zanu.

  24. Biti takatomubhadhara kuti auraye party yevanhu MDC. Musanyengedzwe nembwa dzisina mazino. Tsvangirai ndiye anodiwa nevanhu kana kuno kuzanu tinozviziva. Mbiti arikuda kungotsvaga support ande achaishaya sababa Ncube nevamwewo. Vana veZimbabwe mirai naTsvangirai for the completion of change ini ndatonetawo nekutonga kungoti chete vamwe vangu ndivo vachiri kuti ndisabve asi ndichabva zvangu ipapo kana makangwara mobva mapinza save. Mukatevedzera zvana Mbiti munofa muri marombe

  25. Saka Tsvangirayi I shumba zve. If you see the so called funding spending energy on destroying his character instead of telling pple how to improve the economy pane nyaya. As a former minister of finance he should be busy working to improve the economy by contributing to the nation. But No nanga nanga na ” Clueless” be vanhu. Lol.

  26. Vanhu vari clueless and tired ndovano diwa he povo. Yes madhiniwe ordinary povo. Haikona imi vana But I ma fundi. You have no connection he povo.
    I have noted during your speeches you repeat big words more than three times. Your favourite is a phrase paradigm shift. Povo will need an Oxford dictionary to find what that means. APA schools hakuna.

  27. so you already know who will lead your grand nonsense before it is even consumated? Is it really about the people or just your project for self enrichment? All you speak aabout is just money and nothing else, you can go to hell with your sill money spinning project

  28. Mari yamawana kubva kupi kuti mupe vanhu imi muri marovha? tinyareiwo mafunga zwekuuraisa vana wedu futi nechitsotsi chenyu wana Biti . Mbava yemunhu Biti . Vakanganwa kuti vana vakapera kufa wachifira musangano weMDC nhasi vafunga kuda kupfuma nesu, manje vairasa tichasangana chete mamurikutenederera imomu woto sunga dzisimbe nevanhu vako ve ZANU PF . RWENDO RWUNO HAZWIKONI . Siyana na TSVANGIRAI TICHAMIRA NAYE KUSWIKA ZWANAKA .

  29. HOKOYO BITI ! HONDO YAVATANGA IYI HAUIPEDZI URIKUFUNGA KUTI VAKA HWANDA KUHWANDA NE zanu pf kutamba nepfungwa dzevanhu uchidaro ndochii ichocho

  30. Iwo mukondombera (AIDS) yakakurova urikuda kuipa ani ? Hatitongwe nemunhu anemukondombera. enda kumashambanzou unogara ikoko. kuda kuzadza vana veMDC mukondombera . Zwirema zwasangana naiko kaMangoma kanoita kunge kakayamwira mafunga kuita chibhanzi musati mafa

  31. i feel pity for the two young man Madzore and Mkwananzi they hev chosen to go against the masses, even kedu choose kasongo haaa you guys you are doomed with this renewal takanaka thing, time will tell guys mark my words biti chirwere chega chega chamudzungaidza musoro, i think solo, promise and choose have a relook at what yu hev started and come back to your senses. Without Morgan you are going nowhere.

  32. Biti and company! The more you talk about Tsvangirai the less Tsvangirai talks about you and the more people see who is betraying the struggle.

  33. Clearly it is BITI&CO who are clueless.Already they talk of a stupid ‘GRAND COALITION’with typical losers.To gain what nhai Biti?? Surely how can you form opposition to fight opposition??
    Anyway,MT&the real MDC-T long identified what the people really want&how to get it.We all know where we are going & we are very very happy without you imi zvipfukuto zve struggle.Of course Biti talks of a never to be ‘GRAND COALITION’as he can’t do anything with his fellow sell outs.Biti keeps dreaming of MT;hence his meaningless outbursts. Biti,you have reached the end of your political career.
    Avo vanofunga kuti ZANU PF ichatonga zvachose vanozvifadza nenhema.
    Sir Roy Welenskey vowed to use force to defend the federation but he failed. Ian Smith vowed never to see black majority rule in Rhodesia in a thousand years but what happened??Smith even recruited blacks to fight fellow blacks but all failed. Change is definitely coming although it might take time. In Kenya,the late Tom Mboya worked hard to convince fellow blacks that their independence would indeed come. We will never stop fighting democratically until final victory which is certain.

  34. Biti ,Biti Biti, If he is clueless and yet he lead you for 14 years, then indeed you are worse than him. Could you not see that he had no vision as you now claim…… I am more that convinced that you are driven by greed and nothing else. What goes around comes around. Mark my words!!!!!

  35. ko nikuv zvayakatangira mumdc biti aivepi achitii nazvo? Ndiye aiva gs weMdcT mangoma ari treasure kureva kuti vaviri ava ndovakaruzisa part ikozvino vakuzviitaa kunge vakachena ngavanofa havadi shanduko youpenyu hwevana vezimbabwe ava ngatisiyane navo.

  36. i think the renewal team needs to be given a chance, honestly tsvangirayi has failed, he should have just willingly given someone a chance to take over

  37. Vanoti Biti aristupid,Biti asakunyeperai,imi vacho vatsvangirai muripi naleader wenyu?mofunga kuti vanhu vachirikutevedzera zvagumbura,he shld have simply resigned,this world wld have respected him.He has failed to oust Mugabe simply.what else do u want?Hee?what else?murikuda kuramba muchiona a wining and cryng baby in the person of Tsvangirai?dont u people feel pity for him?Hes a great leader and he did great in his part especially in the year 2008,but he has failed to go to state house,he needs to sit down with the same people vamurikutaura nekushoropodza vana Ncube, Biti,Sikhala and help them in fighting this struggle wthout him being necesasirly on the forefront paground but fore front pakuronga.kwete zvenyu zvekupenga izvo.Like one scholar said,”Too much of something becomes monotonous”.Mukai apa mxm

  38. Gamba, Biti’s hatred for MT is simply foolish&misguided.One wonders when&how you will see that the issue of women for MT failed to make any sense whatsoever. We are in a very dangerous, long&tiresome struggle which has demoralized such idiots like BITI & CO.They now naively think the so called’GRAND COALITION’ will rescue them politically. Sorry kwazvo.!!
    Please be advised now that the so called ‘grand coalition’ will take forever to materialize.
    In any case, these guys should be seen to be working to appease their paymasters. Confusion is what they should now cause in the genuine MDC-T as their desperate ‘disciplinary hearing for MT failed to take place..
    Only sick minded people would listen to these idiots.

  39. Ngavatibvire zvimbwasungata zveZanu, he should be more concerned about his health asiyane naTsvangison, pamberi naSave, pamberi neChinja, Chisampama

  40. if biti and mangoma are real man,let them start a new party with a new name,ideolgy etc .those that have balls start their own revoluation.you are sackers from tsvangira hence can not be peceived better that than the stem

  41. Biti says talks are IN PROGRESS to form a coalition. He then says or implies that Tsangirai would not be leader of that coalition even if he may be allowed to join it. Now, if I may ask, how does the learned lawyer know Morgan will not be the leader without an election carried out, unless it will be a coalition a bunch of unintelligent egoistic dictators?

  42. Tsvangirai ndiye adii? Why not focus on Mugabe and tell us your ‘clues’ of what you are going to do?

    So we notice that it is all about funding and donor money heya?

    Tsvangirai is the duly elected President and any renewal will be done at Congress in October.

    That is democracy.

  43. Stupid bafooon! You said you are starting your own party! Why are you not concentrating on that and leave Chamatama alone? Geveloping cold feet heh? You are doomed boy!!!

  44. Biti has not said much about his plan to revive the economy. Morgan has said a lot in celebrating the economic meltdown without explaining how he dreams to reduce the national debt when he comes to power, if ever that is going to happen. So who is better between the two?

  45. Taneta nekunyeperwa nemapoliticians ngavasangotukana zvisina basa imba ichitsva Biti akaisepi ari Finance minister ngaataure we our grade 7 tsvangs ndewedu

  46. Biti arikubhadharwa na Gono to destroy e popula Tsvang name. wch is a threat to e post Bob era, full stop

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