Traditional healer jailed 27 years for rape


A 49-YEAR-OLD Goromonzi traditional healer, Allen Matare, was on Monday slapped with a 27-year jail term by Marondera magistrate Clever Tsikwa after he was convicted on two counts of rape.

Wadzanai Madhibha

Matare will, however, serve an effective 22-year jail term after five years were set aside on condition of good behaviour.

Circumstances into the matter were that on February 26 last year, the complainant, who is a married woman (name withheld), travelled from South Africa to Zimbabwe and went to Matare’s residence where her sister was being treated for mental illness.

She stayed at Matare’s residence until it was late and was given a room to sleep. The court heard that Matare later sneaked into the room and raped her.

Two months later, the woman’s 15-year-old sister also went to visit her mentally-challenged sister who was still in the custody of Matare.

The juvenile went to sleep with two of Matare’s wives. At midnight, Matare sneaked into the room and raped the juvenile in the presence of his wives.

The matter came to light when the two victims narrated their ordeal to another traditional healer from the same area, leading to Matare’s arrest.

In passing judgment, the court noted that cases of women being raped by prophets, traditional healers and pastors were on the increase, hence a lengthy custodial term would act as a deterrent to would-be-offenders.

Tariro Shirichena represented the State.


  1. What’s wrong with these n’angas wives. Surely could prefer to risk his livelihood because of something that lasts 5 minutes. Aya madimoni. Satan at his best

  2. bt thts a biased judgement, handiti kumba kwemuPorofita iyeye here. Vakadzi vaazvinji are now framing for rape. Kereke akaraper bt he is free, even vane mari vazhinji are free

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  4. @aerial production is it then yo plea the that another has not been punished so let this one go.

  5. In my own opinion after being raped the woman should have reported and also seen the possibility of her sister being raped. Or it is true that women are mostly emotions and little brain? I hate rapists i believe they should be castrated though it is not a feasible solution considering the number of framed rapists.

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