Mugabe silences Moyo for 4 years


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has reportedly gagged Information minister Jonathan Moyo from making disparaging public comments against his Zanu PF counterparts and government officials over the next four years as part of efforts to contain him, NewsDay has learnt.


The alleged order was made at a private meeting at State House last Monday between Mugabe and Moyo following the veteran leader’s successive vitriolic attacks on his Information minister last week describing him as “a weevil” and a divisive element bent on destroying the party from within.

Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa also attended the meeting.

“It is in that meeting that Mugabe admonished Moyo to stop making comments against other party members until the next elections in 2018,” a source close to the developments told NewsDay.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba confirmed that Mutasa was part of the meeting, but declined to give further details.

Although Mutasa could not be reached for comment yesterday, he last week told a party meeting in Mutare to shun Moyo and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, describing them as “weevils” and divisive elements.

Sources told NewsDay  the sharp-tongued Moyo’s political career was now hanging by a thread after Mugabe ordered him to zip up his mouth for the next four years  or lose his ministerial position.

According to sources, a section in the military opposed to Moyo is believed to have approached Mugabe demanding an explanation on why Moyo had been pardoned.

Mugabe is said to have defended his decision by saying he would not fire Moyo because he was not the only divisive element.

Moyo had on several occasions clashed with top Zanu PF officials, among them Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Temba Mliswa, over his anti-corruption drive which was viewed as targeting officials linked  to Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s camp.

Moyo has ruffled feathers with Indigenization minister Francis Nhema over the interpretation of the country’s indigenisation laws, former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono, and Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri over the ban on a proposed march to commemorate World Media Freedom Day.

Addressing mourners at the late national hero Nathan Shamuyarira’s burial two weeks ago, Mugabe accused Moyo of using the public media to divide the party.


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  1. He is targeted for his anti-corruption drive? So its motive to defend corrupt activities in the country. If the factions are clean why should they fear this anti-corruption drive? So sad really we wont see the end of corruption any time soon.

    • Exactly. No wonder i dont waste time parting with my dollar to read this type of untruth.

  2. it can be private yes but there will be official presidential photographers, private secretaries, one or two CIO, mutasa was there as well.

    Any one of these could supply info for a fee. Zvinhu zvaka dzvanya ku zim, any offer of a $1 is welcome

  3. Amana nyaya iyi haina musoro.Information Minister being told to zip up for four years.Ndokunonzi kutsvaratsvara nyaya manje.One way or the other he is bound to comment on one of his workmates.He is not a Climate Minister ka

  4. When you openly denounce corruption definitely you become an enemy of Zanu pf big wigs. It all about corruption within. The truth is that Mugabe must go. Zimbabweans need freedom. Silencing whistle blowers of corruption is not the solution. Action shall speak louder than words.

  5. Iwe Tendai, ziva zvebasa rako rekuChaminuka Building kwauri. Hamuna tsitsi nenhamo inana tete venyu vari kumamisha. Mugabe nevanhu vake vauraya nyika. Where is CSC yenyama neAir Zimbabwe? You are busy closing all companies panosvika 2018 muZimbabwe munenge mane company one CIO chete

    • @Kasekera,I am simply saying if Mugabe wanted to really silence PROPHET Jono he could have moved him to another ministry,maybe iya yepsychomotor,whatever it is.coz hakuna public utterance iriko.saka hapana zipping up yakaitwa.At the present moment PROPHET Jono is the most performing minister and its unfortunate that we live in Orwell’s 1984.As for the other assumption of yours, I am too intelligent for that organisation.

  6. The governance of Zimbabwe reflect the true colours of Mugabe. His anticorruption talk is all nonsense. To him it is normal to be corrupt.

  7. Zanondega hauzivi here kuti Corruption inotopedzwa ne munhu asiri mairi.
    Hope dzako dzirikukuonesa zvakanaka asi dziri kurasika pa kupedzwa kwe corruption.
    The irony of it is that as long as we are into corruption we can kiss economic progress googbye.

  8. But how could Moyo try to exercise democracy by naming and shaming when he truelly knows that his party and leader do not like it? Now he has been dictated not to say anything wrong about the party even if he notices anything wrong.

  9. corruption is rife in zim every corner has it, in street, bedrooms, buses, commuters, jona akaita problem pakuti he only expose one faction of mujuru,
    were as mnangagwa camp was not touched he did not see it coming,
    and he never knew kuti mujuru camp is the one with the favors of the president, they give the tenth part after every dealings to their boss. whilst his camp squander everything comes on they’re way, so who will you protect if you were a president.head of police is mujuru he actually contribute to the nation and offer protection to the boss

    ngwena is a chief of justice he can infiltrate justice system to lock everyone who oppose him jona expose them and people will call for their arrest,lest he forget to expose minister of justice who kill randomly our beloved rhinos. wanyangira yaona declaration yakaramba manga makuda kuita dig and bury but a snake is clever it will never bite its tail.a good idea is good when it is used against a proper candidate……….

  10. the president himself is the root of coruption. He never won any election since 2002 but is rulling so he is afraid that at end antcoruption will rock his offices also. Keep telling truth prof moyo

  11. i think every one can see that aipa was correct, see this open lie. military chief demanding to know why jona was pardoned??? thats realy bull shit. who iz it whom they say military chief? these people are vimpires who are bent on influencing blood shed so that they suck. a full detail of a pvt meeting to an extent of knowing quiering militants, all within time to print noncense! so it means every thing the president does is in public eye or those who discuss with him 1st call the private media to record?

    • Hapana Jonathan Moyo arikurwadziwa kuti vakabirira maelections kumwe kwese kurara kwekuTsholotsho

  12. There is nothing wrong with corruption. It is a legitimate biz strategy. When the West’s banks ruined the global economy through their corruption, nobody made a big deal about it. When Zimbabweans use corruption, there is a big outcry. The West is just jealous because when it comes to corruption, we are supreme and untouchable. If it were not for the filthy sanctions, we would be able to do more, but leave us alone when it comes to our creative biz strategies. The resources and assets of Zimbabwe belong exclusively to ZANU-PF so it the riches end up in the hands of ZANU-PF, then there is nothing wrong with that. The method to obtain riches is immaterial as long as they end up with ZANU-PF.

  13. Nyika inofanira kuziva chokwadi.ndipo aneshungu dzangu.huori hwanyanya muZANU is the right time to unearth evry evil done by this party.

  14. manje atopihwa passport yekuti achitowedzera kudivider party manji. Remember Moyo is the best professor in Zim, ahead of Ncube and mutambara

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