MDC-T threatens to fire councillors over Biti links

MDC-T national secretary for local government Blessing Chebundo has threatened to fire the party’s Kwekwe councillors over their alleged links to “fired” secretary-general Tendai Biti.


Chebundo warned the councillors that they risked being recalled if they continued to associate with Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya, who has openly aligned himself with the Biti faction.

“I want to warn those who are associating themselves with Chikwinya to stop doing that because as the secretary of local government in the MDC-T, I have the power to recall councillors who are no longer part of us,” he said.

Four councillors from Mbizo constituency were allegedly barred from entering a Midlands North provincial council meeting held at the party offices on Saturday.

Councillor Weston Masiya said he was manhandled as he attempted to gain entry into the meeting with some supporters pulling his jacket.

“It was an unfortunate incident because I am not Chikwinya and neither do I support his position. That I come from the same constituency with him does not mean he is my father,” he said.

MDC-T provincial secretary Felix Zifunze said he had not witnessed the fracas, but had been told that some members of the party who came from Mbizo were wearing regalia with Chikwinya’s face.

“As you are aware, Chikwinya is no longer part of the MDC-T and when people come wearing regalia which has his name, that is provocation,” he said.

Sources in the party allege that Chikwinya has been busy holding meetings under the cover of darkness with councillors and other party members in an effort to set up structures for the MDC-Team led by Biti.

Chikwinya dismissed the claims saying he has not held any meeting which should concern members of the MDC-T led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

“Those guys have their own faction and I belong to my own faction, so they should just leave me alone because I have not even come to them,” he said.

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  1. Chen Chikezha

    Why does Chikwinya talk of faction yet Biti says they are forming their own party? I wonder why some people would ratherenjoy the cover of popularity of one guy then in the dark they plot against that person. Just form your own MDC-B and test yourselves against the MDC-T, MDC-N, MDC-M, Zapu and Zanu PF and we will see if you are as popular as you think, Welshman said they made Tsvangirayi the brand he is but then it is almost 10years since he has been trying to brand himself but without success so try it at your own peril.

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  2. chasura we shabani

    mdct, mdc chikwinya. mdc chebundo, mdc biti. ahh woto shaya kuziva kuti sezvo dzawanda kudayi iyo chaiyo ndeyipi?????

    1. We will soon exhaust all 26 alphabets, and after that I don’t know what we will put after other newly formed MDCs. Its a headache dear.

  3. the mdc’z will hv mdc t- Buhera, mdc- B murehwa, mdc- chikwinya – kwekwe. etc

  4. Ko mazita akapera here? kunaana mavambo kusile wani tscakaiwo rimwe zita varume MDCT MDC2000, MDCN MDCM …chii kwazvo?

  5. Kkkkk people being recalled on the basis of being “associated” with a “fired” MP, what a true life drama! By the way this mp was “fired” through a meeting presided over by people they had “suspended”? All this happening in a “democratic movement? No wonder why Tsvangirayi experienced some dementia recently! Anyway I think all news to do with MDC now belong to H-Metro or Kwayedza because it’s real life drama!

  6. Real life drama in mdc! Can somebody tell me where is H-Metro, B-Metro or Kwayedza, I think these should be their stories, real life drama!

  7. Wotoshaya kuti zvikufamba Seyi. Asina vanhu odzinga vane vanhu chebundo akajiwa na photographer grade 2 Blackman .

  8. @machakacha we will end up saying MDC-Aa, Ab. Kkkkkkkk like car number plates

  9. no sense at all

  10. Mushandi Mwana wevhu

    The Taliban,please look for the H-METRO or any newspaper of your warped imagination. Kana munhu akashaya mafambire ezvinhu ko kuzvisiya zvineyi? MDC-T remains itself with their leader MT. ZANU-PF remains itself with their ailing RGM. Madofo ndiwo anopererwa nemazita.Inga ZANU-NDONGA iriko wani…
    All foolish insults are a clear frustration of failing to dethrone a big man MT from his party leadership.
    I thought Chikwinya had long accomplished the task given him by his boss BITI. Why really do you cling to other people’s name ? What happened to the ‘GRAND COALITION’ plan with Ncube,Dabengwa,Madhuku etc??
    Why not seek assistance from those who sent you to distabilize MDC-T? Inga zvakaoma..Uyu MT wanetsa varume….
    Anyway, the struggle for real,true freedom continues without sell-outs.Your breaking away was good riddance of bad rubbish! Nobody needs you at all.

  11. Mushandi Mwana wevhu

    The Taliban,look for H-METRO or any other newspaper of your warped imagination&sell your news there.
    Ava vanoshaya mafambire ezvinhu ngavazvisiye.
    I thought Chikwinya had long accomplished the mission he was tasked with by his boss. If it’s too heavy for you ,why not ask for help from those who sent you to destroy MDC-T? Uyu MT wanetsa varume.
    Kupererwa nemazita hudofo. Inga ZANU-NDONGA iriko wani. Those who seek to exhaust the alphabets can go to hell.
    MDC-T remains the same with MT as the legitimate leader,come rain.come sunshine. All foolish comments are a clear frustration of failing to dethrone MT from leading his party.
    The recent split was a blessing in disguise–good riddance of bad rubbish. The struggle for true freedom is very long,rocky & thorny but victory is certain..The enemy knows this for a fact!!

  12. During the liberation war factions were there if u know history,ask cde Shamu like what the other reader said we have ZANU NDONGA bt the popular ZANU is there so vana Biti vaibvuma zvese zvaidiwa neZANU PF pama talks so that pple blame Tsvangirai and he takes over bt no matter hw learned the renewal team Tsvangirai has support

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  14. Tsvangirayi: Dimentia or Dementia or whatever
    Mugabe: Blindness, Senility, Alzheimer’s

    Unotoshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei!

  15. & Supporters……. kupondana, factionalism,,,,,,,

  16. Wotoshaya kuti zvirikufamba sei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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