Remit fines to Treasury — Zimra

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) commissioner-general Gershom Pasi told Parliament yesterday that the police and Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (Zinara) should hand over all the money they collect to Treasury.


He said that the current arrangement where the two institutions kept the money was susceptible to abuse.

“It is time we look at how we run our government finances and have all revenue go through one channel because $3 million to
$7 million is collected per month through roadblocks — and we are not talking of what goes into police pockets, but at the end of the month, Treasury wants money to pay salaries for the same police from Zimra, yet we do not get their collections accounted for.

“We also indicated it will not make good sense to have
another agency like Zinara collecting toll fees because they did not have the infrastructure to collect and now we hear they want to increase toll fees. It is another wasteful process and it was better to have our revenue co-ordinated in one place.”

Addressing members of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget and Finance, Pasi said the country had lost at least $817 million in potential revenue through importation of duty-free goods during the first quarter of this year.

He said the figure represented 70% of total imports for the period under review.

The committee expressed concern over the matter, saying the issue of non-duty imports should be discussed with the Finance ministry as government was struggling to collect enough revenue to pay civil servants. Government’s monthly salary bill stands at $140 million.

“In 2013, the import bill stood at $7,169 billion of which $4,9 billion of that were duty-free imports and only $2,4 billion was dutable. And in 2014 during the first quarter the import bill was $1,375 billion and $817 million of that were duty free goods,” Pasi said.

He said most duty-free imports emanated from government importations, preferential trade agreements and removal in bonds and warehouses.

He said the smuggling of goods, especially clothes, was rampant at the country’s borders, but suggested duty on clothes should be removed because even big shops were importing — a sign that the local manufacturers were not performing.

He said $35 million was lost annually through leakages at Beitbridge Border Post due to poor infrastructure.

Pasi said for 2014, they had so far lost $817,86 million, adding he wanted immovable properties to be attached on tax defaulters.
On controversies surrounding his alleged mega salary, Pasi said a disgruntled employee trying to sabotage Zimra had cooked up the figures and disseminated them to MPs who brought up the issue before Parliament. He said the employee had since resigned from Zimra.

“The damage he caused was serious because people reneged from paying taxes for two days after the allegations were made. It is still a painful experience as I get money demands from relatives and friends who think I have money,” Pasi said.

He, however, did not disclose how much he earned and journalists were ordered to leave the House as some of the evidence he gave to the committee was in camera.


  1. I agree with you Pasi. Mari yemaroad block fines, kusvitupa uko and toll gates ngaiende kutreasury pliz. That point is long over due.

  2. Pasi just wants the cash cow to go through him. They are all the same! Vile thieving cretins who shouldnt be allowed to run a tuck shop let alone their current positions!

    1. Pasi is right, funds to where they belong. ZRP and ZINARA are not businesses ,why should they keep money. That’s why maroadblock gumi nefararira kunge kune hondo.Stop the uneccessary roadblocks and the spot fines

  3. There will be few Police Road Blocks if the money collected by the police goes to Treasury. This will be a very good move because these road blocks are unnecessarily too many. Corruption is very high on the roads and to eradicate this corruption is to take all the fines to treasury.

  4. But it makes sense. The police are fleecing, Zimra is fleecing yet they expect to be paid from treasury. Mari yavo irikuenda kupi. If that’s the case they should run their own payrolls. Every year vanongoti budget allocation yavo ishoma to discharge their duties ko ma millions ataurwa aya where are they going.

  5. anyway who has been managing the money which was collected by the police all along. can they account for it. if an audit is carried out here most of the big guys will follow the guys they sent to prison i bet my last dollar. however this will not happen because our party is in power and if we do it on our faithfuls, it might embarrass the party.

  6. anyway who has been handling the money collected by the police. can they account for it. can there be an audit to this effect. if ever this happens i bet you that a lot of big guys in the force will either be at chikurubi or khami with the guys the sent there. however this will happen because our party is in power and we cant send our faithfuls there.

  7. Pasi ! Where were you all along when they broke the law?What measures are you going to put in place so that these two institutions obey your directive?If it is just a word of mouth then you are wasting your time because one of the two is a law inforcing institution which is expected to have done the right thing in the first place.

  8. Blessing Muchena

    I think Mr Pasi is right. All the money collected should be remitted to treasury.

  9. wezhira wezhara

    Tora mari yose iyo Pasi and utilise it to improve government delivery.

  10. Add to that the amounts from the Registrar-general’s office, school fees and levies at all government-backed institutions including church ones whose teaching staff is paid for by the state. There are charges made per beast in rural areas for purchase of dipping chemicals and for administration of prevention of livestock diseases like anthrax, foot and mouth etc. Zimra should take charge of all these and ensure that there is value for money at every point. Add to the list every government agency or department that makes money as known to the commissioner-general and his staff but unknown to the generality of the populace. Let there be sanity.

  11. The dutyfree bill in three months was more than 272 million dollars per month and government requires 140 million dollars per month for salaries and pensions of current and former workers. That is interesting.

  12. aerial production

    problem yemuZim ndeyekuti atopedza mukutaura soo, it will never be implemented. Kungoda kutibata maziso. Pasi also want these loopholes to loot our taxes, he is zaccheus the tax collector

  13. Educated IDIOTS being fooled again Oh my country wy wy wyw wyw wy

    1. Ohhh, how I hate it wen you call us that!!! What did you want Pasi to say??? huh? If he hd kept quite what would you have said?? What do you want us to do??? Remember we are educated-meaning we reason, ehhh. So dont think Zims are likely to take up arms, well they wont, we will use our education, here in Zim or elswhere and life goes on.

  14. Elisha Tshuma

    Well said Commissioner General. All levies collected by Government Institutions should go to treasury. I totally agree with you on the issue of lowering rates of duty on clothing articles. This has fuelled smuggling resulting in loss of the little revenue government was getting when rates of duty were reasonable.

    Wish you all the best!!!

  15. anthony Nyamande

    paso must declare his salary to clear the air n stop hiding behind his finger.

  16. Isu vachairi ngatiregedzei kufamba nemari ye spot fine yacho tione kuti vanoitora papi.

  17. Mr Pasi has a very good point. Govt, like any other organisation, must collect and put money into one pot for distribution. These thieving fellas must be stopped in their tracks now.
    But a correction Mr Editor – Zimra did not loose $817M but lost DUTIES / TAXES of $817M – this maybe 20% or 30% or 40%… of this figure
    Please make the correction – ndosaka muchizo endeswa ku macourt.

  18. the money is not safe in ethier hands ,police or better know who you are dealing with.
    corruption corruption taneta

  19. This was long overdue. In fact who ever had brought the idea of returning all moneys collected by Police, Zinara and Regisrar General is evil. Government lost a fortune for quite a long time. and it is too late. It is like closing the stable when the horses have bolted out.

  20. ZIMRA must push all gvt revenue to go to treasury. All corruption and fight for turf will end! Civil servants are keen on generating money for cars, fuel allowances and other hidden perks! They are not interested in service delivery!!

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