Minister Dokora accused of ruining education sector


PRIMARY and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora came under fire on Wednesday with panellists at a public forum saying he was destroying the education sector and flooding schools with numerous policy changes.


The accusations against Dokora were vented out during a Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) meeting dubbed Whither Our Education System that was attended by different stakeholders in the education sector.

PTUZ secretary-general Raymond Majongwe was not impressed by the absence of representatives from the parent Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education from the forum.

He castigated the Zanu PF government for implementing recommendations made by the 1999 Nziramasanga Commission 16 years later.

Majongwe said government was choosing to implement recommendations which suited them, while choosing to ignore implementing recommendations to do with improving salaries and conditions of service of teachers.

“According to Zanu PF, the Nziramasanga Commission Report is dubious because it does not inculcate liberation values that must be embedded in our education system,” Majongwe said.

“We are not happy at the propensity of late at which changes by Dokora are coming through where circulars to schools have become the order of the day and policies are pronounced without prior consultation.”

He said some of the circulars abhorred by teachers includes cancellation of incentives and cancellation of sporting activities at schools so that they were done during the weekends and recent speculation that the ministry was considering stopping paying teachers’ salaries during holidays.

“The ministry does not know that they need to consult stakeholders before making policy pronouncements. The Nziramasanga Commission recommended cars and houses for teachers and why is he not implementing that, but chooses to implement what further frustrates teachers?” Majongwe queried.

“We are not insulting Dokora, but we are saying teachers’ rights are human rights and we want to show you the pages you missed in the Nziramasanga report. As far as we are concerned, our education system is going down the drain and we will force President Robert Mugabe to meet us.”

College Lecturers’ Association of Zimbabwe president David Dzatsunga said there was a disconnection in education policies being pronounced by Dokora.
“I think teachers are going from the frying pan into the fire. Recently, the department of teacher education, which is the examining body for teachers, was asked to introduce natural sciences — physics, chemistry and biology at primary school level.

What will happen to the teachers who were not trained to teach those subjects? We do have a big problem with our education system and some of these knee-jerk decisions will certainly take us down. We should interrogate where we are going with this decision-making that debunks any other means of consultation,” Dzatsunga said.

The Senator representing people living with disabilities, Nyamayabo Mashavakure, said there was need to improve conditions of service of teachers with disabilities as well as make use of latest technology in the world of teaching.


  1. Dokora is the worst and mediocre minister of Education with policies that are retrogressive.Teachers are being forced to fill forms that show whether they have maths and science yet they trained at colleges following policy at that time.This is an idiot of our time.If teachers are not paid over the holiday what about soldiers and police who are recruited every time as if we are in are in a war.

  2. zvadokora zvinotoda nyasha. Poor policies,poor thinking, poor everything. President tibatsirei nokubvisa benzi iri.

  3. Kikkkkk pakati Dokora. The name says it all. Ko vanhu vakadai vanombopinda seiko pama positions akadai shuwa? God help us wo.

  4. Been to chiredzi lately wher they speak xangaani. They have no teachers, no buildings and the buildings ae just do poor. Adress conditions of schools and that of teachers…why rush to do without prioritising? By the way, dont even think abt not paying teachers pa holiday…!

  5. no more fund raising at schools , no more civics day ; no more additional charges , no more top up . Minster you are the best keep it up . check how Plumtree highschool staff got rich

  6. ngaabve minister uyu ibenzi hw can you what to make machanges akapusa kudaro. Akamuudza kuti sporting hakuzi kudzidza ndiyani, kana iye anga tambirirana nevanhu vesports and Art. Tiri kutoda one day rese for sport kuti vana vedu vadzidze zvese. IDofora chairo

  7. you haven’t seen anything as yet. he is here to do his work well, which his party does well. destroy!!!!!!!

  8. Non of Dokoras policies serve the ‘best interest of the child.’

    How does removal of incentives in urban areas and banning of extra lessons benefit the child?

    His policies can lose in any competent court.

  9. Minista uyu anorasika.idofo risingagoni chero kukopa.zvaaingoshanda na coltart haana here kuona kuti aizvigona sei?masports kuitwa pawkend anombozivawo here kuti maticha nevana vacho vanodawo kuzorora?chero vashandi vepapurazi vakazorora wkend wani?come on mr minista,chinjai maitiro

  10. To those who think dokora is doing a good job wait and c yor chn’ results. We teachers are no fools. There are some who steal and thats wrong but they stil have the power to detemine yor child’s future. Does anyone have a farm at Plumtree High? I doubt that. Wat about dokora? Maybe two or more. who is worse?

  11. Double standards.
    They ban parent initiated incentives in urban areas arguing the rural teacher doesnt have at the same time the same gvt demands that rural communities must first build proper teacher houses and classrooms for them to supply teachers.

    Did you take into consideration the urban teacher doesnt have free housing and no transport?

  12. The idiotic minister hates to hear that teaching is a source of livelihood for millions.
    He is fighting tooth and nail to remove the money aspect in all his policies.
    But to hell with you.
    Who on earth goes to work on community service?

  13. If urban parents agree to improve teachers welfare for the betterment of the child, who are you to reverse?
    Are these not the same parents who build teacher houses in rural areas?
    Why dont you complain?

  14. Its the same Zpf communistic policies that introduce gvt controls in everything, deny societal differences and share poverty.
    This is the beginning of the price freeze, baccosi nonsense, shortages and long queues.

  15. Dokoras act and then consult policy is seriously backfiring. Unfortunately the victims are the minors and school going kids. whose voice has no representation in all this frackas.
    He must be arrested.

  16. Coltart brought millions of free books for the child.
    Chigwederes wanted change school name and school uniforms to improve education madness policy.
    Zanu ngaiende hama dzangu.
    Uku kukundikana uku.
    Sakani vavo vasingafunde muno.

  17. Those who support dokora are the jealous ones who either do not have children of their own or are unemployed, uneducated vagrants..
    The pull Him Down specialist who do not want to hear anyone anywhere in Zimbabwe is making a living.

  18. Simple, Dokora banned incentives simply because he himself didnt have.
    He chose to rather to shut down the whole education sector than compromise his ego.
    Forget about the impact on the boy\girl child.
    I agree. He must be arrested.

  19. kudofora chaiko kurikuitwa nadokora. This guy has doomed the future of this nation the effects will be severe. To solve what he has destroyed in less than a year will need a minimum of 5 years and will surely cost this nation.

  20. Abrupt cutting of incentive without consultation or counter incentives is wrong.
    It is like sudden introduction of the Zim Dollar without notice.
    Imagine thousands on loans, mortgages, fixed term payments etc.
    This man has no vision or leadership skills at all.

  21. Parirenyatwa defies gvt by increasing doctors fees to promote his ministry.
    Dokora defies logic by banning extra learning activities that benefits the child.
    Maita munyama mateacher nevabereki. Uku kutungamirwa nebenzi.

  22. I think Dokora belongs to a particular faction and he wants to destroy our party from within,using draconial and ruthless policies,chipfukuto

  23. If incentives improved national O level pass rate from 12% in 2008 to the current 23%, why then are you removing them?
    Zvemuno unotozvishairwa pazvo.
    Look at how the Health minister is doing to improve the welfare of doctors.

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