PSMAS appoints Mhlanga interim manager


PREMIER Service Medical Aid Society (Psmas) members yesterday appointed Dr Gibson Mhlanga as interim manager of the troubled institution for the next 12 months.


Mhlanga, a senior official in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, was appointed during an extra-ordinary annual general meeting in Harare which was attended by 744 members.

Speaking after the EGM, secretary for Health Dr Gerald Gwinji, who convened the meeting, said the interim manager was vested with all powers of the board and could appoint a team to assist him.

He said the interim board chaired by Mhlanga that was appointed by government to head the society after the board dissolved itself managed to stabilise the society.

Gwinji said Psmas was owed huge amounts of money by various people and organisations.

Mhlanga said he was up to task and was hopeful that by the end of the year, he would have managed to turn around Psmas.

The previous board dissolved itself following an outcry from members and the public angered by media revelations that it approved mega-salaries for top executives including former Psmas chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube who was reportedly earning a total package of over $500 000 a month.

Gwinji said government was working towards setting up a regulatory authority for medical aid societies to guard the interests of patients.

The authority would be along the lines of the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ).

“Currently, issues are brought to the ministry. There is no specific board, entity or team that on a daily basis looks at medical societies issues,” Gwinji said.

“It takes a bit of work and there has to be a process. We are moving full steam ahead through the attorney general’s office, cabinet that these things be expedited.”


  1. Greedy medical aid society staff became a law unto themselves. They failed to regulate themselves as a group. They now have to pay the price of being regulated by others outside their group. I hope the regulatory group will consist of level-headed individuals who will take into account the dilapidated economy into account, for it is the fore-runner to all this chaos and greed! It may be prudent to fix the economy and politics of the future now in parallel with attempts to regulate medical aid societies. A piecemeal approach will not work! Good luck guys!

  2. The appointment of Dr Gibson Mhlanga is a very welcome move, and I as one of the members of the medical aid wish to congratulate him and wish him well in his difficult task ahead. Now we can move forward.

  3. Ushe madzoro vakomana Mhlanga wapindao pa 5 waya. Nothing is going to improve, the situation will worsen as the new guy works to stabilise his pocket and the erratic payment of civil servants will deal the final blow to PSMAS. This is Zimbabwe not some pampered firstworld country.

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