MP sets up $5 funeral scheme for constituency


GWANDA North MP Madodana Sibanda (Zanu PF) has set a record after he clinched a deal with a local funeral company that will see all members of his constituency getting funeral cover at a nominal fee of $5 per month for each family.


Addressing mourners at Dambashoko village in his constituency last Thursday, Sibanda said he had engaged Nyaradzo Funeral Services to provide decent burial with each family contributing $5 per month, while he paid the balance of $1 per family each month.

“I have signed an agreement with Nyaradzo such that in every six-member family, I contribute a dollar. Nyaradzo is offering funeral and burial services at a cost of $1 per person a month. This means that when you are a family of six, you will pay $5 as I would have already paid $1 for the other member. Those who have not yet joined Nyaradzo, just go there and tell them you are from Gwanda North and you will benefit from this agreement,” Sibanda said.

He said the funeral company also offered transport to ferry mourners to any part of the country as well as $200 cash to cover other funeral costs.

“It would be very bad to see people being buried without coffins here yet we have this affordable offer,” he said.


  1. This is a very good initiative by the MP which will go a long way to relieve the suffering masses. You really are representing your people.

  2. This reminds of Hosiah Chipanga when he sang about a deceased father complaining against his son who had built him a concrete grave when he had died from poverty as the son had failed to provide for him during his lifetime

  3. Well done at least you have done something FOR as oppossed TO your constituency. However you seem to have put the cart before the horse, before your constituents die they are alive and you need to take care of them basaphila. Go to Western (as opposed Eastern) embassies and seek expertise and funding for micro loans so that your constituents especially the women (abesifazane) can access these to fund their projects. The level of your funeral scheme is a good indicatorfor the level of your micro financing try it and god bless you

  4. Vashaya zvimwe zvokuita here MP? The MP is concerned about decent funerals, not decent livelihoods. Vapeika mabasa amakavimbisa vakwanise kuzviraramisa. Kuviga munhu pasina coffin is a sign of extreme poverty. Tipeiwo maserious mhani nxaa

  5. “I have signed an agreement with Nyaradzo such that in every six-member family,” – did you discuss this with your constituency?

    I will read about this issue in 6-12 months pane ma stories. Zanu-PF chiwororo

  6. Good initiative from the MP. we need more of such good ideas from our politicians. funerals leave families bankrupt, so in a way the MP is fighting the poverty that some of you guys are talking about, by removing the need to dispose family assets cheap when the unfortunate happens. hats off to you sir. But maybe Nyaradzo can waive the $1 u r paying since they are not paying out any agent’s commission for the business, unless it is this that you are foregoing honorable MP.

  7. This will only work for the period Mr. Sibanda is the MP. When he is voted out he will obviously cease to be part of theis scheme me thinks. it is however a noble gesture.

  8. It seems this Mp is ready to bury his constituency as opposed to see it thrieve. What happpens if the Mp looses the next election and people as usual start defaulting ?? What was the MP’s commission for selling funeral policies for the whole constituency ?? Are there no other income generating projects that can benefit the people while they are alive ???? His one 1 dollar contributions per family can feed a lot of underpriveldged children rather that bury them . Not a bad idea overally but not a good one either

  9. Hon Sibanda your gesture is of great importance however you seem to have forgotten that also people in your constituency want a decent medical cover. Thumps up to Nyaradzo for drawing packages meant for the poorest. Mr Sibanda you are an innovator and try more ideas that elongate people’s lives. Keep up the good work.

  10. income generating projects would have been better,people’s primary long does it take for the policy to mature? are you not going to default before the policy mature?

  11. aaaah, kunyeperwa uku, MP is not paying anything, its just a marketing strategy yeNyaradzo after all the 5 dlls is too much

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