Tsvangirai returns to work

Mugabe proved age is all but a number when he entered the race against all odds and triumphed over his bitter rival MDC-T’s Morgan Tsvangirai for the Presidency.

OPPOSITION MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday reported for work at the party headquarters in Harare following a month-long break due to ill-health.


Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said his boss held several meetings with various party organs to keep himself abreast with developments in the party.

“He is back at work and had a normal working day today (yesterday) which means he is now in fine health,” Tamborinyoka said.

“He held several meetings with various party officials to get updates on various issues.”

Tsvangirai had to miss two key campaign rallies in Harare last month after his doctors recommended that he takes a bed rest due to an undisclosed ailment.

He was later hospitalised for two days at a private city hospital, but the matter sparked wild speculation with the media and his political opponents claiming that the former Premier could have been affected by deep divisions within his party and family.

At party level, Tsvangirai is fighting with “fired” secretary-general Tendai Biti for control of party assets. His marriage to Elizabeth Macheka had been reportedly facing turbulent times, but she stood by him last week when he was discharged from hospital.


  1. What type of illness is he suffering from? Remember Elizabeth was the first to reveal that Tsvangson had an illness “of a personal nature”? Is it the same illness? Is he now healed given that TB Joshua the prophet failed to heal him?

    What is the cause of the illness? is it an STI or Mental disease or both as speculated by The Daily News? Is he impotent. Is it mental? Is it even possible for a person with no brain to have a mental disease? So many questions!

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  2. @fakmore mthakathi. Its not possible for a brainless bafoon to go mad because he is already mad. Kkkkkkkkk

    • Gandanga, you love talking about brainless buffoon. I know of one such buffoon who has ruled Zimbabwe for 34 four years and all he achieved was to turn the once prosperous country into a case study on how not to run a country. That buffoon even managed, against all odds, to turn Zimbabwe into a Chinese flea market and by far his greatest achievement was to take the living standards of his people back to 1953 levels. Good thing way back then was that people didn’t die of cholera and typhoid. In 34 years the buffoon has not managed to have a single doctor trained who is good enough to treat him. He also hasn’t managed to come up with a single university good enough for his children. That my friend is the height of buffoonery.

  3. @Fakmore Mthakathi.You made my day from stress ,Hanzi munhu asina brain haite mental healthy kikikik kikest.Eriza mirira afe utore imba ,usaende Eriza ramba uchidhireya dhireya uri mudhuze .Very soon unenge wava nedzimba 2 .Asi usakanganwa Ngirazi.Kana bharanzi afa or incapacitated nekupenga utore Ngirazi ugare naye kuHighlands house .Asi one of the houses inenge yahead office yeZanu ,I will speak namudhara wako Macheka tinoda kuitira musangano imomo

  4. heyi havagoni kuverenga mwedzi watopera kare, hamunyari kunyepa. @falkmore you are a brainless fool.

  5. welcome back Mr President, this time vavengi vanokushuwirai kuti murware ngavarware ivo

  6. @tsvangirai.please dont use my name. Listen guys am tsvangirai .Am ill guys its true but am not suffering from an STI thats propaganda of Zanu pf and herald with the help of CIO.Asi chokwadi guys ndiri kurwara nemukondombera ndatenda hangu

  7. Fellow countrymen and women, lets not get dragged down to lower levels of humanity, separate cheap politics from Hunhu whedu. We should be happy he is recovered, zvokuti anonzwei ndezvaMwari. The matter of debate, however, ndeyekuti takanzwa kuti vakasaspendwa/fired?, that the matter was to go to court/congress/national assembly? Ini ndatova confused.Who is the authentic leader? How many factions/segments? What about Biti/Mangoma? Job Sikhala!!!! Machinja tipeiwo jekeso.

  8. Mazimba kushayiwa basa here kana zvokuita.this platform is not meant for that.lets revisit hunhu hwedu,,,,,

  9. President Tsvangirai should thank God for the work. God is a healer. He will never ever forsake or leave you. Give glory to the almighty. President Tsvangirayi should never trust anyone even his wife. CONFIAR NADIE.

  10. nhai vashandi vekumaparastals vanombotambira pay riinhiko. Sure umwe ndakamukweretesa huku dzangu musi wa 6 and he vehemently promised to pay one the 34th of May but until now he says he is not yet paid is this true, pay day on the 40th? Zviri kumbofamba sei.

  11. The only man who has people at heart. Stop talking about Tsvangirai, we are behind him. So your oldest President in the world is not ill. How come he is always going to Singapore for check up. Cowards

  12. Even if u r hiding behind an alias , you are still a fool. We might not see your face(s) but judging by ur comments we can tell kuti hunhu hapana. Shame on all u who post vulgar, u dont like the man or what he stands for that is your right but ko kutukirira ndokudii? Some of the people who post vulgar comments here are professed Christians I wonder which God you worship

  13. Yes MT you are back at work to the chagrin of the blind idiots in ZPF. We will forever stand by you SAVE,come what may. Fight to free everyone including your enemies. There are those who fear you & your servival is a bitter thorn in their flesh. They will never stop to speculate on your illness although they grudgingly accept the fact that you are back at work fit & strong. They also want to use Elizabeth against you like they did her predecessor.We know for a fact that they will fail miserably..

  14. One sentence should read, “Tsvangirai – a man who poses no threat to ZanuPF and Mugabe and to Biti and Mangoma but poses a threat to himself politically”. Busted flush..

  15. fakmore mthakathi be careful what you write about other people do we all know your own health status why dont you ask robert mugabes health status if there was anything unusual about tsvangirayi s health the way you wish it ,everybody would have known it, cio was there waiting for him wanting to know what he is suffering from including you i think .

  16. Hard working people who respect other people’s property,are law abiding citizens and want to see Zimbabwe functioning again will be happy to hear that the leader who is championing such a cause is back on his feet again and is carrying on with the struggle. Welcome back Dr. More Gain Tsvangirai.

    • He suffers from lung infection and mukadzi haana kudzoka akangoenda kundoona exhusband kuchipatara which was a good thing to do.

  17. You know cancer has scaring names IMvukuzani ,bulwazi bwasikapwepwe, gomarara umndlavuza here you are so scaring not good for 90 yr granny who at one time had some members of his body electrocuted by those who ruled before .

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  19. @ Willard Mubvumbi….all along I nvr knew tht u ar a reasonable person from th way u hate Dmbare….apa wagona kwaSave ndizvo vamwe vese zvimbwa mupengo ko kubhora urikurasika papi….well done once more fo being so progresive politically wise

  20. Ladies and gentlemen. Tsvangirai is human, Mugabe is human. They both get ill, just like all of us. There is no point celebrating their health challenges. They are both our fellow Zimbabweans. They both have their shortcomings as leaders, but let’s wish them well, and pray for our country. Some people support Mugabe, others support Tsvangirai, and there is nothing wrong with that, but let us not wish death upon our political opponents, they are our fathers and our brothers.

  21. Tsvangirai uchenjere kupiwa poison naEriza. mukadzi uyu haakudi. Anoda hupfumi hwako chete. Chenjerera magora (vultures). Ndati ndikuyambirewo

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