Madhuku threatens to sue government


THE Lovemore Madhuku-led National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) party has threatened to take government to court for breaching civil servants’ right to have fixed pay dates.

Paidamoyo Muzulu
Senior Reporter

The NCA threat comes barely 24 hours after Civil Service Commission (CSC) secretary Pretty Sunguro announced changes to civil servants’ pay days for the next six months.

The government has been struggling to raise revenue for most of its operations and salaries.

NCA spokesman Maddock Chivasa said the CSC announcement infringed the workers’ rights as enshrined in the labour laws that say a pay day should be fixed.

“As a result of yesterday’s pronouncement by the Civil Service Commission, NCA party is now taking the Zanu PF government to court to ensure that workers’ rights are protected and respected. The NCA will seek to get a court order compelling the Civil Service Commission to fix a single day to pay civil servants their salaries every month as compared to giving different dates as announced yesterday,” Chivasa said.

Chivasa added: “The sought court order can then be used for legal action once government fails to pay civil servants on the set day.”

Zimbabwe’s economy has been plagued by liquidity crunch and declining revenues since the end of the coalition government that steadied the economy for the first time since 2000.

The NCA argued that the Zanu PF government was not worried about the plight of workers and the inconvenience of the sporadic pay days as it had its eyes fixed on the next election.

“While government is evidently violating workers’ rights, it seems that Zanu PF is already campaigning for the next elections due in 2018. Zanu PF is busy parading vehicles and putting up posters urging Zimbabweans to elect it in 2018,” he said.


  1. It’s a shame that as a nation we are failing to take the government head on in regards to our rights. Things are not well in regards to the whole economy hence all these problems. ZANU PF is scared of mass risings but mark my words a revolt is eminent.

  2. Vanombori nehany’a newelfare yemumwe munhu here ivava.hutsinye chete vanoda kuguta kwavo.

  3. goodluck on the court case but i think you should concentrate on building structures of your party.

    • tiktak wabaya. these guys know they are urinating on every citizen’s rights. basa ravo is to make sure no one rises against them. mapurisa ari kuba mari paroad. masoja ari kutonga. macourts azere magweta avo. madhuku oti hee heee.

  4. Ravhumore . Rent seeking basi basi.seekinn relevence, kudao kukwanakwana nekuverengwa munews.tvimborume irikuda kupukuta madzihwa emwana wemvana.manje makorekore tidongwara. heno ikoko newamodogwamana nawo.bechoo

  5. madhuku wakareyu aakutondidichira ini ahumbarume.mutumirei kuno kuKadohwata ndimurape nhova.haazviite pakare.Dhenyo

  6. im glad someone has taken an action against the wicked employer. Salaries are delaying yet they are peanuts. madhuku we are behind you wanga wakanyarara all along uchiti pamwe zvichachinja

  7. ko akahwina case yacho hurumende isina mari yacho zvinozofamba sei?kwakutsvaga mavotes uku, ana tsuro kungwara!

  8. Clearly Madhuku is looking for votes as RGM dumped him after that Mozambique meeting just before the July31 elections. His NCA political party lacks people’s support.
    Predatotr drone, asked a very pertinent question for Madhuku to abswer.
    Indeed,what will Madhuku do if government does not have the money for civil servants’s salaries even if he wins this case?

  9. kkkkkk l recall a couple of years ago when RG Mugabe turned 84, and he was questioned about how he views Madhuku and in response he said “Madhuku is not a politician we have to worry about because anounganidza vanhu vaviri vatatu zvonzi Madhuku is going to cause disturbances, mapurisa oenda ono musunga zvobva zvabuda kuma CNN kuti there is no rights in Zimbabwe vari mhiri uko vanomunyorera macheck omboti tonho paanenge atsva zvino asisina mari hoyo Madhuku uya otanga zve, so that’s Madhuku strategy kana asisina mari”.

  10. Anopenga. Is he a civil servant? Did we ask him to do it on our behalf? I thought he wanted to sue Government for not aligning the laws of the country to the new Constitution.

  11. U can succeed on nikuving elections but wil see on the economy front k k k k kk k k k k kk k kkk. K k. K k k. Muchanditsvaga chete ndiri paBuhera pangu apa

  12. Madhuku is very right, that’s what opposition politics is all about-fighting for people’s rights where government is lacking. However, even if he wins the court case, where will the government get the money from when they are dead broke? The money they are using to buy vehicles is mostly from shady selfish businessmen who want to protect their business interests. Remember Moxon donated a fleet of vehicles in 2013 to ZANU.

  13. At times people just need to be level headed unlike just being attackers without any bases of why you would attack someone.His idea is very relevant whether he is looking for votes nor doing it for any-other reason,Madhuku on this case he is very right as a human and activist as well a legal expert ,i dont see any reason why some guys just blast him yet he is advancing a good cause ,may times things just pass byu without even being scrutinized and our leaders at times just take advantage of that ,so his reason of taking the government to court i dont think is i relevant to that effect,he is doing this for the benefit of many people who are suffering the consequences of pay dates changing .
    he is very spot on to issues affecting majority at least he is showing some difference with some other people who just ignore this constituency ye ma Civil servants ,well done Madhuku ,keep up the good work .
    you are the voice of the voiceless and as a law expert ,i believe you will make it

    • Cde Jaxie, takuzivai kuti ndimi VaMadhuku, nokuti ini navazhinji macivil servants tine marwire edu atinoita kuti maconditions edu agadziriswe. Hatimbokuvhoteri Madhuku kana tse-e-e-e zvayo. Inda kulecture upe mastudents ako manotes please.

    • Iwe jaxie uyu murume vashandi vekuNca less than 20 akatadza kuvabadara and nw the former employees are suing him. Am shocked kut he is concerned abot civil servants yet he cant pay his former employees. Akutoti will pay you by 2018 as if 2018 is next month. He is a very bad administrator, Zimbabwe haitongwe nemahumbwe iyayo.

  14. legitimate politician or not, he makes a very strong argument. whether or not there will be funds available to enforce any order that may ensure is a matter for another day, munhu otadza kuendesa mbavha kudare nekuti haina mari here?

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