Parly to discuss political party funding

Zimbabwe parliament building

ZENGEZA East MP Alexio Musundire (MDC-T) wants Parliament to discuss the issue of political parties’ financing by the fiscus when the House resumes on July 1.


Musundire has already given notice to introduce the motion in the National Assembly saying he was concerned that government was not adhering to the constitutional requirement to provide funding to political parties.

According to the Political Parties (Finance) Act (PPFA), funding of political parties by the State is provided to any political party with a 5% threshold of the vote (Electoral Act 2:13).

The country has up to 25 political parties, but only Zanu PF and the two MDCs qualify for State funding. Other parties have to fund their political activities using their own means.

The motion that Musundire intends to introduce, which is being seconded by MDC-T chief whip in the National Assembly Innocent Gonese, wants to raise dust over the money which has not been availed to political parties despite the Act stipulating that they should be funded from the fiscus.

“I wish to give notice of a motion noting that democracy plays a pivotal role in economic development and human rights issues, and cognisant that for democracy to flourish adequate funding is required,” Musundire said while giving notice of the motion.

“I am concerned that despite Parliament having enacted an Act that provides for funding to political parties, such financing has not been forthcoming.”

Musundire said he was also going to call on government to avail Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocations to MPs as these had not been availed to legislators for three years now.

During his 2014 National Budget presentation, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa did not allocate anything towards the CDF.

“Members of the legislature, councillors and other political structures are the conduits for economic development. I, therefore, call upon the august House to ensure that provisions of the Political Parties Act are implemented and money allocated during the budget for such purpose and other purposes, such as the Constituency Development Fund is released,” he said.

The CDF was last distributed to MPs in 2011 and three MPs were arrested on allegations of abusing their allocations.

In the 2013 budget, only $5 million was allocated towards the CDF, but no disbursements were made.

The Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Ministry has said they were going to bring a CDF Bill before Parliament to avert future abuses of allocations.


  1. look people voted and they need development in their constituencys ,why form or claim to be the most popular party when you dont deliver,ZANU IS USELESS

  2. hapana chirikutsvagwa chete mukana wekuba mari full stop. Ungati gvnt ichiashaya mari yekutambirisa vashandi ndopowowedzer nonsense kuti ube. Tinozviziva kuti hapa kana one anoda kumirira vanhu muparamende asi to look for opportunities to fraud/steal/corrup.

    Remember all needs of constituencies can be met by various gvnt ministries if well funded and strategised and not political tsotsis.

  3. Musundire ndiyo nyaya yaungada kuti itaurwe mu parliament iyo nyika isinamari zviri so visible ? Biti asangokutuma zvese zvese, zvimwe ramba

  4. Zvokushaya mari kwe ZANU gvt haisi mhosva ya Musundire aiwa uye nyaya yepolitical finances act haingaregeri kutaurwa nepamusana pokuti ZANU yakapedzera mari ku NIKUV. This gvt must be exposed for what it is. Let parliament discuss all issues.
    No local person can help gvt with any money. Zvino kana nyaya dzikanyararwa ndiko kuti gvt iwane mari here?? Hatidi kurova imbwa takaviga mupinyi….

  5. Let Musundire demand full parliament discussion on the political finances act& other issues.ZANU spent so much to NIKUV.
    We cannot hide anything to protect thieves. The fact that ZANU GVT IS BROKE CANNOT BE BLAMED ON MUSUNDURE.
    Do we really think that by sweeping problems under the carpet,we will raise money for this corrupt government??

  6. Hon Musundire is right to raise such an important issue considering that Zimasset is not working. lets expose the regime. Lets also expose former MPs like Marvellours Kumalo and Peter Chanetsa who abused the CDF

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